Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 6/20 – 7/3 Discussion & News!

Danny Gokey at The Roadshow
Our thanks to Michael Andre for the use of his photos from
The Rock & Worship Roadshow
See more of his amazing work at Michael Andre Photography
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113 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 6/20 – 7/3 Discussion & News!

  1. Jan, I saw DGN had retweeted the Cinderella picture of Danny and Victoria plus the picture of Kris with his children. (The one of Kris I had seen previously at MJ’s.)

    Sweet pictures.


  2. Very cool little video in that instagram, Lurker. But the one part that confuses me is this explanation:

    musiccityeventmanI got to meet the INCREDIBLE @dannygokey this week at the @interstatebatteries show that @voiceofgary produced in Orlando, FL! HE WAS AMAZING and so was the show!!

    I think the concert was taped in Dallas. And it is being used for a show that is produced in Orlando? Where Danny “just happens” to be vacationing? Did he get flown there to do some more work on this mysterious show?

    He really is cramming a lot into this life of his! This is some good scheduling. Penny must get exhausted (not to mention Danny….)


  3. Oh, I see my mistake. Interstate Batteries ia based in Dallas, but the Convention was in Orlando. I didn’t look carefully enough at the agenda I found… oopps!

    Mr Woodruff said Danny was incredible and he would recommend Danny to all his clients 🙂


  4. Cindy3, are the fires affecting your air quality? Where I live, we’ve been caught between two fires two summers in a row, and the air quality was so bad for a while that it was difficult to be outside for any length of time. (Unfortunately, one of those times was during FishFest last year. I went to see Danny but it was a miserable experience for me.) So far this year, we are in slightly better shape than we were around the Fourth of July last year, but the summer is just starting.


  5. I got ticked yesterday at a certain blog post (not by the blogger who uses initials). A non-fan kinda came to Danny’s defense, which surprised me. I saw someone from here like the pro-Danny post. I ended up posting, too. It was delightful because Danny’s success gave me so much ammunition to work with!


  6. Part of a headline on Yahoo “…She Does Did This”

    That would have been unacceptable in a newspaper (years ago).


  7. We actually are having a few sprinkles right now, Ellen. The fires are away from us. Last year we had our “big” fire here. I’m hoping that there won’t be any this year. It’s so very dry and hot every where right now. Thank you for asking. 🙂

    Good for you for coming to Danny’s defense, Ellen.


  8. I’ll do you on better, Jan. I’ll bring my post here (rather than directing folks away from this site).

    The context of the conversation was a question about why a three-year-old Christian song by Jason Castro would now be entering the top 50 on the CAC chart. In response, the author of the blog post stated that Christian songs sometimes gain traction years after release (which may be true), but then tried to use Danny’s TYHTBA as an example, noting that it is from a June 2014 album. And then, the statement that sent me over the edge: “He [Danny] hadn’t been on the chart for a while and then suddenly he was again.”

    When a nonfan pointed out that TYHTBA was a scheduled third single from Danny’s album, going through normal chart progression, the author of the blog post added: “Most artists wouldn’t get a third single after their second single peaked at 6 a year after the album was out[.]”

    Because this post is so long, I’ll break it up and include my response below:


  9. The album may be from 2014, but Danny has not had any significant time off the CAC charts since he released his debut single, “Hope in Front of Me.” That first song had a slow climb (but its peak at #1 was worth the wait), and was followed up with two more singles, with the second song (and the most overtly religious of the three, lol) peaking at #6. The third, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” peaked at #1 on at least one chart (Billboard?) and has hung around at #2 or #3 for weeks and weeks. In the middle of all that, Danny dropped a Christmas album. And he has been touring pretty consistently. He got a couple of K-Love Awards (comparable to ACMs or CMTs). Danny has been working on his next album, and his management/”label” apparently have the debut single in the works. I see nothing about Danny’s career moves that say anything other than that he is successfully transitioning into the Christian music world.

