Danny Gokey Podcast with Justin of WAY-FM


Danny Gokey joined radio host and fellow “clean freak” Justin Paul of Christian radio network WAY-FM recently for an extended “More Than The Music” podcast. They talk about Danny’s album Hope In Front Of Me and much more, touching on numerous topics both amusing and serious.

Justin has been teasing the interview the past few days, including comments from Danny on why his wife Leyicet does not like one of the songs on Danny’s album. Can you guess which one?

Bonus points if you can guess the tv theme song that Danny currently has stuck in his head and has been singing randomly as he goes about his day!

Via WAY-FM. WAY-FM has listening outlets online and nationally. Check for yours here.

2 thoughts on “Danny Gokey Podcast with Justin of WAY-FM

  1. Great Way to start my day – spending 40 min listening to Danny pour out his heart! Knew a lot of that but learned a new thing or two too… Really. “America’s Funniest Home Videos” – he cracks me up! ahhhhh fun fun fun interview!


  2. Stacey, did you hear which song Leyicet doesn’t like? I don’t have time to listen to the interview right now. Maybe later.


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