Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 4/25 – 5/08 Discussion & News!

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Our thanks to Donna Godken
for the use of her video!

Lots of Danny Gokey concerts are rolling out!  Check our CALENDAR to see if Danny is near you!

92 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 4/25 – 5/08 Discussion & News!

  1. Yes, Jan. Most Unusual.

    “A Most Unusual occurrence…
    And it includes a compliment”

    The compliment is below.
    “There’s no denying that boy can sing.”

  2. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 4 (single from album)

    HIFOM: #11 (album)

    QTCVAL: 135 (Spanish single from EP)

    TYHTBA: 34 (EP)

  3. I’ll say it here, since I can’t say it there . . .

    Just read a certain blog post by one of our *ahem* favorite AI bloggers, and you could have knocked me over with a feather when a read a positive but professional blog post of Danny’s Spanish-language EP. I double-checked the byline in case it had been ghost-written by one of our trust admins. But no . . .

  4. “I’ll say it here, since I can’t say it there . . .”

    I agree with you. 🙂

  5. Ellen, I think ALL of us are a bit shocked…… “there’s no denying that boy can sing”… 😉

  6. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the final round of K-LOVE Award Nominees. Final Voting starts May 10th. I’d think they’d announce the finalists…. on Monday?? Hopefully Danny’s TYHTBA makes the finals. Just as it heads to #1? It would be great timing…..

    I also noticed that they dropped the number of spins for TYHTBA and Lauren’s TIY. Maybe they will increase them again if they are finalists?

  7. It looks like my hunch could be come true….

    Both Lauren’s and Danny’s songs have had increases in spins at Klove. Lauren’s increased by 9 spins this week. Danny’s 3. Both in the 40’s. Danny could use another increase of 10 spins by K-Love.

    TYHTBA has a nice spincrease of 95 today and is the only song in the top area with a positive spincrease. Hopefully it can change places wirh Lauren’s TIY in the next week or two 🙂

  8. Jan, I noticed at least three posts where I expected snark, and got professionalism instead. Maybe it’s occurred to someone that with AI over, there won’t be more finalists to post about, and the best way to retain and grow readership is to be more neutral and professional about all of the blog subjects.

    * I posted on the thread because sometimes that may help to encourage good behavior.

  9. Always good to have positive change 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day to all celebrating!! A beautiful day here in Wisconsin.

  10. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 4 (single from album)

    HIFOM: #14 (album)

    Video: #1 (back up from #158)


    QTCVAL: did not see listed (Spanish single from EP)

    TYHTBA: 60 (EP)

  11. Lurker, I guess this just goes to show what a difference promotion and radio play for single sales! I would expect to see more for QTCVAL.

    Things looking promising at radio for TYHTBA:

    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You 1983 1986 -3 10.96
    3 2 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 1846 1751 95 10.191
    2 3 STARS GO DIM You Are Loved 1692 1812 -120 9.14
    4 4 MATTHEW WEST Grace Wins 1571 1631 -60 7.251
    5 5 CASTING CROWNS Just Be Held 1541 1601 -60 7.58
    7 6 Up this week WE ARE MESSENGERS Everything Comes Alive 1407 1390 17 6.588
    – See more at: http://www.allaccess.com/mediabase/q/report/sevenDay/format/X2/panel/X/detail/C/reportType/R#sthash.o9IzAp9a.dpuf

  12. Well, now we know! 8 AM CST on Facebook Live. I wonder which artists will be announcing the nominees?

    K-LOVE Fan Awards
    5 hrs ·
    May 10 May 10 May 10!!! We will be using Facebook Live on the K-LOVE Radio Facebook page WITH some of your favorite artists to announce the nominees! Don’t miss this starting at 9am ET.
    K-LOVE Fan Awards’s photo.

    Danny appears in their promo video up on the klove.com site: (:26)


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