Bring on the “American Idol” Finale! Our Danny Gokey Edition Gets You Ready!

Danny Gokey, Kris Allen in Hollywood for the Finale!

Are You READY?

8PM EST Thursday, April 7th, on FOX

Watch FOX 24’s video of  Kris, Danny & Pia Share Best Moments

We’ve gathered pics and clips of Danny’s involvement in the upcoming “American Idol” Finale!  We believe Danny will be performing “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” with the other soulful finalists:  Elliott Yamin, Brandon Rogers, Clark Beckham, George Huff and more.

I’ve found a short video of Danny performing “Too Proud” at his FIRST solo concert back in September, 2009!! Our thanks to Daniel Koenig for still having it up on youTube!

IDOL Family Reunion Photos!

Danny Gokey Idol Finale Taylor Elliott (430x430)
Leyicet, Danny, Elliot and Taylor
Danny Gokey Kris Allison Idol Finale (430x430)
Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta & Danny Gokey
Danny Gokey Debbie Allen Idol Finale (430x343)
Debbie Allen’s Photo: Idol Finalists Prepare for Finale
Fantasia Barrrino' Pic with Melinda, Elliott, George, Danny, Brandon
Fantasia Barrrino’ Pic with Melinda, Elliott, George, Danny, Brandon
Danny Gokey Olivia Rox pic (399x500)
Oliva Rox’ pic with S15 and Danny, Elliott, Taylor, Clark, Melinda, Brandon, — and Leyicet!

Getting Ready for the Show!


7 thoughts on “Bring on the “American Idol” Finale! Our Danny Gokey Edition Gets You Ready!

  1. I am loving all the informal periscopes, selfies, and whatnot of the Idols together. I am so excited for tomorrow night’s finale! 🙂 😀 I just wish I could DVR the show. 🙁

  2. Be prepared to see ALL of the returning Idol’s in the show opener! Danny will be walking on with the other 3rd place finalists!

    From the “Hollywood Reporter”:

    The opening song we hear is by Barry Manilow …

    There is something very special that precedes the opening number. When I saw it, it was inspiring to me. Back around season two, we did a Barry Manilow song called “One Voice” as a group number, so I thought how wonderful would that be to do a new arrangement where it starts with one person, then the kids who are in the top 2 and the top 3 … until the stage is full of more than 50 American Idols. And it’s chilling. I think within the first four minutes of the show people are gonna be in tears.

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