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152 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 5/23 – 6/5 Discussion & News!

  1. Have you cast your votes for the K-LOVE Fan Awards? Please remember that Danny Gokey is nominated for THREE!

    1) Male Vocalist of the Year
    2) Breakout Single
    3) Best Lyric

    Click on this link—> http://www.klovefanawards.com/vote

    Voting ends May 31st! Do it now 🙂

  2. Some of us think Danny’s “This is What It Means” is his most beautiful song on HIFOM. I really think this young lady, Anna, signing to it makes it even more meaningful and beautiful. What do you think?


    Tha ks to momofangelgirl for sharing it on youtube.

  3. Very pretty.

    I still want this song to be a single. It is too good to hide!
    I had thought there might be a chance if TYHTBA went quickly to #1. (It did go quickly up the chart but then got stuck.)

  4. Well, Lurker, I think it is very pretty, too. But if Danny does have it pushed to radio, we won’t get that 1st single off of his next album for another 6 to 12 months! I can’t wish for that!

    We know Danny’s record label guy (president?) thought TIWIM was Danny’s best song, too…. so I think it won’t forever be hidden 🙂

  5. New week, still the same place on the Mediabase chart…. but the distance between TIY and TYHTBA is narrowing.

    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You 2000 2058 -58 11.698
    2 2 DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 1894 1888 6 11.329
    3 3 STARS GO DIM You Are Loved 1490 1533 -43 7.171
    7 4 7EVENTH TIME DOWN God Is On The Move 1439 1331 108 9.305
    4 5 CASTING CROWNS Just Be Held 1406 1478 -72 7.28
    6 6 WE ARE MESSENGERS Everything Comes Alive 1388 1426 -38 5.533
    5 7 MATTHEW WEST Grace Wins 1380 1465 -85 6.338
    8 8 FRANCESCA BATTISTELLI If We’re Honest 1352 1312 40 6.435
    10 9 HAWK NELSON Diamonds 1319 1276 43 7.128
    9 10 FOR KING & COUNTRY It’s Not Over Yet 1300 1302 -2 6.7

    Only 106 spins between the two……. Danny needs a few stations to up those spins one last time! 21 stations increasing by 5 would just about do it.

  6. from MJ’s numbers:
    “Also winning a Billboard award was Lauren Daigle (Top Christian Album). She continues to top the CAC chart with “Trust Yourself”. She has lost her bullet though, so it may give Danny Gokey a chance to top the chart next week (he’s been holding at 2nd for weeks).”

  7. @dannygokey: Recorded the very 1st song for my NEW ALBUM today!! Excited to share with you guys the new songs we wrote 4 this record. Coming this fall🤓🤓

    Danny sounds confident about the release time frame 🙂

  8. For the 1st time in a long time, TYHTBA is less than 100 spins behind Lauren’s Trust in You. And TYHTBA just broke 1900 spins! This could happen…. GoDannyGo

    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You 1987 2057 -70 11.37
    2 2 DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 1900 1894 6 11.285
    3 3 STARS GO DIM You Are Loved 1483 1523 -40 7.138
    7 4 7EVENTH TIME DOWN God Is On The Move 1467 1347 120 9.43
    4 5 CASTING CROWNS Just Be Held 1403 1466 -63 7.22

  9. I hate “faceswap” pictures. Some things do not need to be done just because technology exists that allows it. To me, the pictures are not funny at all. Often an attractive face looks unattractive when it gets stuck on another person.

    (This has nothing to do with face transplants. I have seen some pictures of those with wonderful results.)

  10. That’s a very good credit for Danny to have performance slots at the K Love awards two years in a row. (He did have one last year, didn’t he? lol)

  11. Yes, he did, admin2. It was the very cool, drum heavy HIFOM with a Spanish guitar and intro— that they took the video down and wouldn’t share? :/

    I did expect Danny to be a performer since he was nominated in 3 categories…. and it seems he’s been paying his dues with K-LOVE with the Christmas Tour & Bible Tour…..

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to add our Google calendar to our Facebook page. After much reading, it looks like I’d have to get a different program (Like “Shortstack”) to make the custom tab to embed in Facebook. They sure don’t make it easy… meanwhile, I’ve just gone out to other Facebook pages and added their events (for Danny) to our Event Section.

