Video: Danny Gokey at Helping Up Mission– Baltimore, MD

Splendor Danny Gokey 3 (430x262)

Danny Gokey at Helping Up Mission

IMPACT Collective and Meant 2 Live Foundation hosted an inspirational Splendor event at Helping Up Mission. We held a unique worship service with “American Idol” alum Danny Gokey along with the choir and band of this Baltimore based homeless shelter. The purpose of the shelter is to serve up to 500 disadvantaged men facing drug addictions and poverty.

The following video shows Danny singing with their choir and  spending time with the men.

One of the highlights occurred when Danny sang his hit song “Hope in Front of me” and gave his own personal testimony. It was a memorable and powerful experience that impacted all who attended. We felt as if it was one big family gathering as we were united in one accord and there was no division between circumstances or social status.”  — From Helping Up Mission splendor Danny Gokey

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