Not “Just” an Artist, Danny Gokey is the Founder of Sophia’s Heart

Sophia's Heart HOPE cropped (450x253)You may know Danny Gokey as that big voiced singer with an equally big heart, but do you know about his foundation, Sophia’s Heart?

“One Heart…Touching Many,”

This four word phrase conveys the vision and passion of Sophia’s Heart President and Founder, Danny Gokey.  Through its unique transitional housing program, Sophia’s Heart is finding success to break the cycle of homelessness and keeping families together in Nashville.

Compassion NashvilleIn Danny’s hometown of Milwaukee, he has created a culturally relevant Music and Arts program that is both educational and a supportive service to under-served youth. The program is performed and led by Sophia’s Heart’s students.  It creates opportunities for the following key outcomes: Leadership, improved self-esteem, team building, cultural diversity, educational focus, and as a positive alternative to gangs, drugs &  violence.

Danny Gokey with SHF Kids 2012 2 (430x268)

Together with Danny, we can make a difference in the young people’s lives by participating in the upcoming fundraising events!

  • Heart 2 Heart Ride – Milwaukee to Nashville  – 7/28 – 08/01/16
  • Rock N’ Sail Regatta– Friday, August 5th
  •  Sophia’s Heart Gala –  Milwaukee – Wednesday, October 19th
  •  Sophia’s Heart Gala  – Nashville – TBA

To get tickets or  to donate click this LINK.

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About Sophia’s Heart

Danny Gokey, American Idol Season 8 Alumnus and BMG Recording Artist, founded Sophia’s Heart in 2008 to memorialize the life of his late wife and extraordinary woman, Sophia. Despite her severe heart condition, Sophia’s abundant love for helping children overflowed, touching the lives of countless families across her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin during her vibrant and meaningful 27 years of life. She conveyed the importance of meeting the needs of children educationally, emotionally and spiritually.

4 thoughts on “Not “Just” an Artist, Danny Gokey is the Founder of Sophia’s Heart

  1. I also support I was fortunate to be working for SHF and got to see Danny with the kids when I took a couple of these photos. He is so genuinely warm and caring with them. I had misplaced the group hug photo, but I had to find it for this post. It is one of my favorite Danny photos.

  2. Sophia’s Heart is one of the charities I donate to when I can. I only wish I could do it more often. It truly is a beautiful foundation that Danny and Sophia’s family started. ♥

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