Video: Danny Gokey Featured Fan – Sara & her Mom

Sara mom & Danny (450x298)

Why are you a Danny Gokey fan?

I just love seeing a mom and daughter team out having a great time! They celebrated Sara’s birthday by going to see Danny Gokey in Iowa. The following video takes us a long on the ride to go see Danny! There’s so many sweet moments between the two of them, but my favorite might be their saying,

It’s kind of like what heaven is going to be like“.

Mom & I got to see Danny Gokey in concert in Pleasant Hill, IA on May 14, 2016. It was awesome!

To celebrate my 30th birthday, I thought it’d be fun to attempt to do 30 fun things. #30 things.

You can see more of her videos at Sara

I think this might just be an inaugural new “fan feature” here at DGNews! Let me know if you’d like to see more of these stories or if you want to share YOUR story <3

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  1. How fun. That’s how I felt when my daughter and I went to one of Danny’s concerts. We had a great time!!

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