Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 2/29 – 3/13 Discussion

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This post is dedicated to guitarist Joshua Lutz

We’ve heard he’s stepping away from the Danny Gokey Band. We thank him for the a superb job for the DG Band, wish him the best and hope we’ll see him again!

“Being in Danny’s band has been one of the most amazing times of my musical career.Β He’s also a good friend. I wish him nothing but the best.” – JL

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Our thanks to Rebecca Marie for sharing this photo with us!

103 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 2/29 – 3/13 Discussion

  1. Sorry, Admins! I did suspect because of the length of my previous post that it might have gone to jail (spam filter being one type of jail). That’s what I get for a long-winded post, but I needed to quote the first two paragraphs of Kagan’s dissent for people to understand her argument. I don’t know much about Kagan, but she writes well! (Shouldn’t be surprised, since she’s on the Supreme Court.)


  2. On the topic of Danny ~

    MJ’s Tuesday Numbers Thread has a list of all the American Idols who have achieved Billboard No. 1s. He is smack dab in the middle of the pack of 36 contestants, with five #1 achievements on various Billboard charts. That’s more than three of the winners (Kris Allen, Taylor Hicks, and Lee DeWyze)! It’s also the same number as David Archuleta and Kellie Pickler.

    Also notable on the chart is that Mandisa is fifth on the list, with 25 #1s! And Colton Dixon is tenth, with 12 #1s!

    Idols doing CCM music are representing on the Billboards charts, in terms of #1s!


  3. Mr. Bing, do not be embarrassed! We knew exactly what you meant! But now that you point it out, “fat chance” is an odd expression, especially when one considers that it means the same as “slim chance.” I think Jan is right that the phrase, when orally spoken, is said in a sarcastic manner. But also, Americans tend to be very judgmental about people who are overweight, so there are negative connotations to the word “fat.”


  4. Lurker, I totally get your example! I love that you understand and appreciate the nuances of the English language. I’m a decent writer. And I did well in English in school. (A long time ago!) But I write by instinct (how something sounds in my head or spoken aloud). And I no longer remember many of the grammar rules, like dangling participles and gerund phrases. I’ve become convinced, though, that I need to re-learn all that stuff, especially for work.

    Lurker, if you have a recommendations for a good grammar book that is accessible but comprehensive, I’d be interested to know the title and author. Even if it is out of print, it may still be available as a used book.

    Right now I am reading Steven Pinker’s book, “The Sense of Style: the Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century.” Pinker is a cognitive scientist, so he approaches grammar from the perspective of how human beings understand language. And he shoots down some grammar rules that currently are unnecessary (after tracing their roots).


  5. I’ve heard the English language is the hardest to learn. I can’t compare, but I know I still make mistakes. I’m sure I always will. πŸ˜•


  6. “I can’t compare, but I know I still make mistakes.

    It looks perfectly perfect to me. You have two independent clauses (an independent clause could be a sentence on its own) connected with a coordinate conjunction. You also have a comma properly placed before the conjunction.

    If there is a mistake, I don’t see it.


  7. Ellen,
    I have found some usage books at book stores that I have found helpful.
    I also have an American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. The one I have is old. I love it. It doesn’t have just definitions. It also has usage notes that I find helpful.
    Maybe the new ones have usage notes also. I just did a search to see if the dictionaries were still available. They are. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition, is on Amazon (out March 22, 2016). Maybe it has usage notes also.
    Another help is You tube. Almost anything I want explained (math or English) is there.


  8. The album had dropped to #15 but is now back to #11.


    TYHTBA: # 3

    HIFOM: #11 (album)

    Single: 158
    Album: 184


  9. The album had dropped to #15 but is now back to #11.


    TYHTBA: # 3

    HIFOM: #10 (album)

    Single: 155
    Album: 184


  10. Is there a chance Danny might be on AI on the 24th? It seems (but I’m not sure) that idols have been on the show on Thursday nights. I don’t know. Is it on one night? Two nights? Will it be over before the 24th?

    The reason I mention the 24th is because it is a Thursday (if that is when they are on), and I don’t see anything on the event schedule for that day. By then Danny could have his music video out (with part in Spanish). He could sing that version. πŸ™‚ (It would be big on iTunes the next day.) πŸ™‚


  11. It would be great if Danny could appear on the 24th. But did anyone see him shown or mentioned when the new contestants did THREE of his Idol songs? I didn’t. I thought it odd he wasn’t shown…. 😦


  12. Sorry, Jan. Typical treatment for Danny from American Idol. It’s what I felt and saw many times when I saw him on Idol. In many ways they used and abused him. I know this is where Danny’s career possible started, but it is another reason I stopped watching American Idol. Maybe they’ll surprise us and Danny will appear. He certainly left a “foot print” on that show, and deserves it. *The above was just an opinion.. πŸ™‚


  13. I think, over the years, that Idol itself (not a certain segment of the Idol-viewing public) has treated Danny well. There are a LOT of former Idol contestants, and it was nice to get a glimpse of some others who aren’t shown a lot. I hope we see or hear something of Danny before the show ends (he always seems to get a bump when that happens) but I won’t be mad if we don’t.

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  14. If Idol HAD shown a throwback segment of Danny performing, I would’ve liked to see “Stand By Me.”


  15. You said it better than I did, Ellen. I think Danny’s story for American Idol was an emotional one. It pulled me in. After a while, I wonder if Danny had wished they would move past it. I know for ratings and survival of a reality show it’s good to have conflict, emotion, and sometimes turmoil. For myself, I don’t find that entertainment. I use too, but not any longer. Hence, my negativity of American Idol and other “reality” shows. I know that many of you enjoy American Idol, and I respect that.

    Now, if Danny does perform on Idol I would love to see it. You Are So Beautiful, was one of my favorite performances.

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I’m looking out my window watching the snow melt. πŸ™‚

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  16. Danny and his manager, Penny, headed to Meant 2 Live Foundation for a service with the Helping Up Mission. Nice album of photos of their morning:

    Meant To Live Foundation’s #Splendor event this morning at Helping Up Mission was truly incredible! We had a unique worship service with American Idol alum Danny Gokey along with the choir and band of this Baltimore based homeless shelter. It was a piece of Heaven as we came together as one body to praise the almighty King. Photo Credit: Breasia Productions



  17. Hi everyone, glad things seem to be going well.

    I liked that interview with Kris Allen but I was confused at how he indirectly referred to Danny’s solo performance as ‘consistent’ with how he usually did on the show, or words to that effect.

    Does that mean he thought Dream On was really good that night? Or that he thought Danny sounded every week like he did with that performance :O

    Glad you made it to the Road Show Jan. And we are press!

    Here is video of Danny with the mission choir. (Did I beat Jan in posting something?! Can’t be lol) via HelpingUpMission on YT


  18. Hey Admin! I think Kris may have been referring to the recording of Dream On, not the performance? That’s how I interpreted it….

    Cool that you found the video. I will have to check it out. I will admit I didn’t go to YouTube to check lately…. I still have a big Christian concert date to post for Danny. August in WA…. taking a break. Have at it if you are in the mood: Creation NW.

    I had a fun day spending time with my daughter (she is off on Wednesdays)

    PS. I added the video to the Nice Bits & Pieces post. Danny seems quite subdued in his performance (making the guys in the choir the focus?) But it also seemed to me that he really wasn’t looking at the choir director. More camera focused or the guys.


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