    Next up? Looking for the source of Christian Beat’s scoop that Danny is performing before I put up a more extensive K-LOVE post. And a last reminder for all to Vote. (Which also had me looking at Facebook’s “Call to Action” which I gave up on….

  12. @dannygokey Got a song demo that you cowrote for my new project. You’re a great writer man!! Whose producing your new album?

    from Matthew Lawson, may be an independent artist? Not sure

  13. That would be quite surprising if Danny’s co-writes are being shopped around to other artists. I have found seven new registered songs. I think for the last album they loaded the new songs for HIFOM all together near the end of the recording process. So, does it mean these 7 won’t be used? We just don’t know, yet….

    More info about the upcoming Idaho Festival that Danny will be headlining: https://dannygokeynews.com/2016/05/25/danny-gokey-to-headline-god-country-festival-id/

  14. I clicked on the twitter link for the Spanish interview. I think it was live and maybe more than half over. It was interesting. I didn’t understand anything. (That did not stop it from being interesting.)
    I did hear the names of some places. Peru I think. Maybe Venezuela. I don’t know the context for why they were mentioning places.

  15. More stuff:

    1) HIFOM (album) is back up to #15 on iTunes. It has not been on the front page for a while.

    2) MTYTIA is still one of the top 200 iTunes singles (Christian). I didn’t include it in the lists I did because it was never exceptionally high. I have noticed, though, that it continues to be there.

    3) Danny has all of his EP songs posted on youtube.

  16. Off-topic (tweet from Hugh Laurie):

    “Haven’t used the word “like” for two wks and I’ve already lost 11 pounds”

    Yes, I still read his tweets. I think this is funny. No, it doesn’t make sense. Maybe that is what I like about it?

  17. I had a delightful day wirh my daughter. We spent the morning in gathering things from my attic for her upcoming garage sale, lunch out and then the movie “The Minimalists”. It’s own kind of inspiring…..

    I would have liked to hear Danny speak in Spanish, but I wouldn’t have understood much and the timing was bad for me…

  18. Jan is teasing us about the new songs so I had to do some looking.

    Here is one called “You Do,” co-written with Keith Thomas and a Nashville songwriter named Catt Gravitt.

    We know Keith from his past producer history and involvement with HIFOM the album and the Christmas project.

    Catt has some good credentials as well. She has written songs with or recorded by acts like Natalie Grant, Jake Owen, Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson, Jana Kramer, Mandisa, Martina McBride, and even Danny’s AI season-mate Adam Lambert. Just to name a few, she’s had a pretty long career.

    GOKEY DANNY BMI 600623891
    GRAVITT CATT SESAC 339009272

    YOU DO
    GOKEY DANNY BMI 600623891
    GRAVITT CATT SESAC 339009272

  19. Good! I dropped enough new song teases to get you to dig into the BMI registry, Admin2! 🙂

    An Adam Lambert songwriter, you say? And a lot of country song writers, I noticed.

    I’d love to know the theme of Danny’s new album, but I doubt we would learn anything other than it is “edgy” (Isn’t that the phrase he used to describe some of the songs on HIFOm?) 😉

    And he also would say it is soulful, entertaining, hopeful and has the “Danny Gokey sound”.

    Am I missing a danny-ism?

  20. In the Spanish interview, Danny said something was “salsa.” I think that was the word. Also another word sounding like “bachata.” Maybe.

  21. It’s nice Danny and Team are working on a new album. I’m still enjoying his last. 🙂

    All our family flew in to meet the new baby. We had a great time! Little Dean will be one month on Friday. He’s so adorable, and is just perfect! I guess that’s the “grandma” in me. 🙂

    Those days are very special aren’t they Jan.

    Thank you for all the information.

  22. Catt G apparently contributed to two songs on Adam’s Trespassing album.

  23. Danny also has two co-writes with Billy Montana. Wasn’t he (or his son) a cowriter for something related to Danny in prior album era?

    Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Billy Montana’s talent for tapping into powerful emotions in the songs he writes has led to a string of hits and awards for him and some of country music’s biggest stars. Montana’s “Number 1” credits include Garth Brooks’ record-breaking single “More Than A Memory,” Sara Evans’ smash “Suds in the Bucket,” the Grammy-nominated “Bring On the Rain,” recorded by Jo Dee Messina with Tim McGraw, and his most recent chart topper “Hard To Love,” the title cut from Curb recording artist Lee Brice’s 2012 CD.

