Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 6/06 – 6/19 Discussion & News!

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Danny Gokey on the Burn Bright Tour!

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We’re still celebrating Danny Gokey’s “Male Artist of the Year” and “Breakout Single” awards
from the KLOVE Fan Awards!  Awesome job. Danny, and YOU, his fans!!

117 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 6/06 – 6/19 Discussion & News!

  1. Welcome to DGNews, Spiritual Dragonfly! Thanks for joining us to celebrate Dsnny’s fan voted awards!

    Now that you have an approved 1st comment, you can go to any of our content and make comments that will immediately show. We’d love to see you join in at any of our posts.

    Thanks for your support of Danny!

  2. When I heard them announce his name I was cheering,so, so, happy for him!

  3. Good Morning, Spiritual Dragonfly, Jan, and Sherry.

    I’m so proud of Danny and Team for the awards won last night. Thanks to all the fans that voted. The awards were well deserved. So happy for them. 🙂

  4. Sherry, I was thrilled, but frankly VERY surprised. They were all great artists, and I really didn’t expect Danny to take the BIG award he was nominated for! (I did expect he would win Breakout Single….)

    But this is FAN voted, so it makes sense that we stepped up for Danny. And he took 1st (instead of 3rd place like in Idol) this time! Twice!!

    I really thought his acceptance speeches were very nice. Although, I think an even more direct thank you to the fans that voted would be even better.

    It’s also clear that Lauren Daigle has LOTS of fans. Her winning the Female Artist of the Year was the most shared of all KLOVE Fan Award postings on their Facebook. Lauren’s was shared `330 times, Danny’s 300. Chris Tomlin’s 170 times…

  5. I forgot to congratulate Leyicet, Daniel, and Victoria. They are Danny’s greatest support. We thank them for sharing Danny with us. 🙂

  6. I am pleased with Danny’s awards, as I thought he had some tough competition in all of the categories in which he was nominated.

  7. Jan, can you remind me of what the competition was in each of Danny’s categories, if you still have that information?

  8. When I looked at the social media accounts for the other Breakout single nominees, I figured Danny had a really good chance (even though Stars Go Dim, Unspoken & Jordan Feliz had really good singles, IMO.) But the competition for Male Artist, whoa! Toby. Chris, Crowder, Jeremy & Matthew’s fans must have been complacent… or not as good/disciplined at voting?

  9. While I was listening to the KLOVE Awards last night I muddled my way through adding a new “Schedule” section to the Danny Gokey News Facebook Page. If I had developer privileges with Facebook, I could have made a custom view, but this looked pretty good to me. It uses our Google calendar that populates the Danny Events on this website:

    Danny Schedule

    Those of you that use Facebook, please check it out and let me know what you think.


  10. PS. I also want to point out the awesome photos in this discussion post courtesy of Wes Langston Photography! You will be seeing more of his work.

    I sincerely appreciate the use of these high quality photos— not that I want to discourage the rest of us from providing photos, too!!

  11. This story has already been covered here. The article is the same. I brought this tweet over, though, because of the wording in the tweet.

    “BrooksRehabilitation ‏@BrooksRehab · 34m34 minutes ago

    American Idol winner @dannygokey is partially responsible for one man’s recovery from a series of strokes http://bit.ly/1O7xGZ3

  12. Hope it’s okay to talk about other Christian artists here, much like we did/do with country music. Can I say that I was happy to see For King & Country get awards for Best Group/Duo and Best Live Show? Last year at the FishFest, there were at least five other artists besides Danny performing (including TobyMac as the headliner). The only other artist to break through my misery (it was an outdoor concert and we were suffering from poor air quality from two nearby wildfires and hot weather) was For King & Country. They were very engaging. I remember them telling the story of how their parents emigrated from Australia to America. I remember their stage antics. (One guy climbed the stage scaffolding.) But most important, I remember them singing “Shoulders” and liking it instantly. A few weeks later, I bought the song. (Thank goodness I remembered the name of the group.)

