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152 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 5/23 – 6/5 Discussion & News!

  1. So funny how things work out…. TYHTBA was suppose to be the lead single, but HIFOM was written and put out instead when the Phillips, Craig and Dean unexpectedly released the original version of it in fall 2013. I know it sent Danny and his team back to the drawing board, writing a new song and Danny had some major disappointment when his lead song roll out had to be delayed. (I bet it also burnt up some of his promotion money for the lead single from BMI to switch songs….. )

    But this was meant to be a big song for Danny. I think it will continue to be a song that is played and played by radio and his fans.

    BTW, Steph and I are working on a DG summer tour announcement :mrgreen:

  2. “This is What It Means” is meant to be a big song too.

    I am greedy. As soon as one song hits #1, I start thinking about the next one that should.

    I did that with “HIFOM” and TYHTBA. Now I’m doing it with TYHTBA and TIWIM. I don’t always get what I want, but sometimes I do. I thought TYHTBA would sell a lot. I think TIWIM would sell a lot too.

    Will Danny be the headliner of the DG summer tour?

  3. “But this was meant to be a big song for Danny”

    The way it worked out, I think it turned out bigger this way than if it had come out first. The first one was a hit, so Danny became a hit maker. Then, when this one came out, people who didn’t know TYHTBA was supposed to be a hit (we already knew 🙂 ) were ready for another hit because it was a song from Danny.

    People who make hit songs have an easier time making hits than people who haven’t broken through the barriers (I think). Danny has broken through the barriers. I think he will have more hits in front of him.

  4. I’m kinda with Lurker on this. Apparently Danny is working on a new album and has some songs in the can, but the new album isn’t complete, so I’d throw out another song from Danny’s current album and see how it does. It likely wouldn’t get to #1 — and likely not even top #10 — but it’d be interesting to see how an unsupported song (there’s likely no $$$ to push a fourth single at Christian radio) would do. Could it break into the top 40? Top 30?

    I know that sometimes artists will release a single and then complete an album project. I have never liked the idea of picking a single before one has an album’s worth of songs to pick from. Sometimes if a lead single doesn’t do well, the project isn’t completed or isn’t released. I know that’s the new way of doing things, given the realities of the current music biz. But it seems very backwards to me. It assumes you can identify up front what will work as a single. But I think that is very difficult to do, even by seasoned professionals.

  5. RE Lurker’s video . . .

    How weird is it that when I saw “Jesus” with His arm around a young child, pointing at something, my first thought was that He was taking a selfie with the child? 😀

  6. I believe “the plan” is for Danny to deliver the completed album for mixing and masters by mid to late July? Considering the TYHTBA is in the high 1800’s on the chart, and was only released after Christmas, it could be in the top ten for a couple of months….. the Christian charts are slow to go recurrent.

    That doesn’t mean another song couldn’t be working its way up from the bottom at the same time. Lots of the bigger artists do that. Heck, Mercy Me and others had two songs near the top sometimes…

    I’m hoping for new music, even though I agree the best sung song on the album hasn’t been released….. I’m pretty sure Danny and his team are relying on their radio consultants to give them the best advice on the next step to take. Chris, Matt & Katie are GOOD! So much better than what appeared to be a haphazard radio approach that RCA undertook (or didn’t) with Danny’s three singles with them…

  7. I’m going to “cross my fingers” for Danny at this year’s K-Love Awards. 🙂

  8. Sounds like an excellent plan. I am counting on a new Dove Award nomination for TYHTBA. And while I am at it…. ….

  9. ” I am counting on a new Dove Award nomination for TYHTBA. And while I am at it…. ….I am counting on a win.”

    I completed your sentence for you. 😉

  10. Just saw a notice of another date for the Natalie/Danny tour: October 15th at the Newark Symphony Hall. Still not up on the venue’s website, so I wait for now….

  11. Why not an Oscar for writing?? That is, if one of his songs is used for a movie. Or, (maybe) he’ll write a musical score. Anything is possible for Mr. Danny Gokey. 🙂

  12. This is the kind of appreciation and smart business sense Danny’s Radio Team has…. it appears an email went to radio. Interesting it says a #1 on Mediabase. In AI, yes….Thank you to Radio

  13. I agree, Jan. It gave me chills to read. So excited and happy for Danny and his team.

  14. *sigh* But there is a grammatical error in that thank you. Isn’t there? Shouldn’t “countless listener’s lives” be “countless listeners’ lives” instead?

  15. I think you are correct, Ellen. I doubt a listener could have multiple lives…..

    But let’s give them an “A”, anyways…. not everybody has been trained to look for the meaning of a sentence like you, Lurker and even me (to a lesser degree). I mostly go with what sounds right to me, LOL


  16. it appears an email went to radio. Interesting it says a #1 on Mediabase. In AI, yes….