    Country radio is not the only place you’ll hear Montana’s compositions. ABC’s hit television series “Nashville” picked up “What If I Was Willing,” a song Montana wrote with his son, Randy, and country rocker Brian Davis. The song played a major role in the script for the 2013-14 season, was performed by both Sam Palladio (Gunnar) and Chris Carmack (Will), and appears on the Music of Nashville (Original Cast) soundtrack for Season 2.

    Once an agriculture major at Cornell University who dreamed of owning and operating a farm in upstate New York, Montana elected to sow seeds of a different sort: melodies and lyrics. The result has been a diverse crop of artists who’ve had great success with Montana-penned songs, including Garth Brooks, Sara Evans, Jo Dee Messina, Lee Brice, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, David Nail, Sister Hazel, Lee Ann Womack, Kellie Pickler, Trace Adkins, BlackHawk, Kenny Rogers, Pat Green, Bill Anderson, Randy Montana, Guy Penrod and many others.

    There is a different third cowriter in each of those two songs. In one case, the third writer is Jon McKenzie Stone who is a cowriter for Lee Brice’s hit A Woman Like You.

    Through countless writing sessions and several publishing deals, Stone spent the next few years writing his way to the top, with hitmakers including Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts cutting his songs. Meanwhile, old running buddies Church, Niemann and Lee Brice began to have hits of their own. In fact, “A Woman Like You,” Brice’s recent No. 1 smash, was co-written and produced by Stone.

  24. Maybe I was thinking of both dad and son Montana.

    Randy Montana was another opener for Taylor Swift the year Danny did that tour.

    Also dad apparently was a co-writer for the RCA Nashville album project

    Lately, Danny has been writing with some top-flight Nashville talent, including Wendell Mobley (Kenny Chesney’s There Goes My Life, How Forever Feels), Marv Green (Reba McEntire’s Consider Me Gone, Carrie Underwood’s Wasted), Billy Montana (Sara Evans, Suds in the Bucket) and Doug Johnson (Randy Travis’ Three Wooden Crosses).

    ps – I love google {time for this guy to come out to play again}

  25. At 8:10, I posted that the album was back at #15. Right after that post, I checked again, and it had already fallen out of the top 15. Plus, the single had fallen from 4 to 5. The TYHTBA video was not listed in the top 200.

    I just looked again. Album back to #15; single back to #4; video back (from I don’t know where) to #12.

    There is still some life left on iTunes. 🙂

  26. “Diana Bustos ‏@bdiana1010 · 5h5 hours ago
    #NP ‘Que tu corazón vuelva a latir’ by @dannygokey https://youtu.be/hHb7P_wue1M vía @YouTube Is this your first song in spanish? #ILovedit”

    “Danny Gokey Verified account 
    @bdiana1010 @YouTube Yes, we just released it a couple of weeks ago. There’s more to come!”

    I wonder when the “more to come” will come.

  27. After Randy Travis had his heart problem and stroke, I read tweets about him often. Now, I read them once in a while.

    I checked tweets about him today and saw he has a final movie coming out. (He is frail now. I don’t think he talks much. This movie was made before his stroke.)

    The movie stars someone who was on The Voice (playing Randy’s son). I don’t watch The Voice, but some of you might know who this is and be interested.

    “The Boot ‏@thebootdotcom · May 25
    A new movie starring @RandyTravis and @JamesDupre is out next month! Watch the trailer: http://trib.al/lfGoGBB

  28. “More to come” is really beyond vague :/

    The Spanish album roll out has been much slower than I would have guessed.

    But, at least we know it is done–with acoustic videos to help promote it…

  29. What is the likelihood of Danny sneaking in there for a #1 with TYHTBA? Lauren has been holding on to the top spot for so long that I’m afraid that just as her song starts sliding down, one of the artists nipping at Danny’s heels will bypass him and TYHYBA will fade, too. I want Danny to get his #1 already. *impatient* *pouts*

  30. Ellen, it’s been a long wait for Danny behind Lauren, hasn’t it. Things are looking good…. but still not guaranteed. The Audience Impression could get Danny a #1 at Billboard Christian Airplay over Lauren on the next chart. I see good signs that the radio stations are starting to increase (in small amounts) their spin of TYHTBA. My station was at 48 and it joined a lot of stations in adding one spin, LOL.