    I’ll grant you that CAC radio sometimes does odd things — I have occasionally heard songs like Carrie’s “Jesus Take the Wheel” and “Something in the Water,” along with Kris Allen’s “Live Like You’re Dying.” Maybe there are peeps at radio who like Jason and are discovering or rediscovering his CAC tune. But playing a song from a three-year-old album when the artist has not been on the charts in the interim is not comparable to releasing a third single from a two-year-old album, when the lowest-charting single was #6. IMHO, of course.


  10. Thanks, Ellen. I enjoyed seeing your response.

    And I like that non Danny fans are noting his career. Some have said that CAC music doesn’t sell, but Lauren and Danny have been near top quarter of the iTunes singles list for months. Danny’s album has now sold 13 times its first week sales #. Something must Idol artists dont see. 😉

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  11. nice post Ellen

    Only thing I might mention, I think the K Love Fan Awards might be similar to the AMAs or ACA as fan-voted. The Dove Awards may be most similar to the ACM or CMT. I think, but no expert ha.


  12. The CMT awards are fan-voted. I believe the ACMs are partially fan-voted, although I don’t remember how much input fans have, or who does the remaining voting. I have the impression that the ACMs have changed voting methods in recent years to allow fans less input (and presumably make the awards more prestigious). But yes, the ACAs used to be fan-voted (although I think they do some weird countdown show now)? And I don’t know anything about the AMAs, but I’ll take your word that they are fan-voted. What an alphabet soup of award shows!


  13. Oh, and I learned a thing or two from you, Admin2, and from JosieInSeattle, about being understated in my defense of Danny. Actually more effective that way than if I gushed about Danny’s awesomeness. 😉


  14. Danny appears to have been opening his concerts lately with MBDAAOM. Is he also singing Give Me Jesus in his concerts? Maybe some concerts that are for church groups?

    “13h13 hours ago
    Awesome time with @dannygokey tonight. “Give me Jesus” yes.yes.yes.”


  15. I want to hear TITTL in Spanish. I’ve said that before. I am ready for the Spanish album. It is summer. Hurry up, Danny’s team.

    (Note: “Hurry” means the same thing as “Hurry up.” The “up” isn’t necessary, but I think it makes me sound more bossy. Maybe I’ll get better results if I sound tough.)

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  16. Lurker, you made me think…in America, adding “up” seems to imply completion. Other examples: finish up, closed up, shut up…. We don’t just want Danny to hurry, we want him to get the album released!!


  17. “Maybe this is why Danny and Mitch went to LA? ”

    I had wondered if the photo shoot was for the cover of the Spanish album. Maybe covers for both the Spanish album and the new album also?

    How long away might a tour be for other countries where the Spanish album is released? A year? Sooner? Later? Never?


  18. from a FB comment re the concert Danny did recently at a baseball park – aww about the 600 kids

    There were over 4,000 people in attendance including over 600 special needs kids who were invited guests. Everyone did a great job! #GreatClients #BeTheOne


  19. Maybe this is why Danny and Mitch went to LA? To meet with this promoter of the Spanish album??

    Just a theory….. but a nice one:)

    oh hey, that was one of my theorys from the photo shoot trip. and did Mitch later say something about how they were hitting the pavement and not the beach? which sounded to me as if they were making the rounds for some business meetings.

    so yeah, hmm, maybe

    eta: bah. “theories”


  20. Album rebound. It’s been in the 20’s and 30’s the times I’ve checked recently.


    TYHTBA: #9
    HIFOM: #13 (album)

    Video: #19 (TYHTBA)


  21. Well, Danny and Mitch aren’t following Criteria Entertainment…. if they were, I’d call it a slam dunk 😉

    But Danny will be a big part of his team understanding the promotion in South America and Mexico, right? I don’t know if Mitch speaks much Spanish? I know Penny doesn’t…. Half the tweets CE sends out are in Spanish.

    Off topic, Danny started following Gloria Gaynor. Maybe they can sing disco together? Naw, she’s putting out a Gospel album this fall?

    Lurker, it sounds like that nice crowd in Idaho might have helped a little bit?


  22. New single to be released in August per Danny. He answered my tweeted question 🙂

    Makes sense since he says he will preview a song or two on the Positive Hits Tour.