  13. “Hope it’s okay to talk about other Christian artists here”

    I talk about anything (excepts topics that are vulgar, offensive, or controversial). I have been told my comments (and Youtube posts) are welcome because they add to the comment total.

    “Other Christian artists” doesn’t even seem off topic compared to my off-topic posts.

  14. Not surprised that Danny’s accomplishments (comparable to an ACM or CMT award) have not been recognized at that other site. Thought there was an outside chance it might, since Lauren Daigle won Artist of the Year and it loves to emphasize her stranglehold on the top of the charts. Then again, it doesn’t often acknowledge Mandisa’s accomplishments either. So good company!

    Eh. What is more important is that Danny is gaining recognition within his genre. The way the K-Love voting is structured, I don’t think Danny could have won with just the remnants of his Idol fanbase voting. I think he has made new fans in the Christian world and gained votes from casual fans as well.

    Kudos to K-Love for making it more difficult to game the system (and thus making a win more meaningful). And for making voting so easy. Once and done! No more daily voting!

  15. I also tried to get a little recognition for Danny and Lauren at the “other site” but it didn’t make the headlines, did it? But Jessica Sanchez selling leggings gers it’s own thread? Oh whatever….

    I love all kinds of discussion, so bring it on! Nice to see Ellen, Lurker, Bitsy and Janet here, today.

    We are making progress on growing our social media prescence. Danny’s success at the KLOVE awards garnered lots of Facebook likees/comments and a lot of visitors here. Many through searches that pointed to us!

    I do SE a real growth of Danny’s career. I have been tracking Facebook followers for Danny, DGNews, Kris Allen and Team Kris and I love the trend for Danny I am seeing. 🙂

  16. “Not surprised that Danny’s accomplishments (comparable to an ACM or CMT award) have not been recognized at that other site. Thought there was an outside chance it might…”

    I’ve been having the same thoughts.

  17. “Phillips Craig Dean Verified account  ‏@pcdguys · 2m2 minutes ago
    Way to go, Danny Gokey! Congratulations! #tellyourhearttobeatagain via Randy Phillips on Twitter. http://fb.me/2fcQlBgTl

  18. Speaking of off-topic, here I go again.

    This is a short clip (one minute) called “The Firing Song” or “Getting Folky.” It was composed and played by Hugh Laurie on an episode of House.
    I didn’t watch the show House except a few times, but I’ve found music from that show. Some of it short with a scene or transition, some of it showing Hugh playing (piano, guitar, harmonica).

    This is a cover someone made. I didn’t find the original, but this cover still has the melancholy sound I like. (One comment was “it’s the most calming and beautiful melody i’ve ever heard.”) It has more than 300,000 views.

  19. “The other site.” 🙂

    Lurker, I know you mentioned that you didn’t watch TV, but I was wondering by chance if you’ve seen Hugh Laurie’s new show?

    Very happy for Danny. He works so hard. I’ve read comments where fans comment on Danny’s kindness in always making time for them. I agree 100%. People remember “kindness.” ♥ 🙂

  20. Hi, Cindy3,
    I did watch The Night Manager (rented it on iTunes). Did you see it?

    I haven’t seen any of VEEP (the HBO Sunday night Julia Louis-Dreyfus comedy that Hugh is in).

    The psychological thriller Chance (that Hugh is filming in San Francisco–picked up for two seasons by Hula) might be interesting.

  21. Jan,
    With Danny’s new album planned for Nov. 11, what is your opinion about time available to release TIWIM between now and then? Any chance with that timing?

  22. Lurker,

    No, I’m afraid I haven’t seen his new show. I’ve been meaning to watch it. I enjoyed him in House. It’s hard for me to imagine him in anything else. He’s so talented.

    How’s everyone’s weather. Yikes, it’s almost 90 up here. Too hot!!

