Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 2/29 – 3/13 Discussion

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This post is dedicated to guitarist Joshua Lutz

We’ve heard he’s stepping away from the Danny Gokey Band. We thank him for the a superb job for the DG Band, wish him the best and hope we’ll see him again!

“Being in Danny’s band has been one of the most amazing times of my musical career. He’s also a good friend. I wish him nothing but the best.” – JL

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Our thanks to Rebecca Marie for sharing this photo with us!

103 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 2/29 – 3/13 Discussion

  1. I finally watched Kelly’s performance on AI the other night.It’s really emotional and touching.I heard the song she sang has been #1 on itunes for quite some time .Good for her.

  2. Happy Leap Day! Anyone doing anything special? It is the end of the month, so I am headed to work.

    I will miss Josh in Danny’s band. Really good guitarist and even nicer guy. Very generous of his time with fans.

  3. I like the Jeep commercial. The voice does sound like Danny’s–not like Perry Como’s.

  4. I was trying to find the name of the singer. I found this answer at one sight. I don’t know if it is accurate. People can post anything…

    “Re: 2015 Jeep Cherokee “Emerald City”

    “The track was produced by the music production company Heavy Duty Projects.

    Heavy Duty Projects can’t provide any information about the vocalist, as his contact stipulates that he won’t publicly be associated with the spot.”

  5. I found the same info, Lurker.

    I agree with the person that tweeted — it does sound like Danny. Unlikely, of course. But I do remember when Danny went in for some commercial auditions — I think it was before HIFOM was released. Quite some time ago.

  6. Danny’s gained two more monitored radio stations on Mediabase (now 48 of the 52) and there’s some really good growth at Billboard, too. I’ll put up a post about it tonight or tomorrow 🙂

    The album has had some NICE growth on the Christian and the Independent album charts. Those big crowds must be paying off!

    It’s snowing here…. oh, why not….. :/

  7. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 3

    HIFOM: #10 (album)

    Single: 177
    Album: 180

  8. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 3

    HIFOM: #8 (album)

    Single: 177
    Album: 160

  9. That’s really good, Lurker! It’s too bad Danny hasn’t had much store placement of his album to supplement the concert, Amazon and iTune sales. I know it’s been at some of the Christian bookstores, but I’m talking in the stores at Walmart (they don’t even have it in stock online anymore), Target or BestBuy.

    Maybe for the next album they will push to get it distributed IN a retailer? An exclusive like Target does? I’d imagine they just weren’t setting their expectations as high as it has gone? Big name Christian artists like the Newsboys and Mercy Me can get their albums in the stores.

  10. Jan, Danny sang ‘It’s Not Over” great! I like how it seemed like the beat was a little faster. It might have just been me, but it sounded more like his CD version. Love this song. I would think it would do really well being his next single. 🙂

  11. Oops… Okay Lurker.. “sang” or “sung.” Now I’m getting so confused. 😕

  12. I think you used the correct tense of “sing”, Cindy. But I am not an expert….

    And you can always use Google to find out. I just looked and my English teacher would be happy with me:

    SANG/SUNG. In modern English the normal past tense form of “sing” is “sang.” It’s not “she sung the anthem” but “she sang the anthem.” “Sung” is the past participle, used only after a helping verb: “She has sung the anthem.

    When I wrote for work, it was stressed we should use the active voice when we could:

    Use the active voice

    At the heart of every good sentence is a strong, precise verb; the converse is true as well–at the core of most confusing, awkward, or wordy sentences lies a weak verb.

    Try to use the active voice whenever possible. https://writing.wisc.edu/Handbook/CCS_activevoice.html

  13. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 3

    HIFOM: #6 (album)

    Single: 166
    Album: 144

  14. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 3

    HIFOM: #5 (album)

    Single: 164
    Album: 144

  15. I just commented on this video. I realized that Danny isn’t performing in the small venue that I saw him in. He’s becoming a performer that requires lots of room. 🙂 He’s climbing that ladder, and I’m so proud of him. I liked his performance in AZ where I was able to see him. I liked the small venue. I hope he’s never that big.. Congratulations to Danny and his Team. Very happy for them.

