Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 7/04 – 7/17 Discussion & News!

Danny Gokey

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75 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey Fans! 7/04 – 7/17 Discussion & News!

  1. I wonder why Danny doesn’t tweet about the new Spanish album being on iTunes.

    I remember another time (long ago) when he had a new country single go up on iTunes. I kept waiting for a tweet, but none came–until a couple of weeks later. 😦


  2. Lurker, Danny (or more likely his management) did post to instagram about the Spanish album, I just think they missed sending it to twitter.


  3. Jan,
    You’ll probably tweet about the album before Danny does (if you put up a link to it).

    If that happens, perhaps Danny will retweet your tweet.


  4. Lurker, we’ve been out of town. I don’t want to tweet about it until we have a DGNews link (preferrably pasted to our page….) but I usually count on Admin2 for that… but I think she’s had other engagements.

    I’ve attempted to make the itunes and amazon links. Please let me know if they work for you!

    I think I’ll need Admin2’s help to get a clickable icon showing on the our website….


  5. The new album is
    itunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/la-esperanza-frente-a-mi/id1129583156?at=1000l7AW&mt=1&app=music


    #126 in MP3 Downloads > Albums > Latin Music

    The single at 192 on iTunes. I’m not sure they show albums that are pre-ordered on iTunes ranking (the single is sold since you get it with an order.)

    Let’s hope they roll out some great promo! We know they have 4 more Spanish videos to reveal. Hopefully next week.

    I’ll be watching for the release of the lead single for the new album. I expect it next week. Let’s see if Danny agrees with me….


  6. I don’t know if it means anything, but the Spanish album has moved from the 6th cover showing on the Latino pre-order page to the 5th cover pictured.


  7. I’m running out of words. My heart goes out to Baton Rouge. ♥ My nephew is a sheriff. I worry about him always. Beyond sad..


  8. Danny talks a little about new music he has planned for the Positive Hits Tour in this Instagram clip

    Are we gonna see you??🤓🙌🏼

    A post shared by Danny Gokey (@dannygokey) on

    Maestro apparently has a producer credit.

    There is a new single planned. And a (different) song called Better Than You Found It – or Better Than You Found It, World? Has Jan already given us the credits for that one?


  9. The song is probably an original? But there is a song with the title Better Than You Found it by a country musician Tyler Gummersall. It’s a track on a release he has this year, which by itself I suppose would not disqualify it as Danny had the same song on HIFOM that turned up as a single for the Swon Brothers.

    I kind of like it, and I like the Colorado background in the simple video.

    But I can’t see this being the song Danny refers to unless it went through some lyrical surgery and de-twanging. (well, we have seen both of those before…)


  10. Danny and Maestro have a similar but slightly different video on Facebook. They give a different title for the song on FB lol.

    “Better Than I Found It World” ?


  11. Hi Admin2 🙂

    You know, I saw that tweet from Danny, but I thought it was just another advertisement for the Positive Hits Tour and I never hit the link 😮

    No, I didn’t have that song. I do have a 17th new song that I haven’t added to my list. But that song isn’t even on it. But new songs are being added every few days.

    At this rate, Danny will have to put 15 to 20 songs on this next album, LOL.


  12. Nice inclusion of the Spanish album, Admin2. Although, Danny and Company need to splash some color on his album covers. Those black and grays are hard to separate!


  13. I have found something that is positive about the position of the pre-album covers. The top six album cover pictures show on the home page (looking at Latino section), so Danny’s cover is there (out in front of album list). The other pre-orders can be seen by scrolling, clicking “see all,” or by accessing the link on the sidebar at the top.

    I think having the picture on the front page is good. It might be seen randomly by someone who didn’t know to look for it.


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