  23. Lurker, with 5 months between now and the proposed album release (hopefully the date won’t shift…. more than a week? Black Friday/Christmas sales would be nice…..) I know what you want me to say, but…

    I don’t think there is time to launch a fourth single from HIFOM and a new leading single from the next album.

    “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” really moved FAST up the chart, and it still took 6 months to get to #1 (It could easily stay in the Top 10 of the chart for another 4 to 8 weeks without going recurrent.)

    Also, when they released the lead single of HIFOM it was 6 months before the album release in June 2014. Of course, that single CRAWLED up the chart. I remember the very slow increase of spins. They did not get a ton of support at first.

    The next single Danny releases could be in August (or even September?) and it would be climbing nicely by the time the album hits in mid- November.

    I’m still hoping for a different project to use TIWIM. It would sound great on a soundtrack…. 😉

  24. ” It would sound great on a soundtrack”

    Is this something that is being discussed by Danny’s team?

  25. “Is this something that is being discussed by Danny’s team?”

    I’m taking a page from your playbook, Lurker:

    I think it might be 🙂

    I was wondering what to do with the album news from The Christian Beat. It seemed like not enough info for a stand alone post…. maybe it was? Anyways, I added it to this post since it did occur at the K-LOVE Awards press room:


    Danny is very comfortable answering questions. In the interview, this is my FAVORITE question. Exactly what I’d ask “what is the status of his next album” 🙂

    I like that he doesn’t want to stick to a Christian music formula. He wants to draw others from outside that world to his music and make them curious about the meaning of his songs. And as a result, God?


  26. “Gloria Gaynor Verified account  ‏@gloriagaynor · 23m23 minutes ago
    Gloria Gaynor Retweeted Danny Gokey
    Wonderful words @dannygokey ! #GG”

    Gloria Gaynor added,
    Danny Gokey @dannygokey God is the creator of music, art and entertainment. We as His children should copy His… https://www.instagram.com/p/BGXM3Qond7-/

  27. Danny is mentioned in headlines at MJ’s today (from Christian Beat article): date of album and reference to Klove wins.

  28. Wow, Lurker. It happened! Of course we posted the video and article link yesterday…..

    Good to see. I added a comment. I try to have a little “Danny presence” over there…

  29. “we posted the video and article link yesterday”

    Day before yesterday? Maybe? Seems longer ago than yesterday.

  30. Well, Sunday night we briefly had a similar (same?) video before it was taken down… at least Steph watched it and gave us the news 🙂

  31. Oh, I misunderstood. I was thinking you meant at MJ’s in the numbers thread on Monday. That was a picture and a comment, I think–no video.

  32. The youtube you posted of Danny singing at the award show was great.

  33. Thanks, Lurker ♡

    I am not the speediest at creating videos (to say the least…) and I was kind of mad at myself for spending the time (on a beautiful morning) on my computer. But I woke up with the idea and decided to try and put it together after breakfast 🙂

  34. Now a front-page post:

    “mjsbigblog ‏@mjsbigblog · 9m9 minutes ago
    #AmericanIdol’s @dannygokey Wins Two K-Love Awards, Teases Next Album”

  35. That’s quite surprising, Lurker. And she gave the headlines to Danny, not Lauren? Although, has there really been any Lauren fans at MJs? I think you have to follow Idol and look for info about your favorite to find her blog?

    Good news on the Mediabase CAC radio front. If things go as they look they look like they will, Danny could have a #1 on the next week end chart (and on the daily chart as soon as tomorrow?)

    lw: May 25 – May 31 TW: Jun 1 – Jun 7
    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud

    1 1 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You 1913 1965 -52 9.548
    2 2DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 1904 1899 5 11.477
    3 3 7EVENTH TIME DOWN God Is On The Move 1705 1607 98 10.525
    8 4 RYAN STEVENSON Eye Of The Storm f/GabeReal 1436 1338 98 6.358
    11 5 JONNY DIAZ Breathe 1340 1288 52 9.755