    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You 1981 2013 -32 10.375
    2 2 DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 1896 1887 9 11.26
    7 3 7EVENTH TIME DOWN God Is On The Move 1523 1384 139 9.582
    3 4 STARS GO DIM You Are Loved 1433 1516 -83 6.894
    4 5 CASTING CROWNS Just Be Held 1399 1453 -54 7.103
    6 6 WE ARE MESSENGERS Everything Comes Alive 1385 1396 -11 5.63
    9 7 FRANCESCA BATTISTELLI If We’re Honest 1347 1332 15 6.419

    7eventh Time Down is 370 spins behind Danny and a lot of AI.

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    WAY-FM >WAY-FM Network Christian AC 64 62 2 19 11 13 10 11 0.607
    KLV-FM >K-Love Network Christian AC 57 55 2 15 9 12 9 12 3.281
    KDUV-FM Visalia-Tulare Christian AC 55 56 -1 15 9 11 10 10 0.105
    WBSN-FM New Orleans Christian AC 51 51 15 6 5 11 14 0.037
    WNWC-FM Madison, WI Christian AC 49 48 1 13 8 10 8 10 0.059
    WPLL-FM Gainesville Christian AC 48 56 -8 10 8 10 10 10 0.022
    KKFS-FM Sacramento Christian AC 47 46 1 10 7 12 7 11 0.08
    KJNW-FM Kansas City Christian AC 47 47 12 8 10 8 9 0.092
    KSGN-FM Riverside Christian AC 47 48 -1 11 5 12 8 11 0.12
    WPOZ-FM Orlando Christian AC 47 50 -3 11 7 11 7 11 0.494
    WCVO-FM Columbus, OH Christian AC 46 45 1 12 6 12 8 8 0.145
    KWND-FM Springfield, MO Christian AC 46 45 1 12 6 10 8 10 0.052
    WCIE-FM Tampa Christian AC 45 44 1 12 6 9 8 10 0.201
    KLTY-FM Dallas Christian AC 44 43 1 12 6 11 7 8 0.72
    KFSH-FM Los Angeles Christian AC 44 45 -1 8 8 9 8 11 0.341
    WAKW-FM Cincinnati Christian AC 44 43 1 12 7 10 6 9 0.205

    Look at the huge stations (Dallas, LA, Cincinnati, Orlando, Way FM K-LOVE) supporting it!

  31. Hi John! Thanks for sharing the beautiful story of Don and his wife, Linda. ♡

  32. Thanks, Admin2. I knew it was familiar, but I didn’t know from where. I have to guess those early writing sessions (post MBD) are paying a little bit of dividends. Even if Danny didn’t “stay” in country music like they wanted….

    From that same article:

    “We’ve probably written 10 to 12 songs in the last month,” Danny says. “I’m loving this whole writing thing. I was kind of pushed into it, because we’ve just been so busy. But I’m so glad I was pushed into it, because I’m unlocking a talent I didn’t know I had.”

    Danny says he hopes to take his experiences from this past year and use them to continue to build his career going forward.

  33. Another of the new registered songs is called “I Got It”.

    GOKEY DANNY BMI 600623891
    MCEWAN STEVEN PRS 246493841

    Andrew DeRoberts has some country-leaning credits, and has been affiliated with BMG.

    BMG Chrysalis has signed songwriter/producer Andrew DeRoberts to its roster.

    Based in Nashville, DeRoberts has worked on records by artists including OneRepublic, Keith Urban, Miley Cyrus, Kris Allen, and has had songs recorded by Canaan Smith and Thompson Square. DeRoberts co-produced Adam Hambrick‘s Wheels Or Wings EP, which reached the Top 10 on the iTunes Country Albums chart.

    I don’t see too many Christian song-writing credits for Andrew (yet) but he has been a session guitarist on recordings for artists such as Jeremy Camp, TobyMac, and Meredith Andrews.

    and Andrew was with Kris Allen’s band?


  34. From that same song, the other co-writer is Steven McEwan

    From wiki –

    Steve McEwan is a Scottish-born South African songwriter, artist, and musician. His songs have been recorded by country music artists including Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill and Keith Urban. Outside of country he has written with rock and pop stars such as Roger Daltrey, David Archuleta, James Morrison and James Blunt, as well as rapper Eminem.