  16. “2h2 hours ago

    @dannygokey sang in Spanish tonight at Rock and Worship Show! Amazing! Qué sorpresa nos llevamos! #bilingualisbeautiful”

  17. Isn’t that cool that he sang a verse in Spanish? AND that Team Danny shared our Facebook post!!

    From Danny Gokey’s Facebook page:
    “It’s been so much fun to sing Tell Your Heart to Beat Again each night on The Roadshow and watch God work! (Tonight I added a chorus in Spanish in New Mexico!) Thanks for supporting what God is doing in people’s lives through your purchases and a HUGE thanks to radio for playing the song!”
    ‪#‎TYHTBA‬ ‪#‎RWRS2016‬


    I WILL be looking for that video of TYHTBA in Spanish! I think he could have sang a Spanish verse at his earlier Texas shows, but he still has Wichita and Lubbock. Or maybe it will be a standard, now? Great way to advertise that Spanish album — if it ever comes out 😉

  18. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 3

    HIFOM: #8 (album)

    Single: 164
    Album: 156

  19. I really like it, too, Lurker. I was really happy when the photographer, Michael Andre Photography, granted us permission to use it. I love the effortlessness Danny appears to have in holding his body like that and the HUGE crowd showing behind him!

    That photo and post was shared by 90 people and we have gained almost 200 Facebook followers as a result of Danny’s Team reposting it on his page.

  20. hi all –

    this isn’t the most recent but very good especially with more room to grow on the charts! How long has it been since HIFOM album was in the top 5. Or in the top 200 overall.

    Was glad to see a top 10 for TYHTBA on one of the Billboard charts, and some activity charting in most of the CCM formats I’ve been able to locate there.

    That commercial does sound quite a bit like Danny in parts.


    TYHTBA: # 3

    HIFOM: #5 (album)

    Single: 164
    Album: 144

  21. Lurker, many singers have a good voice. I think Danny has a great voice.

    He is one of my favorite singers. Big voice, tone, emotion…

    Not all of my favorite singers have big voices, but he sure does. I like Springsteen, Mellencamp, Eric Church, Chris Stapleton, Taylor Swift, Kathy Mattea, …..

    Yesterday was my Chris Daughtry day. I like Chris because he energizes me with that big voice on uptemp/great beat/rocks songs.

    Danny going Christian doesn’t give me “Gosh I hate cleaning, but maybe this music will push me along” songs….

  22. ” Danny has a great voice”

    I know. I just thought it was funny to say he has a good voice. I have a strange sense of humor. It is so obvious that he has a good voice that saying he does is like saying “Water is wet.”

    I was smiling when I wrote that. Because it is such a huge understatement, it was funny to me. 🙂

  23. “big voices”

    It’s not just the big voice. It isn’t even what he can do with it. It is the sound he makes–maybe tone? He produces a sound that is just exquisite.

  24. “Water is wet”!!

    That made me laugh outloud so my husband was curious what I was laughing about. He is still chuckling over the above phrase.

  25. ” In reply to Josh Osterberg

    Christina Grimmie Verified account  ‏@TheRealGrimmie · 15m15 minutes ago

    @JoshSparrow24 I LOVE @dannygokey R U KIDDING ME”

    Christina Grimmie ‏@TheRealGrimmie · Mar 4

    Yo guys…we are sittin at #25 on the Billboard Charts under independent. LETS KEEP THIS CLIMBING TEAM http://www.billboard.com/charts/independent-albums

    Josh Osterberg ‏@JoshSparrow24 · Mar 4

    @TheRealGrimmie Danny Gokey is on the Chart! 😃He sings Christian music.

  26. Jan,
    I accidentally put the comment above on “About.” I realized I was in the wrong place and brought it here. (It is the second time I’ve wrong-place posted there. :blush:

  27. Another mistake I see: I left out my ) after there above. 🙁

    (Not really sad. Just playing. I’m used to making mistakes.)

  28. I will be looking for a full TYHTBA with the Spanish verse, but it’s nice to get the sneak peak on Instagram, Lurker!

    Great news on the radio front. Danny’s song has the secondest highest spincrease, has 51 of 52 monitored stations playing it and is now #10! He just slipped by Natalie Grant’s song “Be One”.

  29. Maybe the reason the video for TYHTBA has been delayed is because Danny decided to add a verse in Spanish? 😉 (wishing for Spanish album)

    I wish the title of TYHTBA in MJ’s number thread would be written correctly. Tell Your Heart to Beat is not a good title. Tell Your Heart to Beat Again is.

