Featured Fans: Sara & Pam – Iowa!

Danny Gokey Sara WaitingDid you see the 1st post about Sara and her mom taking us to a Danny Gokey concert?

I’m happy to report we now have their back stories as Danny fans!

Sara and Pam (430x242)

Sara’s Story

My Mom, Pam, and I had such a fun time at Danny’s concert.  It was the first time we’d heard him live, after watching him on “American Idol” and falling in love with his story.  He opened up the show with “My Best Days”, and closed it with “It’s Not Over”, two of my favorites of his!  It’s undeniable how talented Danny really is, but what I love about him is that he always sings his butt off!

He is so inspirational, and the night of the concert certainly was inspirational.  That night, I left with a deposit in my soul.  Through seasons in our lives, we can feel stuck, like when is the good stuff coming to me?  Seeing Danny happy & thriving, after overcoming all his pain and trials, was such a beautiful picture of what God really wants to do with us.  Knowing Danny is now a restored man, really uplifted & encouraged me, reminding me, God’s not done with ME yet!  I hope everyone is blessed by this little video of my mom and I enjoying the concert!

 You’ll want to watch this fun duo, again!

Pam’s Story

I have been a Danny fan since seeing him shine on “American Idol”. I was so touched by his story, losing his wife – his faith in a loving God that was his saving grace.  I prayed for him – that God would restore his joy ten-fold and bless him with a new love, a family!  I am overjoyed whenever I see pictures of his lovely wife and children on Instagram.  God is good!!

Seeing Danny in concert was a special memory for me and my daughter.  We felt the presence of God – we witnessed the miracle of a man restored to the life God had planned for him.  And of course, like always, we had so much fun!  Praise God!Danny Gokey Sara Waiting 2

One thought on “Featured Fans: Sara & Pam – Iowa!

  1. Thank you Sara and Pam for sharing your stories.All the hard times in life only make the happiness more precious.We felt his loss and pain in the past.And now he has a lovely family and promising career.’My best days are ahead of me’ The man himself says it best.Sometimes faith is all we need.

    And have a nice day everyone.

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