    Things also looking promising for getting that #1 on the Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary Chart (TYHTBA already has it on Billboard’s Christian National Airplay and the Christian AC Indicator)

    Issue Date:

    1 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You CENTRICITY 2004 -16 7.271 1
    2 DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat Again/Que Tu Corazon Vuela A Latir BMG CHRYSALIS 1971 +25 7.007 2
    3 7EVENTH TIME DOWN God Is On The Move BEC/TOOTH & NAIL 1760 +161 6.168 3
    4 RYAN STEVENSON FEAT. GABEREAL Eye Of The Storm GOTEE 1489 +165 5.346 5

  36. “And she gave the headlines to Danny, not Lauren? ”

    It’s the person who does the numbers thread who mainly pushes Lauren (I think). Also, she seems to list all of Lauren’s #1’s in the scroll-down list under her introduction but not always all of Danny’s.

    “Hope in Front of Me”: Christian Album 14 (11);
    “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”: CAC 2 (2); Christian Songs 2 (3)”

    “How Can It Be”: BB200 87 (76); Album 41 (39); Christian 2 (2)
    “I’m Yours”: Christian Songs 48 (50)
    “Trust in You”: CAC 1 (1); Christian Songs 1 (1)”

    Doesn’t Danny have some #1’s that could be in his list? Are they already gone? Not big enough?

    At least this list finally has the word “again” in the title of the song. 🙂

  37. Currently Danny doesn’t have a #1 (this week) on Billboard. But you are right, she seems to leave many of Danny’s chart accomplishments off her list when she reports…

    But that is what we are for, right?

  38. “That’s quite surprising, Lurker.”

    Maybe this time it is possible that she didn’t know about Danny’s wins until she came across the Christian Beat article? Perhaps she didn’t read your comments in the numbers thread Monday. Possibly.

    She did graciously cover Danny’s Spanish song and the TYHTBA EP. She was pleasantly kind and courteous. I appreciated that.

  39. I wish her post today included your youtube of Danny singing at the award show. I don’t know what is allowed though (or what is legal).

  40. Me, neither, Lurker. But I’m glad you like it enough to want it seen 🙂

    I figured Danny hasn’t ever minded videos/recordings of his performances (unless he is giving a sneak peak that can’t yet be shared or he hasn’t felt comfortable with a song, yet…)

    And I did share the links (youTube and the post) with Danny’s management. So they are properly notified. They thanked me for them. They said that they had lots planned for this week…. so far I’ve seen a short commercial for the Kingsfest (which Danny is one of 10 artists performing….) No new concert dates…..

    Anyone that wants to watch Danny’s joint performance at the GMA Honors Night, it is on right now at this link. I’m not sure where Danny is in the night… I think a bit later?


  41. I think it might be soon… Amy Grant is singing for Russ Taff? Yes, Danny is on the stage, too.

  42. Hey Lurker, this is our 51st comment and we’re only 3 days into the discussion period 🙂

  43. I have made less than 50% of them. So far. I like to be less than 50%. More than that is over the top. 😉

  44. Congrats Danny for the wins.A little bit of later but its never too later to

  45. Well, BMG also says TYHTBA has “the number one position on both the BDS and Mediabase National Christian Audience charts after 26 weeks.” When I looked this morning it was 6 spins away, but still had the highest AI. I’m guessing they count AI….

    Nice press release. I also dug up some info about Danny’s agreement with BMG for artist services:


  46. Lauren’s song has been one tough one to beat! Still not quite there on spins. And Danny doesn’t have the highest AI anymore:

    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You 1908 1966 -58 9.587
    2 2 DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 1903 1881 22 10.232
    3 3 7EVENTH TIME DOWN God Is On The Move 1760 1660 100 10.557
    4 4 RYAN STEVENSON Eye Of The Storm f/GabeReal 1463 1395 68 6.721
    10 5 JONNY DIAZ Breathe 1384 1306 78 9.884

  47. That is very close on the mb chart race! But seems that he should be able to take #1 shortly as Lauren is fading a touch, only 4 spins apart? It seemed when we were tracking HIFOM that the mb chart went almost entirely by spins.