  30. Hi Lurker. I have been wondering about the delay on the TYHTBA video delay, too. Your reason is as good as any of my conjured up reasons 😉

    Now that the song is Top Ten at Billboard and Mediabase, you’d have to wonder if it will be as useful as an earlier release?

    And that darn Spanish album. Overdue!

    The other thing I’ve been wondering about is WHEN they will announce the artists that will be going to the second round of the K-LOVE awards? of course voting doesn’t start again until May 1. But I’d like to know…

    Danny got FIVE more monitored radio adds today. Stations:
    KNWI-FM Des Moines
    KSGN-FM Riverside
    WFFH-FM Nashville
    WFHM-FM Cleveland

    And one unmonitored:
    WMIT-FM Asheville NC

    This song has powered right up the chart. My guess the one hold out station may be Houston’s KSBJ? (I checked their YTD songlist and they are still playing HIFOM. 144 times so far this year….) But that is just a guess. I saw they spun TYHTBA two times one week, but I didn’t see that they added it?

  31. There was a 20 second video with the ending of TYHTBA (maybe in Spanish?). No link–just the video with the tweet. I don’t know how to bring it over here. (Danny liked the tweet.)

    ” 10h10 hours ago
    @dannygokey sang my fav song last night . So glad I got to hear him sing.”

  32. Okay, this is TOTALLY off topic (though it kinda goes well with the sang/sung topic). Why is command of the English language (including grammar and punctuation) important? Here is one reason why. I was reading a U.S. Supreme Court decision the other day, and immediately thought of LURKER! This is from an Elena Kagan dissent:



    No. 14–8358


    on writ of certiorari to the united states court of appeals for the second circuit
    [March 1, 2016]

    Justice Kagan, with whom Justice Breyer joins, dissenting.

    Imagine a friend told you that she hoped to meet “an actor, director, or producer involved with the new Star Wars movie.” You would know immediately that she wanted to meet an actor from the Star Wars cast—not an actor in, for example, the latest Zoolander. Suppose a real estate agent promised to find a client “a house, condo, or apartment in New York.” Wouldn’t the potential buyer be annoyed if the agent sent him information about condos in Maryland or California? And consider a law imposing a penalty for the “violation of any statute, rule, or regulation relating to insider trading.” Surely a person would have cause to protest if punished under that provision for violating a traffic statute. The reason in all three cases is the same: Everyone understands that the modifying phrase—“involved with the new Star Wars movie,” “in New York,” “relating to insider trading”—applies to each term in the preceding list, not just the last.

    That ordinary understanding of how English works, in speech and writing alike, should decide this case. Avondale Lockhart is subject to a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence for possessing child pornography if, but only if, he has a prior state-law conviction for “aggravated sexual abuse, sexual abuse, or abusive sexual conduct involving a minor or ward.” 18 U. S. C. §2252(b)(2). The Court today, relying on what is called the “rule of the last antecedent,” reads the phrase “involving a minor or ward” as modifying only the final term in that three-item list. But properly read, the modifier applies to each of the terms—just as in the examples above. That normal construction finds support in uncommonly clear-cut legislative history, which states in so many words that the three predicate crimes all involve abuse of children. And if any doubt remained, the rule of lenity would command the same result: Lockhart’s prior conviction for sexual abuse of an adult does not trigger §2252(b)(2)’s mandatory minimum penalty. I respectfully dissent.

  33. No sign of your post waiting for approval, but I found it in the spam filter Ellen…. :O

  34. I think they reported at MJ’S that Lee’s new album was #19, but it isn’t on the current chart.

  35. Ellen,
    Your comment made me think of the construction of these sentences:
    1) The apartment comes with the stove.
    2) The stove comes with the apartment.
    The first means if you rent the apartment, the stove comes with it. Based on sentence construction, it seems the second sentence should mean if you get the stove, the apartment comes with it. But the second sentence does not mean that. It means exactly the same as the first.

  36. Ellen.Your post reminded me of a mistake I made a few days ago.I dont know if anybody remembered I said that Danny had fat chance getting invited to perform on AI.I meant to say he will very likely be asked to go back on AI and perform.But resently I found out fat chance and slim chance basically mean the same thing.It’s embarrassing.

  37. It’s wonderful that HIFOM a album released so long ago is still charting.I still dont get why is HIFOM listed as a independent-album though.