    Perhaps within the industry there are more accepted (or creative 😉 ) charts/views of Mediabase ratings than we see? “Mediabase national audience”

  17. “Perhaps within the industry there are more accepted (or creative😉 ) charts/views of Mediabase ratings than we see? “Mediabase national audience”

    This is similar to the thoughts I had. I concluded something had happened that Danny’s team had seen (1st event) that I haven’t seen. That 1st event will lead to the 2nd event, a #1 on Mediabase.

    Maybe. (I like the word “maybe” and the abbreviation “imo.” I can say whatever about whatever and not have to worry about being right. I’ve got the being wrong part covered. 🙂 )

  18. Jan,
    The new welcome message you wrote is very well done. Excellent.

  19. Thanks, Lurker. I intend to cut and paste it for future cmments. Like Sylvia!!

  20. Chris Hauser ‏@hauserpromo · 34m34 minutes ago

    @dannygokey at @wellcoffeehouse with the #joyride2016 and all our wonderful St. Louis friends… https://www.instagram.com/p/BGNuYH_DSWF/

    Curtis Eubanks ‏@EubanksCurtis · 34m34 minutes ago

    .@bbwritemelodies on #Periscope: Klove promo event with Danny Gokey

    Editor’s comment: I almost replied to this tweet (and BB) that this was NOT a K-LOVE event, but I thought that might be rude of me…

  21. Here is the schedule for the Joy Ride. FUN!

    2016 JOY RIDE
    Each year, JOY FM takes a bus load of ladies to Nashville for a “JOY RIDE.” If you love Christian music and laughing….you’ll love this weekend! Here’s the itinerary:

    Thursday, June 2
    7:45am – Leave St. Louis/ JOY FM
    2:00pm – Arrive at Doubletree by Hilton 315 4th Ave. North Nashville, TN 37219 (downtown)
    3:45pm – Load bus. Depart.
    4:00pm – Blanca private concert
    6:00pm – Load Bus. Depart.
    6:30pm – Dinner at the park with Unspoken and Carrolton , private concert
    Friday, June 3
    8:00am – Breakfast at hotel
    9:00am – Load Bus. Depart.
    9:30am – Hollyn and Ryan Stevenson, private concert
    11:15am – Load Bus. Depart.
    11:30am – Lunch at Puckett’s
    Free time to shop in Franklin
    2:30pm – Load Bus. Depart.
    3:00pm – Sidewalk Prophets , private sidewalk Concert
    5:00pm – Load Bus. Depart.
    5:15pm – 7:00pm Dinner
    7:00pm – Load bus. Depart.
    7:30pm – Danny Gokey, private concert
    Saturday, June 4
    8:00am – Breakfast at hotel
    9:30am – Load Bus. Leave Nashville.
    12:00pm – Lunch in Marion, IL
    3:00pm – Arrive at JOY FM

  22. I think it was VERY strategic for Danny to move to Nashville after American Idol. I think he is able to do events like this a lot easier since it is near his home. And ease & proximity are BIG factors.

  23. I always enjoy reading all the informative posts. Thanks, everyone.

    I agree, Jan. Good move for Danny and family. They seem to enjoy Nashville. My husband and I drove through once. Very nice. 🙂

  24. That’s the member that wrote the song with Matthew West and Bernie Herms.

    Yesterday Matthew did a Facebook Live event and he sang a bit of TYHTBA and wished Danny well. (He sang his own singles, too)

  25. I have wondered how the official “I Will Not Say Goodbye” video would have done if the talking parts had been left out. If there had been just the Danny singing parts, his sitting in the chair, looking in the mirror, walking down the hall, the light bulb–plus all the rest of the video he was in while singing. I think that would have been enough. His voice and the song were powerful on their own. The other stories were not needed.

    I have seen it in my mind that way.

  26. I agree with you, Lurker. Many of us want to skip that part of the video… this is where Danny could/should have been talked out of the “testimonies” in the middle of his song. I remember how he had the SHF kids do a talking part on their singing with him on ISB. I edited it out on my copy….

    The testimonies could have been released in promo about the songs. Just not in the official music video. I don’t think Danny understood how videos are streamed to hear the music.

  27. Will the K-LOVE Awards show be available to watch on the internet tonight?

  28. Cindy3, I’ve been hoping they would stream the Awards show, too. Last year they were launching K-LOVE TV, but I suspect that was an experiment that they didn’t continue? (No links to it on their main page). I’m still hoping, but we can at least listen to it here


    7 to 10 EST.

    I will definitely tweet/post a link if they do support streaming of the program online.

    Another option is to follow the https://www.facebook.com/klovefanawards/ They have put up performances from their weekend events since Friday night. No Danny appearances as of yet…

    Stay tuned…

  29. Danny just got the “Hosty” award for the Hokey Pokey. ?? Somthing like that….

  30. The above post is from the K-Love Fan Awards I’m listening to. 🙂

    Fingers crossed….

