170 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 3/28 – 4/10 Discussion

  1. Look at the position of Danny’s left arm compared to all the other guys…

    My video is a bit shorter (and I had some difficulty aiming my camera at the beginning…) but I think the resolution is good. Thanks for finding the full video, Lurker.

    I thought Colton got a pretty nice solo spot, but Danny probably had more fun….. 😉

    Also, I felt really bad for the Season 15 finalists. They didn’t get much to do. At least with Danny’s season they had group sings and he got to sing with Lionel Ritchie…. 😦

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  2. I also loved Kelly Clarkson and Keith Urban with Carrie Underwood .
    It was nice to see back Paula Abdul , Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell .
    Loved to see Danny back on the stage American Idol , Danny was amazing 🙂 ❤
    I'm little disappointed with American Idol 😉 something's not fair………………….?

    Congratulations Trent , he won last Season American Idol !

    American Idol brought for us Danny Gokey – Season 8 – 2009 Thank you !!!!

    Good night everyone !

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  3. From the picture I first saw, I thought Danny was the one in the purple coat and Elliott was the one with his arm different. (I have a vision problem.) When I saw the video, I could tell which one was Danny. 🙂


  4. Jan,
    Your clip helped me better than the one I posted. At first I thought Danny’s part was just when he was facing the camera. In your clip, I saw (at least, I think I saw) that Danny was singing when his head was turned to the side.
    It made me feel better when I saw that. I had been thinking his part was much too short.
    (It was still too short, though. Five minutes would have been better. 😉 )

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  5. I know I’m partial, but I think Danny should have had a larger part, too. He looked good.

    I thought the show was great!! I actually have a few more minutes to go.
    I wanted to see what everyone thought.

    I had so many favorites, but I really enjoyed the lady singing with the harp. I know that sounds funny, but I don’t know her name. She along with Clay Akins and the rest were my favorite.

    Going to watch the rest…


  6. You asked the question in two places, so I am copying my answer to your “what is different” question:

    OK, so Danny had his right arm in a horizontal rather than vertical position, while everyone else had both arms pointed upwards vertically? Is that (Danny) the guy who is not like the others? Am I right? If I am, do I get a gold star? 😛 😀

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  7. I could quibble if I wanted. But you know, Idol was never going to satisfy everyone. And overall, I thought it was a really nice sendoff. I am glad Idol rose above any quarrels to feature Phillip Phillips (despite his lawsuit) and Clay Aiken (despite his nasty comments about Idol), and even former judge Nicki Minaj.

    Truthfully, this is the kind of stuff Idol should have been doing all along, once it had a few seasons under its belt.

    I understand that both Trent and La’Porsha got signed, and that made me happy because I like them both and would be interested in their music.

    And Idol gave us Danny . . . “Nuf said! ;-D


  8. Lurker, I think Cary Smithson was the singer accompanied by a harp?!? I’m not sure which season she was on. It was before I started watching.


  9. I liked Carly, too. Very good voice! One of the best tonight! I’ve found American Idol’s official videos and replaced mine 🙂 You can click on the title and watch the youTube video in full screen mode. Danny did very well, IMO. Yes, I wanted more time. But his little segment made the “Washington Post” article I’ve added. For a good reason— I think…. 😉


  10. I saw another picture in a tweet showing three of the group. Two had the same position. One (purple coat) had his hands and feet not the same as the others, plus he was looking in a different direction. (I don’t know how to bring the picture here, but I feel better seeing that Danny was not the only one who missed a move.)

    In another tweet I saw, Kristy Lee Cook was replying to someone who asked where she was. Kristy said she wasn’t invited. She said it with humor. I think it must be hard not to be asked back and even harder to try to make light of it. 😦


  11. I don’t quite get this tweet. Does the person want Danny to come back so the mother will get a cold again?

    “3m3 minutes ago
    @dannygokey …Please O Please come back to Harvest Christian Fellowship mom got nasty cold bug when you there 😦 “


  12. Last night a person sent a “hate” tweet to Danny. He liked her tweet. This morning, she tweeted this (and copied the tweet from last night showing the like):

    ” 9m9 minutes ago
    let’s all look up to this guy as an example when dealing w dem haterzz @dannygokey i like u now dont worry “


  13. I was interested to see if Danny’s number of twitter followers would change after last night. I checked during Idol. (I did not watch, but it was during the time the show was on.) His page showed 149,000 then. This morning it shows 150,000.


  14. Ellen CARLY Smithson is from season 7 I believe.People were shocked when she and Michael Jones (I dont know if I get his name right) left early.


  15. I think the woman asking Danny to come back to Harvest Church was implying her mom couldn’t go because she was ill? And her mom is probably a HUGE Danny fan 🙂


  16. I thought Kristy Lee was showing a lot of class.

    You know, Danny’s singing segment was too short, but I think it was memorable. Even made the “Washington Post”. Danny’s scream on “Dream On” scared all of us, but it rallied his fans, was memorable and he reacted wirh humor when he watched it back. Grace.


  17. Danny’s album has moved up to #98 on itunes (All genres) and the single is #148.
    Not bad considering this is a new music day. The album was at 113 at 12:19 AM this morning.

