Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 3/14 – 3/27 Discussion

Danny Gokey TSR 2

Do you think Danny should do cover songs on his next album?

Mar 12 One of my favorite songs EVEEERR!!! I kinda wanna do a cover of it on my new album!!

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127 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 3/14 – 3/27 Discussion

  1. No. No cover songs until after Danny drops a new album. He isn’t big enough yet and needs to consolidate his success is CCM first.

  2. I enjoy his cover songs in concert, but Ellen is right. Maybe a few albums down the road…

  3. I replied to Danny from our DG News account that he could treat us to youTubes of cover songs…..

    I wouldn’t mind a new cover on the album. But not one of the songs that he did on Idol or one of his frequently performed Motown songs…..

  4. Even more than wanting to do that particular cover, perhaps Danny was expressing his pride in the unique opportunity he has to do music he chooses in genres he chooses. It is rare for a singer to get to do that.

  5. That is a very interesting theory, Lurker.

    Onething I do know about Danny, he will push the envelope on what he puts on his next album 🙂

    Look at the throwback songs on HIFOM and a gospel style non Christmas song on his ChristMas album 🙂

  6. MJs also has the Kris Allen recap up on her site. I commented. We’ll see if anyone else does.

    By the way, where did that “Do you think Danny should do cover songs on his next album?” question come from? Danny is not big enough to do an ALBUM of covers at this point (IMHO). But he certainly can treat us to video covers like other artists do. I won’t push for a cover while he’s touring, but in any downtime before new music is released, yeah, he better do something to keep his fans engaged.

  7. It came from Danny’s tweet/instagram where he wants to do “Kiss From a Rose” on his next album, Elaine.

    I try to start a conversation with something on each new discussion post 🙂

  8. You do a good job, Jan. 🙂

    So, the Road Show is coming to an end. Danny’s calendar looks like he may have some rest time. He deserves it.

    Have a great rest of your day, everyone!!

  9. Thanks, Cindy 🙂

    And right after you commented, Cindy. Lurker finds an Easter event for Danny! Danny may not being 4 shows a week, but I expect he will remain busy.

    He told me at the RWRS16 that they hope the next single will be off the new album. So he will have to finish writing, recording or at least select a new lead single and complete that one!

  10. JAN obviously we all wanna more new music from the man.But I do believe there are songs other than the 3 singles from “Hope in Front of Me” that could be new hits on Christian radio.Personally I wish Danny and his team would make “Take It to the Limit” the fourth single if possible.I definitely could see people dance to it.

  11. That’s nice billing for Danny. 🙂

    I agree with MRBING. I think Danny has more singles on his current album he could release. I wonder if he will??

  12. This seemed to me to be about the live solo performances after they did the duets

    I was for sure all these things would add up to me going home in fourth place. It just wasn’t going to be my week. I was going to get my homecoming, but not on my own terms. I did my performance of “Come Together,” and it went OK. It wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t bad, either. I actually thought the recording turned out pretty cool. Adam and Allison absolutely did what I thought they were going to do, because it was their week to take. Danny was always consistent with his vocals and did a great job. But somehow, I made it through.

    Kris is very polite or a good fibber 😉

  13. “Adam and Allison absolutely did what I thought they were going to do, because it was their week to take. Danny was always consistent with his vocals and did a great job. But somehow, I made it through.”

    I think Kris is saying Danny did a great job on the duet and that he, Kris, made it through the duet. It seems to me the article was mostly about the duet and Kris’s worries about rock week. Kris refers to his own solo; then he speaks of Adam and Allison–about their duet (” absolutely did what I thought they were going to do”). After that, I believe he is writing–not about how Danny did on a solo– but how he and Danny did on the duet they sang (“Danny…consistent, great job, and me… (I) made it through.)

    I think Kris was hurt when Simon said Danny did better. I think Danny might have been embarrassed when Simon said that. It seemed an unnecessary (and cruel) thing to say and put the two in an awkward situation that was not Danny’s fault. (Simon’s comment possibly turned some people against Danny. They might have blamed Danny for what Simon said.)

    The way I read this, I don’t think Kris is referring to Dream On–maybe not even thinking of it. (I could be wrong. It is may be more than a coincidence that Kris said “always consistent” about the week when Danny wasn’t.)