    I don’t recognize many CCM credits for Steve either in the wiki discography. Several country and other formats, and a variety of AI connections including Brooke White and Kellie Pickler, as well as Carrie and David A. mentioned in the snippet above.

    Quite the mix of writers showing up in these songs, though we can’t assume I guess that these songs will be on the new album.

    Interesting interview with Steve from a few years back


  35. I agree that we can’t assume any of these country co-writes will make Danny’s album.

    However, having followed Danny these last 7 years, I do see a few patterns. He said in an interview he woke up with a country song. I would hazard a guess that he feels called to include something country this time….

    And I could be 100% wrong 🙂

  36. What year is this September 19 event ? Is it a date that has already happened or something that is planned to happen?

    “the Vine.co ‏@thevine_co · 29m29 minutes ago
    @dannygokey. The roof is on. Thank you for all that you do”

    “the Vine.co
    DANNY GOKEYWITH special guests: Austin adamec and Jamar Rogers (the Voice) music for missions friday, september 19th * 7 p.”

  37. Good progress to report for you, Ellen. (And the rest of our readers…)

    #1 Trust in You, 1969 spins, loss of 56 and AI of 10.07
    #2 TYHTBA, 1912 spins, gain of 16 and AI 11.27
    #3 God is On the, 1545 spins, gain of 141 and AI of 9.732

    Predictions, anyone?

  38. I was putting together a post on the BMI Songwriters Showcase when I discovered a new song registered for Danny, “New Sun Rising”

    It is co-written with Elisabeth (Liz) Rose and Justin Ebach. Liz is award winning writer. She is famous for
    co-writing lots of Taylor Swift’s songs, You Belong With Me, Fearless, Teardrops on My Guitar…..
    Eli Young Band’s #1 song, Crazy Girl,
    Girl Crush (LBT),
    God Made Girls – Raelyn and many more

    The other songwriter is Justin Ebach:

    Justin Ebach is a Dove Nominated songwriter and producer who joined the Word Publishing team in August of 2012. In a very short time, Ebach has accomplished quite a lot. His talents expand beyond the Christian Market into the Country and TV/Film Markets with multiple Country cuts by Josh Turner, Craig Morgan, The Railers, Casey James, The John King Band and more. He’s celebrated recent Christian Singles by Group 1 Crew, David Dunn , OBB, & Ashes Remain and has garnered cuts with various artists including Chris August, Sidewalk Prophets, Francesca Battistelli, Lauren Daigle, and many others. His Music has been placed in various TV Shows ‘Grimm’ and ‘The Fosters’ among others, and his songs have won multiple SESAC awards. Justin is a Florida native, and a graduate of Belmont University.

  39. I think Danny’s album stays higher on iTunes when he has more shows.

    Does anyone have a theory why his video can be top five one day and gone from top 200 the next? Then, after it is gone, come back to top five again? Over and over?

  40. I do think that crazy number of big audience shows drove Danny’s album sales up. Lauren always seems to be on one of the big Christian Tours, it certainly hasn’t hurt her sales! I understand she has sold over 7,400 copies last week, 320,000 copies total sold.

    Theory on the video? I think the number of videos sold to Christian viewers must be very small. Why buy something when you can stream the song, youTubes of the song and the official videos?

    Another thing to ponder. Do people go to websites? When I put up the post with the full acoustic video of IWNSGB, I purposely only put up a < minute video on Facebook. I even put a "Watch more" button at the end. It appears 40 seconds is all that viewers need…..

    I'm happy with the FB views (over 1,000), the new FB followers and the shares +20 (including Leyicet, bless her heart) but I expected it to drive more viewers to DGNews.com. Not really much of an uptick has occurred.

    We do have new visitors everyday as they do web searches looking for Danny's song videos. It can make up 75% of our views on any particular day.

    Things change. But I'm still here….. 😉

  41. Our grandson was born on Tuesday morning this week . He is a beautiful ! My daughter-in-law and grandson are OK <3 Thank you God !