  31. Danny’s singing right now. He sound great!

    I think I’m all alone here. ?)

  32. Hi Cindy, I’m listening

    Danny sounded very good. And I ilked that it appeared to be authentic live vocals without a lot of “help” whereas some of the other live performances to me have sounded very produced in the broadcast. Or even singing to recorded vocal tracks.

  33. Wow, was not expecting that to have Danny win one of the major awards over those other big artists like TobyMac.

  34. Oh my goodness… Danny just won for Best Artist. I jumped up in my seat.. I’m all alone, too. So happy!!!!!!

  35. TheChristianBeat ‏@TheChristBeat · 40s40 seconds ago

    BREAKING: @dannygokey announces next album will be released November 11th! More details soon on TCB.

  36. Wow!! November of 2016? 🙂 That’s great! Danny and Team are so busy. So excited and happy for all of them. Thanks, Lurker.

    Love the post ADMIN2. WINNER!!

  37. I actually recorded Danny’s performance and I recorded the Male Artist of the Year piece— thinking I could delete it when Danny didn’t win… WOW! So surprised. You go Danny Gokey fans!!! We did GOOD.

    And Danny did GREAT. Very happy for him.

    I am wondering whether K-Love will be putting up performance and award acceptance videos? Hopefully…

    Lots of people on their facebook were very unhappy with no live streaming this year.

    PS. Danny did sound very good. Also good to see there is an album release date. November is good. Not as good as October, but obviously they want it out this year 🙂

  38. That’s okay.. Male Artist is the award I wanted Danny to win the most. 🙂

  39. Breakout Single would be nice if Danny by any chance wins that as well.

    The Best Lyric award confused me anyway as it didn’t seem to be for songwriter and why should the artist get credit for lyrics otherwise?

    Matthew West may have written the song he won for, which would be suitable.

    In my quick post about the award, I included a Facebook video of Danny’s backstage interview after winning his award.

  40. Or well, there was a video but it’s been taken down now. Perhaps it was from one of the bloggers who will post it later, or it was a friend of Danny’s manager Penny who popped up briefly at the end of it?

    Danny spoke briefly about his new album, saying he had wanted to push it to 2017 but his label said no. So they are now planning on November.

    He said he is very pleased with the album (so it is all planned now?).

  41. I’m in tears right now. I’m so very happy for Danny! I was clapping and crying so hard that my husband started to cry. 🙂

  42. I’m very excited we have an album release date— but I have to wonder if Danny was suppose to share that? We know he gets so happy he just bubbles up with information. I love when that happens….

    I’m disappointed if you took the album news out, Admin. You won’t get in trouble (Danny’s management doesn’t have your telephone # or email….) but I will if it is spilled news. Can’t you add it as information gleaned from an undisclosed source? Hopefully The Christian Beat will have the details tomorrow….

  43. Cindy, that is SO sweet that your husband and you had a good old happy cry together for Danny <3

  44. Admin, I do have MP3s of Danny’s acceptance speech and his performance. Do you want me to upload them, or would you rather we wait until video surfaces?

  45. Male Artist Of The Year and Breakout Single Of The Year <3 🙂 Congratulations Danny !!! We are proud of you , We are happy for you !!!! We are your fans since American Idol !!! It is beautiful !!!! Go Danny Go !!!!

  46. Jan, feel free to edit anything in my post or make a new one if you prefer with the album news and your media.

    I didn’t take any album news out. It was in the Facebook video but the person who posted the video took it down or made it private.

  47. In the interview that was taken down, Danny commented that sometimes there can be a formula but he felt this new album was not restrained. Even “out of the box” = he commented a couple of times about music that the “world” could see and be drawn to the message/faith aspect.

    Which made me wonder if there is music on the new album that they may be targeting for crossover markets while staying within appropriate content and message for his CCM base.

  48. Thank you all for all the information you are posting. 🙂


    It’s late.. I better go fix dinner. ?)

  49. Hmmmm. I forgot how to make my “I don’t know” face.

    Goodnight everyone..

  50. Have a good dinner, Cindy.

    Rats. I just remembered I have to put up a new discussion post….


  51. “Rats. I just remembered I have to put up a new discussion post….”

    Just change the end date on this one and leave it longer. It just became more interesting anyway. Why move on to a new one and leave a good one behind?

  52. 🙂 I could leave it up. But I often wonder if the “newer comments” link at the bottom confuses infrequent visitors? I know it kind of annoys me. And I often use the administrative side of this blog!

  53. Yeah. I don’t like the newer comments and older comments either. I prefer just scrolling down. Easier to find where I left off. Still, I feel let down sometimes just when a discussion post gets interesting that it is left behind and a new one goes up. It’s more fun to read the comments and reactions to what is here (when what is here is good).

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