Danny Gokey Nice Bits & Pieces- May 2016 Edition!

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New  Spanish Album to be released!  — With New Videos!

While Danny is only saying the new Spanish “Hope in Front of Me” album will be out “within a couple of weeks”, others at the video shoot are saying we will be getting 6 new music videos and the album is coming out on Cinco de Mayo!  Well, even if it is NOT until Mid- May, we are still thrilled to get the new music and videos, too!

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Nashville Day 7: Dang Daniel! A few years ago I volunteer filmed a charity promo video for this guy. As it turned out, he had been on a tv show. That and a buck will get you a cup of coffee in Nashville, but flash forward and he's beaten the odds of ex-idols, and gone on to earn two #1 singles. Over the past few years, he's hired me for every random job you could think of, including (but not limited to) driving his tour van, recording radio liners, and working night security. Yesterday, we finally got to do a "real" video shoot/live recording at a real studio. On May 5th his new Spanish language album drops, and with it the first video. I'm excited to be a small part of this truly great man's career.

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Danny Gokey Talks about the  “American Idol” Finale!

CCM Magazine” caught up with Danny Gokey to talk about his experience on the final stage of “American Idol” — and whether it really is the final stage??

Some of the contestants and judges had some great perspective on the impact of Idol overall on the industry and culture. How would you summarize it?
DG: When you look at the stats, it’s pretty staggering! The opening of the finale was a really cool picture of the impact of the show—there were over sixty former “idols” on the stage and that’s just a representation of all the people and amazing voices who have come through the show and were a part of American pop culture musically. It gave unknown people like me the chance to pursue a dream and to gain exposure to the music industry that could have never happened on that large of a scale otherwise. All the contestants on American Idol have collectively sold over 60 million albums and 225 million downloads!

To read the rest of Danny’s interview, see it HERE.

Danny Gokey Concert Photos

Our thanks to Dan Pannash Photography for the use of ALL of the fabulous photos used in those post!

We appreciate Dan’s permission to use his awesome photos to illustrate this post!

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We agree with Danny, this chart news is worth applauding!!

Billboard Charts Dated 05/07/16

1.  #TYHTBA remains the #ONE song on the Christian AC Indicator Chart– for  a sixth week!

2.  On the Hot Christian Song Chart TYHTBA remains #2

3.  Christian Digital Song Chart: TYHTBA is #2 (was #3)

4.  National Christian Airplay Chart: TYHTBA remains at #2

5.  Hot AC/CHR Christian Song Chart:  Danny gets his first Top 10 on this chart! HIFOM topped out at #18 on this format.

5.  Top Christian Album chart:  HopeInFrontofMe is #16

Calendar updates!  

Only a rumor at this point, but Wisconsin DG fans, you may soon be in luck!  Come back to see the latest concert news….

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We love closing with a concert video.  This one has the first few minutes of Danny Gokey appearing at Congreso 2016, a youth conference at Baylor University.  Quite the crowd. And I couldn’t help but appreciate that they had HIFOM as their video soundtrack

Thanks to sZXSKATELIFEXZs for the video!

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  1. “Only a rumor at this point, but Wisconsin DG fans, you may soon be in luck! Come back to see the latest concert news….”

    So is that something Jan really likes that begins with “S” ??

  2. True. I should never use the s word…. but some of us can use it (not Danny) and it may mean in the “near future”… not “I have no idea….”

    Post script:

    Admin2, you weren’t referring to my use of soon? You were referring to Summerfest?

    I do follow Summerfest. And I open every email they send me with a shred of hope… but I seriously think performing there is not a goal of Danny’s anymore…. not sure why. Maybe he feels like he will have to be BIG to return? I don’t expect to see him there in 2016 🙁

    He isn’t appearing at Lifefest, either. But I don’t mind that…. I do have hints of other WI shows 🙂

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