Video: Danny Gokey’s “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” – Official

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The wait for the “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” video is FINALLY over!

Back on January 8th, Danny Gokey  tweeted about filming the official video for his single, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”.  In the many weeks since that tweet, TYHTBA is become a Top Ten song on multiple Billboard and Mediabase song charts! TYHTBA has even earned it’s first #1– on the Christian AC Indicator Chart!

You can see our post about the making of the video at:

The Making of the Official Video of Danny Gokey’s “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”

Or you can view the video at K-LOVE HERE

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Let us know if it’s been worth the wait in the comment section below!

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We’ll upload it to this site once the exclusive view period at is done.

The director of the video is Kristin Barlowe, a well-respected Nashville-based photographer and director of hundreds of music videos.

21 thoughts on “Video: Danny Gokey’s “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” – Official

  1. Love the song and video. I tried to buy it on ITUNES but haven’t seen it on there yet.

  2. I love the video! It has a great message and is well done. I think it is the best one yet!

  3. I like the way they used mirrored reflections and the lighting. The dancer and actors did an amazing job! Of course, Danny’s voice and the song are beautiful!!

  4. I think they did a really good job with it, too. I’ve asked Danny’s management if/when it will go for sale on iTunes. I’ll report back what I learn.


  5. I love the song. Danny did a great job! The video is good. I think dance can express so many emotions. The boxing.. fighting.. I’m not a fan of. I know, I’m probably the only one that feels this way. When I saw the little bit of the video the other day, I thought it may be different. The song is so beautiful. I can think of other ways to have done the video. I’m ready for another “happy” video from Danny. Something that will put a “feel good” smile on your face, and makes your day filled with that kind of joy.

  6. Except for MBDAAOM, I’ve liked Danny’s lyric videos better than the story videos. I also liked the IWNSG video (except for too much talking).

    HIFOM and this new video seem popular, but to me the timing is not exciting. The songs were out a long time before the story videos were done. By the time the new videos were released, there had already been multiple videos from interview shows, the tour, etc.

    Plus, just my computer I guess, but in the two story videos–Hope and this one–the singing has been out-of-sync which is distracting.

    Still, the video might do what Danny and his team want it to do and push the single the last way home to a big success.

    HIFOM (the video) went to #1 quickly after it was put on iTunes, I think. It didn’t stay there long, but it was on the front page of Christian iTunes.

    I was hoping for a mixed English/Spanish video. Maybe there is a requirement that the sound of the video must be identical to the single?

  7. Thank you, Jan. Even at my old age.. I like to get up once and a while and move to a happy song. 🙂

    I agree with your post, Lurker. I really enjoyed “My Best Days.”

    I didn’t want to be “negative” about Danny’s new video. Like I said.. the song is beautiful, but I’m just ready for Danny’s smile and laughter on a “feel good” video.

  8. TYHTBA is a happier song than the video showed. If I had to give up my wish for Spanish (which I did), I would have liked a happy, pretty video–maybe something animated with flowers growing anew in a garden gone to waste–things coming back to a beauty and peace that seemed to be gone. No crying needed. Just symbolism.

  9. A thought they wouldn’t have the dancer falling so much…. just dancing beautifully to Danny’s singing…. but I still like the video. And I think it was well done 🙂

  10. My last post made it sound like I had a negative feeling about Danny’s video. No, I think it’s beautifully done. Just not a boxing/fighting kind of person. I’m ready for a “happy” song. A silly, happy song. :)♫♫♪♪♪♫

    The Spanish album would have been beautiful.

  11. Cindy3, I believe the Spanish album is going to be released. And I predict the first single is available…. in < than a month? 🙂

    But you may recall I'm a born cheerleader for Danny news 😉

  12. I was able to embed the video from K-Love’s Facebook post on Danny’s page 🙂 Now we can stay onsite and watch it again/discuss it!

    Has MJsbigblog posted it? 😉

  13. For some reason, YouTube removed the video for Tell Your Heart To Beat Again. Would anyone know why?

  14. Which version is missing Kelly?

    I can see there is an audio version, and the acoustic version with the song story intro. I’m not seeing an official lyric video or official regular video, is it those that are gone?

    There are some signs of Danny’s new music label making changes to his YT channel, maybe that’s what’s going on, and they don’t have everything arranged yet?

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