Featured Fan: Julia Remakes “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”

Julia describes herself as “I’m a weird, dramatic, movie and music loving artist who will be uploading every so often for your entertainment.

God bless!”

We just love the facial expressions, actions and how this whole little video is put together!


Let’s encourage Julia’s creativity!

Please comment below and on her youTube videos at this  CHANNEL

5 thoughts on “Featured Fan: Julia Remakes “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”

  1. LOVE this!!

    Julia, how did you get the vocal to sound like that? It is still Danny’s voice, isn’t it?

  2. This is very, very good. Julia obviously connects with the lyrics emotionally.

  3. Danny should hire Julia to direct some of his videos. 🙂 She has good ideas.

  4. Hi Lurker and Ellen, so glad you enjoyed Julia’s video, like me. I thought it showed real talent in how she constructed it. And do you guys agree that is Danny’s voice, just spend up to fit a young lady lip synching?

  5. I don’t know, but I’d like to find out! I didn’t notice until I read your post, but other than the tone/voice, it follows the cadence of Danny’s song very closely.

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