Danny Gokey Nice Bits & Pieces- June 2016 Edition!

 Danny Gokey Grace Fershee RWRS 3Danny Gokey at the RWRS by Grace Fershee Photography!

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We hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of Danny Gokey photos, music news, and latest updates!

We enjoy this song by Karyn Williams with guest, Danny Gokey.  What do you think?

 New Danny Gokey CD on its Way!

At the KLOVE Awards Danny provided the date of November 11th as his next album’s release date!  Since then, he has flown to LA with his manager for this photo shoot.

photoshoot for album (450x450)

We have seen 10 new songs registered at BMI for Danny Gokey since his” Christmas Is Here” release.  Will any of them make it?  We’ll provide an update on potential songs when we gather a bit more information.  But in the meanwhile, Danny’s current album is still doing very well. I was happily surprised to see that HIFOM is #1 selling Gospel album—  two years after release!

Amazon Best Sellers Gospel 06 22 16 (450x129)

Danny Gokey Concert Photos

We can’t get over how GENEROUS photographers have been to us! Today we’re featuring the work of Grace Fershee. She is an experienced Christian concert photographer but she is relatively new to photographing Danny. She told me she appreciates the emotion he puts into his performance— and that soul in his voice! We agree, Grace, and we love how you’ve captured that emotion!

Danny Gokey Grace Fershee RWRS 1

Danny Gokey Grace Fershee RWRS 4 (450x300)

Danny Gokey Grace Fershee RWRS 2

Our thanks to Grace Fershee Photography for the use of ALL of the fabulous photos !

 Calendar updates!  

We’ve been fortunate to learn of two new tours for Danny Gokey. The Positive Hits Tour and the Be One Tour.  To get more information on these tours, check out the following posts or click on our CALENDAR



But what do you think this unexpected photo means?!?

Natalie_DannyCelebrate the Season

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