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  23. At least we won’t have to wait a year between singles this time 🙂

    Hopefully Danny will continue to build momentum in this genre and a new single will be every 6 to 8 months, instead!

    Happy Holiday weekend to all US visitors. And a nice weekend to all!


  24. Jan,
    Someone posted a comment in MJ’s headlines with Danny’s reply and your tweet (about the new single).


  25. Danny was just going to sing, “It’s Not Over” in the video. 😦

    Thank you for all the information everyone. Congrats, Jan. 🙂

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  26. So…. close, Cindy. I wanted to hear it, too….

    I am looking forward to the DG music!! I expect he will start giving us a sneak peak in a couple of weeks? I wonder how many songs are done on the album. Maybe I will ask 😉

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  27. I don’t know if I mentioned that Danny now has 15 new songs registered at BMI. Plus I listened to a Natalie Grant podcast interview because they teased Danny’s name….

    Turns out Bernie Herms (Natalie’s husband) gave Danny one of the Bernie’s songs she wanted — But he gave it to Danny for the new album. Not much revealed. I was hoping for name of a song…. I’m assuming they pitched this song idea and then Danny, Bernie and ?? tailor it for Danny’s use? Or maybe it is a 100% Bernie and we won’t see any sign of it until the album tracks are announced.

    Here’s the five newest songs added:

    11) LOVE WITHOUT MEASURE BMI Work # 22187360
    GOKEY DANNY BMI 600623891
    SHEETS LUKE H W SESAC 350614685

    12) SLOW DOWN BMI Work # 22148680
    GOKEY DANIEL JAY BMI 600623793
    HERMS BERNIE BMI 193327559

    13) CHASING BMI Work # 22147667
    GOKEY DANIEL JAY BMI 600623793
    HERMS BERNIE BMI 193327559

    14) COLORS BMI Work # 22147901
    GOKEY DANIEL JAY BMI 600623793

    15) I LL NEVER BE THE SAME BMI Work # 22034305
    GOKEY DANIEL JAY BMI 600623793

    I just noticed that on the last four songs they switched to Danny’s full name and other #. Fortunately, when I did a search, it recognizes him as the same person. Wheww!

    I see that Colby was the writer/producer/mixer for the Jordan Feliz’ song “The River” and has also worked with the Newsboys, others.


  28. Do you think Danny will ever go back to Daniel? I thought others called him Dan, but it was on American Idol that Danny came about, right?


  29. “2h2 hours ago  Atlanta, GA



  30. Hi Cindy, I think a question was asked about his going from Daniel or Dan to Danny and he said that after Sophia died, he didn’t feel the same and he decided to use the name Danny. At least that is what I recall.

    I have heard his family call him Dan, but otherwise it is Danny. I do know some fans persist in calling him Dan or Daniel, but I’ve always felt that was too…. but it seems Danny rolls with it.


  31. Love the song, and the way Danny sings it. Lee Greenwood would be proud.

    Ha-ha, Jan. I was thinking the same thing. 🙂


  32. Hi. If you might be wondering if there will be a new post by early tomorrow morning…. I’m thinking no.

    With the holiday, I will put up a new discussion post, but I’m likely to wait until Monday night or early Tuesday for it to published. We’ll see what I decide tomorrow.

    I have some really nice pictures to use, but I don’t want to cover up the “God Bless the USA” post too soon. I might time it for after the fireworks tomorrow night.

    Or not. 😉

    I hope everybody is having a good holiday weekend. Ours has been very nice, so far. Ed and I went on a scenic drive/dinner/drinks/ferry ride with some friends, a friend over last night, and today to a local celebration plus saw our grand daughter (and her parents…) 🙂 Nothing planned for tomorrow. But then most of this wasn’t too planned, either…


  33. Changed my mind already….

    I’ll have a new post, but I’d like your help “voting” on what photo I should use on Facebook Monday night or Tuesday morning. Just because I publish a new post, doesn’t mean I have to post it on Facebook right away… duh.


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