Billboard’s Top “American Idol” Live Performances – Not Enough Danny Gokey For US!

You Are So Beautiful Danny Gokey (430x260)When we read that the Billboard‘s Staff only included ONE of Danny Gokey’s Performances in the Top 100 Live Performances from the first 14 seasons of American Idol, and ranked it 94th— we thought NO WAY!

Rain or Shine Danny Gokey (430x335)94. “Come Rain or Come Shine” – Danny Gokey

Season 8

For “Rat Pack” week, Gokey found something judge Kara DioGuardi claims was missing that entire season: swagger. “You had swag tonight,” she told him. “It was unbelievable. And the rasp and the tone, I’m starting to think you should do standards.” Simon Cowell called it Gokey’s best performance in weeks. “That was outstanding,” he said.

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So we are taking them to task and asking you to select Danny’s best performances from the following YouTube videos.  We  loved the emotion, the energy and the heart in ALL of Danny’s performances. We believe it why he is gaining fans and getting rave reviews on his current tour with the Rock and Worship Roadshow.

Enjoy the trip back in time to Season 8 of “American Idol”.  And if you are a new fan, have a look at the show that gave Danny his start!

Hero thanks to safetygearhq

PYT thanks to westvids

“Jesus Take the Wheel” thanks to westvids

“What Hurts the Most” thanks to Mariana de Almeida Reis

“Come Rain or Shine” thanks to Mariana de Almeida Reis

You Are so Beautiful” thanks to westvids

Let us know YOUR favorite performance(s)

(You can vote for up to 3 performances– it’s so hard to choose!)
And what are your thoughts of Billboard only including ONE of Danny’s in the Top 100 of all time?

7 thoughts on “Billboard’s Top “American Idol” Live Performances – Not Enough Danny Gokey For US!

  1. Frankly, the lack of mention of Danny Gokey in this final season of “American Idol” does “frost me” (a great way to put it, Ellen.)

    I really loved Danny’s performance of “You Are so Beautiful” when he knew he was heading home….. so heartfelt. It made me cry while I watched it at home.

    But, the show will be over. It’s last hurrah will go out like a wimper. Meanwhile, Danny has a music career that is building; not fading. So it’s all good, right?

  2. If we’re only picking ONE performance by Danny as his best, then Billboard got it right, IMHO. “Come Rain or Come Shine” is a tour de force. But many artists had multiple performance on the list, and Danny should have been among them.

  3. What typos, Ellen?

    I think he should have at least 3 on the list. Anyone can vote for up to 3 songs.

    And people can expand beyond the performances I have listed (I provided an other). I just got tired of chasing down videos on YouTube…. I wanted to go outside!! 🙂

  4. I can’t believe only one song was on their list. I haven’t read it yet, knowing it would irritate me, but, they definitely should have included 3 in my opinion: Come Rain or Come Shine, You Are So Beautiful, and Jesus Take the Wheel!

  5. I haven’t read it yet, knowing it would irritate me

    That’s exactly why I stepped away for a night from the article, Carianne. But we are a Danny Gokey Fan Blog. For us not to acknowledge an article from Billboard that lists Danny— even if it is NOT to our satisfaction just didn’t feel right.

    It’s a great time to express how much WE loved his performances, right?

    :mrgreen: 😎

  6. Thanks for the AI videos and poll, Jan. I have been a fan since he sang “Hero” on AI!

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