The Rock and Worship Roadshow! With Host, Danny Gokey!

Danny Gokey RWRS J 18 (435x379)A new tour, a new opportunity for Danny Gokey!

But what does a “pre- show host” do?

When researching the past tours, it appeared that it might mean two or three songs?

And the closest city for me was hours away.  But I did see one city on the list of 28 that was less than an hour from a good friend.  And in a lot warmer location than the Midwest in our late winter!

I really had my doubts about waiting in a general admission line for an concert of the Newsboys, Jeremy Camp, Mandisa, Phil Wickham, Family Force 5, Audio Adrenalin, Citizen Way and Danny Gokey. But VIP tickets were $50……. and with Danny only doing a couple songs…could I justify the ticket price and airline costs??

So I did something I have never done…. I contacted the tour management and I was granted 2 media passes for DGNews. (Thanks to RWRS and DJG management!) A very positive sign that  I should go, right? But I still couldn’t decide if I should make this trip—considering the potential for short set for Danny and the travel cost.

But then I discovered that Danny would actually perform:

“It’s Not Over”, “More Than You Think I Am”, “Lift up Your Eyes” &  “Alive”

Danny would return to rap on Mandisa’s “Good Morning”.  And he appears again, prior to the headlining “Newsboys”, for “Hope in Front of Me” and “Tell your heart to Beat Again”!

I bought my airline ticket!!

What was the best part?

1) To watch Danny perform in arenas, again? (It did give me a flashback to when he was on the Idol Live Tour. It was such an enthusiastic crowd!!)

2) Seeing the long lines waiting to meet Danny after the show?

3) Getting to see all these fantastic artists in one show? (I’d recommend you checkout CitizenWay! The Newsboys put on an awesome show, I’ve always loved Mandisa, and Family Force 5 are crazy fun….)

No. It was being able to walk right up to the stage when I wanted a close picture and NOT being immediately chased back to my seat by security (or worse!)  — Just kidding!!

Danny Gokey Darla 5 RWRS (435x326)

I think it was knowing that this guy’s best days are truly ahead of him! The support Danny is getting in this new phase of his career from his fans, promoters, radio programmers, and other artists is so GREAT!

And I loved seeing these big, enthusiastic crowds lining up in each city to participate (not just watch) the Rock & Worship Roadshow!

Danny Gokey RWRS J 100 (435x264)

My thanks to Darla for her concert photos and the fun of having her with me at this event!

7 thoughts on “The Rock and Worship Roadshow! With Host, Danny Gokey!

  1. What a great recap!! The photos are beautiful!! Was Danny surprised to see you there? You deserve those media passes. You and Darla do wonderful work. I’m so happy for Danny. His popularity is growing and growing. It sounds like a very entertaining and fun show. Glad you and Darla were able to go. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Love it !!! Great recap and pictures ! Thank you very much Jan and Darla !!! I’m very happy for Danny !!!

  3. Very well put, Mr Bing! “Unique Danny Gokey Moves”.

    He does get an A for effort and originality…

  4. Great recap, Jan. Nice you give the rest a chance to enjoy. Thanks for taking me along for the ride.

  5. Thanks, Annette!

    Cindy, I meant to reply to you…. I don’t think Danny is truly “surprised” whenever he sees me these days…..

    Maybe, the most surprised when I went to the Bible Tour near Chicago?

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