  14. Did anyone watch American Idol, tonight? I had my Jazzercise class and then we all went out afterwards to reverse the good things that exercising does…. #FunTime

    Nice periscope from tonight. Catch it while you can. We also retweeted so.e clear instagram snippets of Danny singing TYHTBA.

    @dannygokeynewz: Thanks!! #MoreThanYouThinkIAm #LiftUpYourEyes @KNGMusic: on #Periscope: @DannyGokey http://bit.ly/1RnZhWQ

  15. I don’t notice any mistakes but my own, but mine stand out and make me wish I could edit.

    ” It is may be more…”

    “It may be more” or “It is maybe more…” was what I intended. I wrote it the second way first, then I changed it to the first way but forgot to take away “is.”

    Sometimes I also make mistakes silently. The other night while I was waiting to fall asleep, the lyrics of TYHTBA were going through my head, and I realized I was thinking “”Tell your horse to breath again.” (I had read something about horses that day.)

  16. Billboard has a list of what it considers the top 100 performances on American Idol:


    Only one of Danny’s performances is one the list:

    94. “Come Rain or Come Shine” – Danny Gokey

    Season 8

    For “Rat Pack” week, Gokey found something judge Kara DioGuardi claims was missing that entire season: swagger. “You had swag tonight,” she told him. “It was unbelievable. And the rasp and the tone, I’m starting to think you should do standards.” Simon Cowell called it Gokey’s best performance in weeks. “That was outstanding,” he said.

  17. It irritates the crap out of my how Danny is not given his due. He did some amazing things on Idol. For virtually every other song on that list (which of course is just that — a list put together by a few people of what they consider were iconic performances on Idol) there are background notes about the song selections, interviews, etc. And for Danny there are just Kara’s comments. Frosts me.

  18. On a different note, you could have knocked me over with a feather when a rabid Adam Lambert fan commented at MJs that even though she wasn’t into Danny, she “actually” liked his renditions of “Pretty Young Thing” and “Dance Little Sister.” Lol. Yes, they were good performances. Danny’s voice just naturally lends itself to that type of music.

  19. I saw the list, too, Ellen. I was iritated enough I didn’t bring it over……

    I probably should do a post on it…. but when I saw he only had one and what was ranked above it, I just walked away.

    Not Jesus Take The Wherl, What Hurts The Most, Hero, PYT, or You Are So Beautiful?

    Ok, when I get home from my exercise class I will put up an post on it 😉

  20. No need to keep quiet, Cindy. And I sure hope you vote. I’d like to see what the favorites are…

    What is worse is that it is “Billboard” overlooking Danny! And Danny is on THEIR charts. I guess his current genre doesn’t get too much respect.

    But then, how many people are going to read through the whole article at Billboard? I scrolled through to see how many times Danny was listed and then closed it in disgust.

    Yes, I was pretty cranky about it….

  21. Feel free to remove my posts, Jan.

    (I wasn’t so worried about the placement; just the fact that they didn’t give any behind-the-scenes details like they did for virtually every other entry. And maybe he’s moving up, lol. He’s 94. Wasn’t he 168 on Yahoo’s list?)

  22. Hey Lurker, I really liked “Win Me Over”, too. I wanted Danny to release that song SO bad….

    As far as the TYHTBA video, I was told by Danny’s management that he had jumped the gun. My theory is that they have a reason for holding it back. Danny thought it was done, 2 to 3 weeks ago. They must have a reason.

    I noticed that a lot of the top 10 songs on the Mediabase chart had lost spins on last Sunday. I don’t know if they changed the panel or there was something that ate up a lot of spins. So, maybe the big push will come next week and we’ll see that video? Just a hope/guess.

    Recently Danny said they Spanish album would be availalbe “soon”. He knows we hate that word.

    I want an Easter splash of them both.

    But in the meanwhile….

  23. Like I said before.. Danny’s past is his past. I loved all the songs he performed on American Idol. “You Are So Beautiful” was my favorite. I should say another one I enjoyed too. Now, I think I’m giving away too much information, but all in fun. When I was a Songleader in high school.. which was a Cheerleader, but we did the dance routines.. we performed “Get Ready.” It was so much fun watching Danny perform that song. It brought back memories for me.