  38. Fat chance = to slim chance doesn’t make sense, does it Mr Bing? … but the reason it is the same is because “fat chance” is usually said in a sarcastic nanner! American slang can be so confusing. How did something “dope” become a good thing?

    We appreciate you posting here, Mr Bing!

  39. Sorry, Admins! I did suspect because of the length of my previous post that it might have gone to jail (spam filter being one type of jail). That’s what I get for a long-winded post, but I needed to quote the first two paragraphs of Kagan’s dissent for people to understand her argument. I don’t know much about Kagan, but she writes well! (Shouldn’t be surprised, since she’s on the Supreme Court.)

  40. On the topic of Danny ~

    MJ’s Tuesday Numbers Thread has a list of all the American Idols who have achieved Billboard No. 1s. He is smack dab in the middle of the pack of 36 contestants, with five #1 achievements on various Billboard charts. That’s more than three of the winners (Kris Allen, Taylor Hicks, and Lee DeWyze)! It’s also the same number as David Archuleta and Kellie Pickler.

    Also notable on the chart is that Mandisa is fifth on the list, with 25 #1s! And Colton Dixon is tenth, with 12 #1s!

    Idols doing CCM music are representing on the Billboards charts, in terms of #1s!

  41. Mr. Bing, do not be embarrassed! We knew exactly what you meant! But now that you point it out, “fat chance” is an odd expression, especially when one considers that it means the same as “slim chance.” I think Jan is right that the phrase, when orally spoken, is said in a sarcastic manner. But also, Americans tend to be very judgmental about people who are overweight, so there are negative connotations to the word “fat.”

  42. Lurker, I totally get your example! I love that you understand and appreciate the nuances of the English language. I’m a decent writer. And I did well in English in school. (A long time ago!) But I write by instinct (how something sounds in my head or spoken aloud). And I no longer remember many of the grammar rules, like dangling participles and gerund phrases. I’ve become convinced, though, that I need to re-learn all that stuff, especially for work.

    Lurker, if you have a recommendations for a good grammar book that is accessible but comprehensive, I’d be interested to know the title and author. Even if it is out of print, it may still be available as a used book.

    Right now I am reading Steven Pinker’s book, “The Sense of Style: the Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century.” Pinker is a cognitive scientist, so he approaches grammar from the perspective of how human beings understand language. And he shoots down some grammar rules that currently are unnecessary (after tracing their roots).

  43. I’ve heard the English language is the hardest to learn. I can’t compare, but I know I still make mistakes. I’m sure I always will. 😕

  44. “I can’t compare, but I know I still make mistakes.

    It looks perfectly perfect to me. You have two independent clauses (an independent clause could be a sentence on its own) connected with a coordinate conjunction. You also have a comma properly placed before the conjunction.

    If there is a mistake, I don’t see it.

  45. Ellen,
    I have found some usage books at book stores that I have found helpful.
    I also have an American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. The one I have is old. I love it. It doesn’t have just definitions. It also has usage notes that I find helpful.
    Maybe the new ones have usage notes also. I just did a search to see if the dictionaries were still available. They are. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition, is on Amazon (out March 22, 2016). Maybe it has usage notes also.
    Another help is You tube. Almost anything I want explained (math or English) is there.

  46. I wrote more sentences than needed about usage notes above. I would omit one if I had an edit button. 🙂

  47. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 3

    HIFOM: #10 (album)

    Single: 164
    Album: 192

  48. The album had dropped to #15 but is now back to #11.


    TYHTBA: # 3

    HIFOM: #11 (album)

    Single: 158
    Album: 184

  49. The album had dropped to #15 but is now back to #11.


    TYHTBA: # 3

    HIFOM: #10 (album)

    Single: 155
    Album: 184

  50. I wonder why K-Love won’t put Danny’s part Spanish/lots of drums HIFOM on you tube for me.

  51. Is there a chance Danny might be on AI on the 24th? It seems (but I’m not sure) that idols have been on the show on Thursday nights. I don’t know. Is it on one night? Two nights? Will it be over before the 24th?

    The reason I mention the 24th is because it is a Thursday (if that is when they are on), and I don’t see anything on the event schedule for that day. By then Danny could have his music video out (with part in Spanish). He could sing that version. 🙂 (It would be big on iTunes the next day.) 🙂

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