    Thank you Danny Gokey News for all information , photos and videos about Danny Gokey ! 🙂 <3

  42. “We do have new visitors everyday as they do web searches looking for Danny’s song videos”

    I wondered about this: Have you thought of putting a link and an invitation to the discussion page in your post when you welcome a new visitor (who is on another thread)?
    It is probably not needed since there are links all over. When I first started reading at the original site, though, I was lost for a while. I was reading deserted threads. It was a while before I found the discussion pages.

  43. So happy for your family, Zuzana!! :rose:

    Lurker, since most new visitors just post once, it may not help much but it sure couldn’t hurt 🙂

    I will try to come up with a better welcome 🙂

  44. Congratulations, Zuzana!! ♥ Very happy for you and family. 🙂

    You do so much work, Jan. I think everything looks great!

  45. I think the radio guys were working hard….. not there on Mediabase, yet, but with the high AI and how Billboard creates their charts differently, I was happy to see this. Waiting for MY (slower) access to Billboard charts to confirm it is #1 on Billboard Christian Airplay 🙂

    Chris Hauser
    Congrats to Danny Gokey and the team (not pictured here – the fabulous Katie Green) for his SECOND #1 smash – “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again!”

  46. “I was happy to see this”

    Yes! 🙂 (I’m not sure where it is #1–radio or Billboard–, but I like all of the #1’s.)

  47. How many spins does Danny behind Lauren now? Hopefully Danny will pass her this week.

  48. 82 spins on Mediabase, but he is way ahead on Audience Impression. It will happen……

  49. Lurker, I never saw that video before.. wow!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed, too.

  50. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: # 3
    HIFOM: #10 (album)

    Video: 5 (TYHTBA) (back again from its vacation away from the chart 🙂 )

  51. Same link as above, but the one who tweeted this has about 113,000 followers. The one above, I think about 800.

    “Adoración Diaria ‏@AdoracionDiaria · 48m48 minutes ago
    ✔ Webcast Con Danny Gokey http://dlvr.it/LRwKxh #AdoracionDiaria”

  52. That was really brave of Danny to try to answer interview questions without the help of an interpreter. I think it might have been just fine to have someone help him with the answers.

    I’d imagine it’s easiest to understand what they are asking, but how to translate his common answers, in his brain, in order to answer in Spanish is very difficult. I’d surmise that the uses a bit of Spanglish at home with Leyicet…

    Here’s the translated intro and headings of the 4 mini-videos.
    Revive our webcast with Danny Gokey, talented musician, participant of “American Idol”, nominated for several awards in the music industry, who tells us all about his career and his most recent work.

    its Beginnings

    American Idol

    Death of his Wife

    Espranza Message

    What does Espranza mean in Spanish?
    From Yahoo Answers
    “You probably mean Esperanza and it means Hope in English” Message of Hope. 🙂

  53. Good job, Jan!

    You’ve learned how to do all this computer stuff; now you’re learning Spanish too. 🙂

    My energy level does not match yours. (I think I am low-energy. 😉 )

  54. Oh, the translation is just more computer stuff. The wonders of Google 🙂 I use to be (in the past???) so impressed with what Steph could find and I couldn’t! I’m better at searches and sifting for clues, now…. 😉

    I was thinking of putting up the Spanish videos. I started a post with the videos… but am I dancing with fire? I’d love to have a Spanish speaking/reading editor check it out. The last thing I’d want to do is make horrible errors in Spanish (in addition to my English errors!!)

    A kind of cool thing (maybe???)…. My part time job (since I retired) is as a special projects accountant for our good friend’s manufacturing business. Some of my assignments are pretty darn dry…. credit reports, finding better contract rates for financial services, correcting errors in our accounting system, trouble shooting invoice errors….

    But they’re redesigning the website and social media presence for the business. They’ve asked if I could look over the changes and give a layman’s review of their content. I’m enjoying discussing the changes, how they could revamp it and diving into their social media content. They don’t yet have a mobile version of their website, yet!!! Tsk, tsk!!

  55. I like #1s. And I like TYHTBA.

    So a #1 for TYHTBA on a main chart would be

  56. I only had a few tricks for finding things, one of which worked really well 🙂 But now everyone knows that or has better ones.

    Erika used to amaze me with what she’d find checking radio site pages and similar.

    I did find one possible interesting thing I emailed Jan about tonight. But she probably knew about it weeks ago. 🙁 😉

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