Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 5/09 – 5/22 Discussion & News!

River Rock KY 8 (500x331) (400x265)
Danny Gokey & Maestro Lightford

join the discussion (350x102)

Our thanks to Kristyn York for her work with River Rock Festival
& the use of this photo!

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94 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 5/09 – 5/22 Discussion & News!

  1. That sounds right, Cindy. I am wondering if the interview will be in English and Spanish?? Can you listen foe us and report back? I have appointments this afternoon.


  2. I’m sorry, Jan. What did your post mean? If you meant the concert Danny is at today for the flood victims, I don’t think I can’t get that channel. I’ve been looking to see if I can listen live…


  3. Sorry, Condy, I didn’t remember the interview date correctly….

    As far as tonight’s concer, it may be available online via the link I put to The TV station. But maybe not?

    I will be at a concert tonight at our local theater. I will miss Danny’s appearance tonight.


  4. Thank you, ADMIN2. You’re so good at finding things. If I find them, I don’t know how to post them. 😕


  5. Danny was just on. I’m so proud to be a fan. He looked and sounded great!! I saw that people were singing along to his song, and some stood after his performance. I think I can say it was my favorite performance of “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.” Hope all of you were able to watch. Hope lots of money is raised for this good cause. ♥

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  6. I left it running on my laptop to the end when all the artists came back out. There were a lot of montages playing where you could just hear the soundtrack but not see anyone.

    Regardless, it was no problem at all to pick out Danny singing 😉

    Seemed to be overall a well-produced show with good performances from all the artists. (if I can slightly snipe that I didn’t think Brian McKnight sounded that strong vocally but his intro was funny)


  7. “Danny Gokey Verified account  ‏@dannygokey · 4h4 hours ago
    Yesterday was one of the greatest highlights of my singing career yet!! Sharing the stage with… https://www.instagram.com/p/BFrUsAjnd-v/

    I don’t believe Danny was the one out of turn. I thought it was the comedian/assistant pastor. It was hard for me to hear the performers in the video when he was talking and singing. (I think it was his periscope for the entertainment of his fans. Maybe. :?:)


  8. Lurker, I didn’t take it that Danny believes he sang his parts at the wrong time or too long in length. More that he got a little carried away and over-sang with his enthusiasm coming out in excessive forcefulness of certain of his featured bits of the song.

    It must have been fun for Danny to be in that group, and the youngest of them by a fair amount.

    I’ve always liked Yolanda for one. I had no idea though she is sooooo tall! I looked it up, she’s apparently 6′ 1″ without the heels.

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  9. I agree, admin. On Idol, Danny was known for letting his voice go — and I wonder if it is a little rough on it? He was obviously super excited to be on stage with those artists that the adrenaline may have taken over just a bit. He also looked ready to jump in on his microphone with each part being sang.

    I personally liked it. But I’d prefer more control on an album. Also, I’d want him to protect his voice….


  10. My other thought about Danny calling it a highlight of his singing career (remember, he opened for Taylor Swift, sang with Lionel Ritchie on Idol, had those HUGE crowds at the Summerfest Grounds….)

    We know he’s a huge fan of many gospel singers, could he be thinking about heading that way, musically? Danny has also been a huge Brian Mcknight fan—until a proposed sexually explicit song proposal bombed out….)

    Or was it the artists, huge crowd, beautiful venue and the mission of the night all combined?

    I’d surmise he loves to sing with the gospel music crowd, but that he knows commercially he is better off in the CAC genre — and perhaps evenutally crossing over to AC again? (They did push HIFOM to AC, but I have to think that TYHTBA might have done better?)


  11. That’s so funny. I was going to comment on Danny’s “strong vocals.” I don’t know if he made any mistakes. He was just in the moment. He blew me away with his voice last night. There was no need for him to worry. He did a great job! I think he acquired a lot more fans!! 🙂


  12. Yes, “strong vocals”! 🙂

    118 spins behind. Hopefully we will see another push for TYHTBA to become a #1 on Mediabase 🙂
    May 14 TW: May 15 – May 21
    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You 2017 2072 -55 11.794
    2 2 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 1899 1856 43 11.305
    3 3 STARS GO DIM You Are Loved 1487 1559 -72 7.132
    5 4 CASTING CROWNS Just Be Held 1439 1472 -33 7.3
    8 5 Up this week 7EVENTH TIME DOWN God Is On The Move 1436 1296 140 9.2
    6 6 WE ARE MESSENGERS Everything Comes Alive 1403 1423 -20 5.689
    4 7 MATTHEW WEST Grace Wins
    – See more at: http://www.allaccess.com/mediabase/q/report/sevenDay/format/X2/panel/X/detail/C/reportType/R#sthash.XrsGFruU.dpuf


  13. Lauren is very pesky with these charts …

    When I watched the segment from this weekend, it was the last little section of Danny where I thought he lost it 🙂 The earlier ones were strong but didn’t strike me as out of control.

    It must be difficult to do a group thing like that and only have a single line to perform every minute or two. In time, I guess he will earn it…!


  14. The comment I made about someone taking B McKnight’s part referenced these comments on Danny’s twitter video post:

    “calvinnowellWho is the guy taking Brian McKnights part? See how Brian was just like go head bruh!!!!@dannygokey 😂😂😂. That’s a no-no in the kingdom!!!!
    dannygokey@calvinnowell 😂😂😂 You are hilarious!!!
    leyicet@calvinnowell you have no idea how right you are 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

    I think it was the comedian/assistant p. (the person talking in the periscope video) who took over Brian’s part. It appeared he decided to go onstage and join (crash?) the singing.


  15. Sooo… i had to correct the date on the top of the discussion post…. I had used my new calendar from Britian and they start the week with Monday, instead of Sunday and it messed me up.

    Also I thought it might be worth a try to post on Facebook our new discussion page. We’ll see if we get any new visitors.

    Some cool new photos from photographer Grace Fershee for the post. Please let her know if you like her pictures on that post 🙂


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