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  18. I’m glad I watched the finale. It was a great show. I haven’t seen any episodes since Danny, so it was fun. So much talent. Like I mentioned before, the segment with Clay Akins was filled with beautiful songs and singers. I really enjoyed that. Of course, Danny’s group was fun to watch. I couldn’t believe Danny’s arms, too. I could tell he looked a little nervous. Still.. he looked very handsome. When he’s on stage at his concerts he owns that stage, and for me dances very well. 🙂

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  19. I’m glad you decided to give Idol another chance and cheer on Danny from your living room, Cindy! I thought Danny looked very nice.

    But ….what kind of shoes were those? Did he forget to pack dress shoes? They had white soles :?)


  20. I liked Danny’s shoes. Very cool. 🙂 Broke up the formality of his dress. Made him stand out. By the way, if you watch the video you’ll see Danny doing the moves and clapping when the others (kind of) messed up. Now, I’m no expert.. just going back to when I had to do routines, but I think Danny’s performance was an A-. 🙂


  21. Okay, I know Ellen says I say, “I’m sorry” too much. But I think I’ve been defending Danny very strong today. I didn’t mean to be so rude. My “fan” side came out. 🙂 You were kinder, Ellen on the other site.

    I think Danny had a great time this past week, but reading one of his last tweets about Leyicet, he’s very happy where he is in his life right now. I think we all are, too.

    Of course Jan can speak for Danny more than I can. 🙂


  22. ” 1h1 hour ago @dannygokey you were on a pop station… ”

    Picture of radio display was shown in tweet. Adult Hits 88.3 playing TYHTBA.

    A cross-over hit will be ok with me.

    A Spanish single debuting at #1? Also ok.

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  23. “Danny Gokey Verified account  ‏@dannygokey · 50m50 minutes ago
    Danny Gokey Retweeted Trevor
    We will be releasing it on iTunes near the end of April!! 🎶🎤”

    “@dannygokey Just heard a Spanglish version of Tell your heart to Bert again. Where can I buy that song?!”

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  24. Well, I don’t know if Danny sold more music as a result of being on Idol, but I am glad he appeared. He sure energized his fans with his multiple tweets, FBook posts about it. And we gained ~ 100 Facebook followers, too.

    Hmmmm…. do you think Danny may have peeked at our post about the Finale when he posted this? (Even the same wording….)


    I don’t feel so bad about teasing him, now…. He got over 10,000 likes, 1,000 comments and nearly 200 people shared the post.

    I did find it rather surprising that Kris Allen posted so little about it.

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  25. “do you think Danny may have peeked at our post ”

    Maybe he saw the tweet? I think it had the same wording.


  26. “Well, I don’t know if Danny sold more music as a result of being on Idol, but I am glad he appeared. ”

    He might have sold more. He stayed high on iTunes with tough competition. Blake Shelton and Colton have been just a little behind Danny. (I think Colton got a solo spot for his single? Of course, Blake sells a lot, so his CCM song will go high.)


  27. Yes, Jan, I do think Danny peeked at your post. Did you tweet the pic also? There are many ways to refer to Danny’s faux pas with the dance moves, but to choose “one of these things is not like the other ” — well, I think he got that wording from you. And by the way, I just noticed that Danny had the wrong leg crossed behind him, in addition to to wrong arm position. I didn’t notice in the picture on the other post because the angle of the picture looked different, and there is lettering covering up Danny’s legs.

    So Danny, maybe you SHOULDN’T go on “Dancing With The Stars” after all! (Actually, the errors are endearing. Danny dances like I do! I can dance, but don’t try to teach me choreographed moves, because I’ll go left when I’m supposed to go right and vice versa.)


  28. Does Blake Shelton have a CCM song out? That is news to me. And given Blake’s snarky, shock-jock personality, it makes me go “Huh?”


  29. I saw that on Danny’s site, and thought he might have been over on this site. Felt bad reading his comment. I’m glad everyone supported him with their comments. Watching his performance that night I didn’t notice it, either. It went by so quickly. I was listening to all their singing styles, and enjoyed all of them. I think they all did great! Of course, one better than the others. 🙂


  30. CCM iTunes singles:
    Danny’s TYHTBA: #2
    Blake’s Savior’s Shadow: #5
    Colton’s Through All of It: #11 (was at #6 I think)


  31. Remember when Danny ONLY had his songs from MBD to choose from for his concerts? (Other than his Mo-town medleys, of course…)

    It’s GOOD to hear MBDAAOM again. I’m glad he added it back in.

    I saw he did a Spanish song that I’m not familiar with (which would be almost all….) plus a bit of “Back at One”.

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  32. Here’s some info about the Spanish song. It appears it is a big hit in Spanish Christian songs?

    This song is by Salvador.

    Si el Espíritu de Dios
    Está en mi corazón
    Yo danzo como David
    Yo danzo,Yo danzo
    Yo danzo como David
    Pónganse de pie a danzar
    Pónganse de pie

    David danced
    When the Espirit of the Lord
    Moved upon my heart
    I will dance like David danced
    I will dance,I will dance
    I will dance like David danced
    Stand up and dance
    Stand up


  33. I read they had technical issues?

    Anyone else think they chose a new guitar player for his ability to play in the style of a Spanish guitar? He might also be Spanish speaking since Danny seems to be talking to someone in Spanish in that clip…


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