Danny Gokey Song Featured on “So You Think You Can Dance”

This evening, Danny Gokey’s recent #1 Christian format single “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again,” was featured in a performance by young artists Tahani Anderson and Jake Monreal on FOX Network’s So You Think You Can Dance.

In a fun twist, one of the dance judges was Paula Abdul of Danny’s American Idol season.

To see the full prepararion, dance and judges’ comments watch here.

“Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” is set as the background to a dance choreographed on a theme about bullying by SYTYCD choreographer Bonnie Story.

You can also check out Tahani and Jake in an upbeat performance to Jailhouse Rock, a song we can’t recall hearing Danny perform 🙂

For Tahani and Jake, that meant both had to leave their comfort zones (hip-hop and ballroom, respectively) for an intense contemporary routine. The choreographer explained the dance was “about bullying, but more important is the process of coming out from under bullying.”
Tahani, 13 said during rehearsal she was nervous about the technique, and that she and Jake, 12, would “have to pull through together because we’re not used to this style.” Judge Maddie Ziegler also stopped by, and said it would be a “big challenge” for the pair to find their “emotional side.” But you wouldn’t think any of that was the case when they took the stage to Danny Gokey’s “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again.”
Paula Abdul praised afterward, “I think you found that emotional connection in such a beautiful way… Your technical lines were really on point.” Ziegler also touted, “That was for sure the best time I’ve ever seen you guys do that.” The teen further stressed, “Bullying is not cool and you guys, I think, really changed a lot of kids.”

via http://www.gossipcop.com/tahani-jake-so-you-think-you-can-dance-video-contemporary-bullying-sytycd-watch/

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