    I am so happy for Danny’s success now. His music career, and his beautiful family.

    My opinion.. I’ll be happy when American Idol is over, and NO more stories are written. Then, maybe all the negativity about Danny, and positive that should be written, will be put to rest. Well, I can hope.

    I do love reading all your opinions. 🙂

  24. ” I’ll be happy when American Idol is over, and NO more stories are written. Then, maybe all the negativity about Danny, and positive that should be written, will be put to rest. ”

    I like this.

  25. I don’t get the humor in singing a hymn in a joking way. Other songs, yes. But hymns seem an odd choice for joking around.

    Maybe I am the only one who finds it a little strange.

  26. A week or so ago I read someone’s comment at MJ’s about how well Mandisa had done in Christian music, a market mostly reserved for white guys. I disagree about that description. Maybe country music is? But Christian iTunes shows variety, I think. The Christian award shows too.

  27. Lurker, I can understand you puzzlement over the hymn tweet…. but I’m guessing the artists have ALL seen very badly done hymns or churches they consider a farce, and so they have a common experience of seeing/hearing a hymn belted out in an outrageous way? More so by the fact they are all eating chicken? So it seems hilarious to them?

    Just a guess.

    I also found this series of tweets: Not sure what to make of them. Together it sounds complimentary to Danny?

    Farce the Music ‏@Farcethemusic 6h6 hours ago
    I don’t get why mainstream music uses voice modulation on people with good voices when it isn’t for some intended artistic purpose.

    Farce the Music ‏@Farcethemusic 6h6 hours ago
    Our upcoming “Sunday Mornin Music” is a song from Danny Gokey. I found “live” versions where he was autotuned. Deal is…. (1/2)

    Farce the Music ‏@Farcethemusic 6h6 hours ago
    …He doesn’t need autotune. Dude has a nice voice. I found a true live version that was way better. Doesn’t make sense. (2/2)

    Farce the Music ‏@Farcethemusic 5h5 hours ago
    Farce the Music: Sunday Mornin’ Music: Danny Gokey https://t.co/CNdPBuHNgl

    Farce the Music is a satire, parody and review blog. Keep visiting for a few days and you’ll know the difference. Farce the Music is for entertainment, discussion and recommendation purposes only. We’re just haters in the slang sense.

  28. Lurker, there is lots of people of color in Gospel music, but I’d have to say, poor Mandisa is on that tour with a lot of white guys in the Christian genre/Rock and Worship Roadshow. The exceptions? Lead singer of Newsboys, her dancers, a couple of Danny’s band members….

    Look at this tour picture Danny tweeted:


  29. Hi Ellen. I am a fan of Chris Daughtry and Trisha Yearwood and I think they were the best thing about it!

    I liked the modern take on The Passion. However, I didn’t like the reporter cutting in as the illuminated, giant cross made it’s way across the French Quarter, etc.

    I think I will buy the album; the group songs with a great choir, Trisha and Chris would be my motivation.

    I wish they had picked a stronger singer to play Jesus and/or Peter.

    Seal was pretty good, too.

  30. I agree, Jan. The actor who portrayed Jesus was not charismatic enough (or simply didn’t display Jesus in that way). But Jesus had followers. Enough to attract the attention of opponents who felt the need to put him to death.

    I’m probably one of the few who didn’t mind the reporter, as I viewed the whole thing more as a participatory concept event than a traditional musical play. (The story was told almost exclusively through the narrator and the songs, which is different from a traditional musical play.)

    I almost never buy soundtracks to movie or TV productions, but I may have to make an exception for this one. The music was really good!

    I thought Chris Daughtry stole the show, by the way . . .

  31. Pretty cool, isn’t it, Lurker.

    My husband and I were just reflecting what a mess Danny’s life seemed to be about 5 years ago…. when he lost his record deal, and struggled to keep the heat and lights on at Compassion Nashville ….

    Now he has capital to do things right with his charity, two beautiful kids & wife, a thriving career.

    He is very blessed. But it wasn’t easy.

