Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 5/23 – 6/5 Discussion & News!

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152 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 5/23 – 6/5 Discussion & News!

  1. Hi Cindy, I’m listening

    Danny sounded very good. And I ilked that it appeared to be authentic live vocals without a lot of “help” whereas some of the other live performances to me have sounded very produced in the broadcast. Or even singing to recorded vocal tracks.

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  2. TheChristianBeat ‏@TheChristBeat · 40s40 seconds ago

    BREAKING: @dannygokey announces next album will be released November 11th! More details soon on TCB.

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  3. Wow!! November of 2016? 🙂 That’s great! Danny and Team are so busy. So excited and happy for all of them. Thanks, Lurker.

    Love the post ADMIN2. WINNER!!

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  4. I actually recorded Danny’s performance and I recorded the Male Artist of the Year piece— thinking I could delete it when Danny didn’t win… WOW! So surprised. You go Danny Gokey fans!!! We did GOOD.

    And Danny did GREAT. Very happy for him.

    I am wondering whether K-Love will be putting up performance and award acceptance videos? Hopefully…

    Lots of people on their facebook were very unhappy with no live streaming this year.

    PS. Danny did sound very good. Also good to see there is an album release date. November is good. Not as good as October, but obviously they want it out this year 🙂

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  5. Breakout Single would be nice if Danny by any chance wins that as well.

    The Best Lyric award confused me anyway as it didn’t seem to be for songwriter and why should the artist get credit for lyrics otherwise?

    Matthew West may have written the song he won for, which would be suitable.

    In my quick post about the award, I included a Facebook video of Danny’s backstage interview after winning his award.

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  6. Or well, there was a video but it’s been taken down now. Perhaps it was from one of the bloggers who will post it later, or it was a friend of Danny’s manager Penny who popped up briefly at the end of it?

    Danny spoke briefly about his new album, saying he had wanted to push it to 2017 but his label said no. So they are now planning on November.

    He said he is very pleased with the album (so it is all planned now?).

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  7. I’m in tears right now. I’m so very happy for Danny! I was clapping and crying so hard that my husband started to cry. 🙂

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  8. I’m very excited we have an album release date— but I have to wonder if Danny was suppose to share that? We know he gets so happy he just bubbles up with information. I love when that happens….

    I’m disappointed if you took the album news out, Admin. You won’t get in trouble (Danny’s management doesn’t have your telephone # or email….) but I will if it is spilled news. Can’t you add it as information gleaned from an undisclosed source? Hopefully The Christian Beat will have the details tomorrow….

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  9. Admin, I do have MP3s of Danny’s acceptance speech and his performance. Do you want me to upload them, or would you rather we wait until video surfaces?

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  10. Male Artist Of The Year and Breakout Single Of The Year ❤ 🙂 Congratulations Danny !!! We are proud of you , We are happy for you !!!! We are your fans since American Idol !!! It is beautiful !!!! Go Danny Go !!!!

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  11. Jan, feel free to edit anything in my post or make a new one if you prefer with the album news and your media.

    I didn’t take any album news out. It was in the Facebook video but the person who posted the video took it down or made it private.


  12. In the interview that was taken down, Danny commented that sometimes there can be a formula but he felt this new album was not restrained. Even “out of the box” = he commented a couple of times about music that the “world” could see and be drawn to the message/faith aspect.

    Which made me wonder if there is music on the new album that they may be targeting for crossover markets while staying within appropriate content and message for his CCM base.


  13. Thank you all for all the information you are posting. 🙂


    It’s late.. I better go fix dinner. ?)


  14. “Rats. I just remembered I have to put up a new discussion post….”

    Just change the end date on this one and leave it longer. It just became more interesting anyway. Why move on to a new one and leave a good one behind?

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  15. 🙂 I could leave it up. But I often wonder if the “newer comments” link at the bottom confuses infrequent visitors? I know it kind of annoys me. And I often use the administrative side of this blog!


  16. Yeah. I don’t like the newer comments and older comments either. I prefer just scrolling down. Easier to find where I left off. Still, I feel let down sometimes just when a discussion post gets interesting that it is left behind and a new one goes up. It’s more fun to read the comments and reactions to what is here (when what is here is good).


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