Video: Looking Forward with Danny Gokey

Klove Danny Gokey 1Danny Gokey’s last 20 months was a whirlwind!

He’s had more concerts, interviews, new music and chart milestones than ever before!

Is he satisfied?  Find out how Danny answered that question in Part 3 (the final segment) of our interview for DGNews!

Our thanks to for the use of the lead photo of Danny from the 2015 K-LOVE Awards.

3 thoughts on “Video: Looking Forward with Danny Gokey

  1. Cool.’happy but not satisfied’ well said.Also did he try to do southern accent at the end of the video?

  2. Thank you so much, Jan. Danny does seem very happy. He’s had a very busy and successful year. 🙂 Do you think the “Danny and Leyicet Show” will still come about on You Tube?

  3. Mr Bing, Danny does slip in and out of phrasing or accents from different parts of the USA. My husband is also from Milwaukee and at times he sounds rather Southern (because of the neighborhood he grew up in…..) Danny has a little bit of that, too.

    Cindy, I think the YouTube videos Danny was trying to describe at the SHF Gala in Nashville to another fan may have been the musical content (Video performances he called “Live”) that we have seen?

    Danny’s manager is the executive producer of the (scripted?) reality show “Mary Mary”. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we were to see Danny make a guest appearance 😎

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