Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 7/18 – 7/31/16

Kaileeh Harvey Danny Gokey 2 (450x378)
Danny Gokey at Kings Fest  Courtesy of
  Have you pre-ordered Danny’s new Spanish album?
La Esperanza Frente a Mi

Our thanks to Kaileeh for the use of her awesome photos! Follow her at Instagram  @x10_kaileeh &  Twitter: @x10Kaileeh

87 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 7/18 – 7/31/16

  1. That’s an interesting look on the new single cover. I’m a little surprised they wouldn’t stick with Danny’s trademark looks for his promo materials.

    “Rise” appears to be the album title? I found a tweet with a 2 minute snippet of the song Rise but it was from a private account that follows DGN, so can’t post it here.

    eta: Jan is cleverer than me, and has a fun new post in the works 🙂

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  2. from tweet last night. a couple of interesting things

    One, Danny is not a co-writer of the new single. and also the album release has moved to January?’

    Better Than I found it #NEWSONG from his new album #RISE cannot WAIT!!!!! I will hear this tonight 🤓🎤🙏🏼🙌🏼🎤❤️

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  3. iTunes
    songs –
    TYHTBA – #6 CCM
    HIFOM – #102 CCM
    MTYTIA – #135 CCM

    albums –
    HIFOM – #19 CCM
    la Esperanza – #11 Latin

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