    That’s good if the Spanish album will be out. I hope it includes a lyric sheet for those of us trying to puzzle over the words with our faded language skills lol.

  48. A mere 5 spins…. hopefully a #1 on Sunday night’s final chart.

    I’d like to see a lyric sheet for the Spanish album, too. Not that i know Spanish, but I could run it through a translator to see how much they changed each song.

    Super hot temps in Nashville for CMA weekend. It always seems to be a beast.

    When I read the press release, I thought, Hmmm probably no deluxe Christmas album this year. I think the finishing of the new album and the tours will keep Danny plenty busy.

  49. Lots of posts at MJs about Christina Grimmie’s murder as she signed autographs for fans after a concert. She was 22.

    Trying to wrap my head around this. Don’t know many of the details, other than that Christina’s brother tackled the shooter, who then committed suicide.

    Old-timers here may remember the days (during the country era) when one of Danny’s fans tripped other fans’ radar by appearing to be mentally unstable. I remember being worried for Danny, and I think someone may have alerted him, or his management, or his security. (I’m very fuzzy about the details now, but I thought she could also be a risk to any female she perceived as close to Danny, like a girlfriend.)

    I’m sure that’s water under the bridge now, but it was scary at the time.

  50. Very sad news about Christina. Very brave of her brother to act as quickly as he could so that no one other than the shooter was also hurt.

    I would surmise that this will shake all artists/public figures that try to meet freely with the public. I would think that female performers remain most at risk. But then there are incidents like John Lennon…..

    Crazy has no explanation or reason….

  51. I never heard that story, Ellen.

    Very sad to hear about the young woman killed. I still remember the day John Lennon was killed. I was expecting my third child and resting when the news came on. It was such a shock. I hope Danny has lots more security these days. You never know what is in the mind of others…

  52. I wasn’t familiar with Christina Grimmie but quite a tragic situation.

    Jan, perhaps they are just mixing up those promo videos? The K Love version is nice, it seems to treat Danny and Kristian as co-headliners with the others as special guests.

    Air1 has the two stronger acts opening and closing its ad, with the junior ones in the middle. Could be a plan that way.

  53. This was posted by Danny/his management yesterday about the Positive Hits Tour that starts at the end of July:

    This is going to be such a fun tour!! You’re not going to want to miss it! I’ll be doing all the favorites and MAYBE a new one or two! Pick up your tickets early, it’ll be here before you know it! Kristian Stanfill Passion Music Capital Kings Hollyn.

    So , new music to start rolling out in 6 weeks or so?


  54. Hmmm… Lurker, I think it may be time for a new Danny album when HIFOM sinks below the Top 50….. or sooner!

    So sad to read about the terrorist attack in Orlando….. so tragic.

    I put up this post about Sophia’s Heart’s upcoming events. I’m not sure if Danny’s new fans know much about it. (Unlike those of us who might have heard about it a lot back in his early career….)


  55. My daughter just told me about the attack in Florida. No words… ♥

  56. Lord make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there’s hatred, let me sow love; where there’s injury, pardon; where there’s doubt, faith…

    This was on Danny’s Twitter Page. I thought it worth posting here. ♥

  57. Cannot even begin to wrap my head around the slaughter of the 50 (50!) poor souls gunned down in a nightclub in Orlando. The madness must stop!

  58. Cindy & Ellen, I thought it was a very thoughtful post by Danny. Sowing love is the best response. Difficult. But best.

  59. Jan or Admin2,
    I accidentally posted the above comment on the Sophia’s Heart thread. It makes no sense there. Can you delete it? Please.

  60. Thank you, Jan. It worked. 🙂

    Leyicet’s and Danny’s videos are always entertaining. Very happy for them.

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