Danny Gokey’s 10 BEST Songs? Do you disagree?

Danny Gokey Albums (440x267)The Ten BEST Songs of Danny Gokey

Do you agree?

by AXS Contributor, Jason Burke

“Danny Gokey is a Wisconsin native who first came to national exposure on season 8 of the popular TV show American Idol. Gokey’s heartfelt story of his wife’s sudden passing made him empathetic, but his smooth, powerful voice made him a favorite…….. This list will encompass his best songs from all three albums, as well as popular Idol covers. So let’s look at Gokey’s ten best tracks.”

10.  “This Is What it Means”

9.  “O Holy Night”

8.  “I Still Believe”

7. “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”

6.  “What Hurts The Most”

5.  “One Life”

4.  “Tiny Life”

3.  “Mary, Did You Know”

2.  “Hero”

1. “It’s Only”

“Danny Gokey has truly found his voice. From his third place finish on the national reality competition to standing out in the Christian genre, Gokey is setting out to make a difference.”

To read his reasons for ranking the songs, click HERE.

Do you agree?  What are YOUR top ten favorite songs by Danny Gokey?

Vote below and let’s see what Danny’s fans think!

12 thoughts on “Danny Gokey’s 10 BEST Songs? Do you disagree?

  1. This list was getting so long…. I may have left off a couple of songs 😉

    I hope they aren’t anybody’s favorites!

  2. Nice post Jan. So many songs. I may have to vote a few times so they each get at least vote 😉

  3. Well, if you have a tablet, phone and computer you “may” be able to vote more than once…… or if you come back in a week 😉

  4. Missing from the list is “Dance Little Sister” and “The Coach.” Also “Win Me Over” — if that counts, since it wasn’t released. Probably a few others as well. I see that DGNews voters (so far) don’t agree with Mr. Burke . . .

  5. Yes, I did drop a few songs— writer’s fatigue, Ellen! I was afraid the list would be so long no one would read it! I also didn’t include all the songs did on Idol…. and Coach wasn’t on the CDs… But pretty much it was just me sick of working on the poll document…. Because of the length I couldn’t use most of the available formats.

    I was really surprised that Mr Burke liked “It’s Only” better than any other song. And it was only “kind of” released as Danny’s first single (before it was pulled) off of My Best Days. And the guy didn’t notice that Danny had a new label?

  6. I love them all. I would love to see Danny do some Motown and soul music too. His audition with ” Heard It Through The Grape Vine” was simply amazing!

  7. Hi Catherine!

    Danny obviously loves Motown (and is sooo good at it). He is known to slip a song or two into his concerts….

  8. The author obviously likes his religious songs. Happy he included This Is What It Means-I’m sad that will not be a single; I think it had a chance of cross over. Agree with Ellen- Win Me Over was a lost gem. Rain or Shine should have been on there (instead of Hurts the Most, IMO) but I agree with Hero.

  9. Well, Pjgvet, the new album isn’t done yet…. you never know if they will decide to pull one more song from HIFOM for radio release! I think TYHTBA climbed the charts a lot faster than they expected. I haven’t heard that Danny has recorded ANY of the new songs for the 3rd album, yet. He’s busy working on the Spanish song(s) promotion….

    I hate to say it, but a slippage of the 3rd album until November/December would not be unexpected….. Lots of time for another song?

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