    ♡ Jan

  32. Lori wrote this (note on her you tube video of HIFOM from tour):

    “Published on Mar 21, 2016 Danny Gokey singing the third single from his latest CD “Hope In Front of Me” in English and Spanish.
    The Spanish edition of “Hope in Front of Me” will be available on April 8th, 2016″

  33. I am seeing a nice surge on radio for TYHTBA. Top spincrease this morning.

    Last week on Billboard, Danny was just treading water. That’s ok. It seems to be building steam again. And is still selling. I think Easter results in more Christian music sales. Doesn’t it?

  34. ” I think Easter results in more Christian music sales.”
    Maybe. 🙂

    I first read that this way:
    ” I think Easter results in more Christmas music sales.”

    Maybe that too. 😉

  35. Yes, Lurker! Danny has his sixth Billboard #1!

    Last week TYHTBA was #2 on the smallish Billboard Christian AC Indicator Chart.

    (And I can’t get access to that until Wednesday afternoon since we haven’t paid for a subscription to the charts…) So we were scooped by Team Danny!

    But I am surprised it pushed Chris Tomlin’s song out of first place! I guess in retrospect I should have looked at the AI and expected it, LOL. This is last week’s info:

    CHRISTIAN AC INDICATOR CHART © Issue Date: 3/26/2016

    TW/ LW/ Weeks on the chart/ Artist/Song/Label/spins/spin increase/AI/ AI rank

    1 2 21 CHRIS TOMLIN Good Good Father SIXSTEPS/SPARROW/CAPITOL CMG 1058 +8 0.647 3

    2 4 10 DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat Again BMG CHRYSALIS 1054 +91 0.721 1

    3 1 31 MATTHEW WEST Grace Wins SPARROW/CAPITOL CMG 1020 -37 0.521 6

  36. This is wonderful news ” Tell Your Heart To Beat Again ” song #1 🙂 Congratulations Danny and Team Danny !!! <3 I'm happy for you !!!!

  37. The way this song as moved on the charts, radio and by buyers is truly amazing. It only took 10 weeks to go to #1 on the AC Indicator chart!. Some people may think that Danny had “easy” acceptance in CAC, but I remember the CRAWL Hope In Front of Me had to make to get to #1 in 7 to 8 months!!

    And he is loved and accepted by his fellow tour mates, radio personnel and clearly the fans.

    Good times.

  38. I spent a little time as DGNEWS (and myself) over on Danny’s Facebook page and I am glad to report we have quite a few new followers at Facebook, and hopefully checking us out here. 😉

    Did anyone admire the pictures Danny posted in wishing Leyicet a happy birthday? I almost made Danny’s Facebook post….

    But I got cut out of my own photo. My husband and I had a good laugh over that.

    Leyicet, Danny Gokey and Jan Dove Awards

  39. I posted this at Mjsbigblog.com in their weekly Billboard post and I actually got two comments. Miracle 😉

    Danny Gokey’s management announced he had reached his 1st number 1 on this current single, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”. Here’s the chart news that I have found:

    Danny Gokey, “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” 
    Christian AC Indicator– #1 (2 LW)
    Hot Christian Songs– #4 (4 LW)
    Digitial Christian #3 (3)
    Christian National Airplay — #8 (8 LW)
    Christian AC Airplay #9 (9)
    Chritian Hot AC/CHR #15 (14)

    Danny Gokey “Hope in Front of Me” Album
    Independent #22 (24)
    Christian #15 (14)

    1 like


    No idea what a Christian AC indicator chart is, but congrats to Danny 🙂


    Indicator charts are a specific panel of smaller stations in a genre are only included & the chart is calculated by AI (audience impressions). There’s an indicator chart on most of the main formats (Ex. country, Top 40, rock, etc.)

  40. Sorry, I forgot how to make my “I don’t know” face in my two posts up. I was just testing it out. 😕 🙂

  41. Cindy, this is positive results…. Generally Danny news gets ignored at MJs ( these last couple of years).

    In the good ol’ days some of the com mentors were vicious….

  42. Hi, Jan. We’re on at the same time. Must be late there. Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

  43. You are welcome. My reward is seeing the comments and the growth of our site…. and hopefully helping Danny’s career!

    And having some fun along the way.

    Which reminds me, comments made on a new post encourage visitors to join in. I appreciate you, Lurker, Zuzana, Ellen and others “breaking the ice” for visitors! 🙂

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