170 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 3/28 – 4/10 Discussion

  1. Does Blake Shelton have a CCM song out? That is news to me. And given Blake’s snarky, shock-jock personality, it makes me go “Huh?”

  2. I saw that on Danny’s site, and thought he might have been over on this site. Felt bad reading his comment. I’m glad everyone supported him with their comments. Watching his performance that night I didn’t notice it, either. It went by so quickly. I was listening to all their singing styles, and enjoyed all of them. I think they all did great! Of course, one better than the others. 🙂

  3. CCM iTunes singles:
    Danny’s TYHTBA: #2
    Blake’s Savior’s Shadow: #5
    Colton’s Through All of It: #11 (was at #6 I think)

  4. Here’s some info about the Spanish song. It appears it is a big hit in Spanish Christian songs?

    This song is by Salvador.

    Si el Espíritu de Dios
    Está en mi corazón
    Yo danzo como David
    Yo danzo,Yo danzo
    Yo danzo como David
    Pónganse de pie a danzar
    Pónganse de pie

    David danced
    When the Espirit of the Lord
    Moved upon my heart
    I will dance like David danced
    I will dance,I will dance
    I will dance like David danced
    Stand up and dance
    Stand up

  5. Thank you, Jan. Why did Danny apologize about the evening. Something happened??

  6. I read they had technical issues?

    Anyone else think they chose a new guitar player for his ability to play in the style of a Spanish guitar? He might also be Spanish speaking since Danny seems to be talking to someone in Spanish in that clip…

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