Video: Acoustic “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” in Spanish by Danny Gokey

Tu Corazon TYHTBA (450x287)Danny Gokey Sings “Que Tu Corazon Vuelva a Latir”

The first of Danny Gokey’s acoustic performances in Spanish!  He is accompanied by Maestro Lightford. Find the recorded version on Danny’s new EP here.

We understand that Danny has SIX videos from the Simeon Music and Birdrock Studio sessions!

Director:  Ryan Poole

What do you hope the other five songs will be???

6 thoughts on “Video: Acoustic “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” in Spanish by Danny Gokey

  1. I loved the video and would love to purchase it. 🙂 I have already downloaded the song! The funny part is I don’t speak Spanish, but the song and Danny’s voice are just too beautiful to pass up. 🙂

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  2. A Most Unusual occurrence:

    @mjsbigblog: VIDEO: @dannygokey releases spanish language version of “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.” Watch an acoustic perf here

    And it includes a compliment! After remarking how Sophia’s death played prominently on his run on “American Idol” :/


  3. This is a very nice video. He sounds good, he and Maestro both look good, no overly close-in camera angles.

    My Spanish is too rusty to follow the lyrics, maybe with a lyric sheet I could make it out. But it’s very heartfelt. I thought the remix on the EP is interesting – more uptempo and heavier production? I wonder if that might be an experiment to release it to another format?


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