Video: Jack in Action to “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” – Featured Fan

Jack in Action TYHTBA (450x313)On November 3, 2010, I became paralyzed from the waist down (T10 with burst fracture at T9). Because of God, my fun therapists, loving family, great friends, and encouraging strangers, I’ve been able to move forward into a bright future. “

How can you not be inspired by Jack?

In this video he is using an Exoskeleton system to walk.  Please share your comments below and on Jack’s YouTube videos at this LINK


I don’t know if Jack is still using his Go Fund Me Page, but it gives more info:

I became paralyzed from the waist down in 2010 when I was 16, confining me to a wheelchair. I’m trying to become as independent as possible. I have used the ReWalk Exoskeleton twice on a trial basis. My doctors and therapists have approved me to use the device and say I am a perfect candidate, but unfortunately, my insurance will not cover it. Raising the funds will allow me to purchase an exoskeleton and enable me to walk. Thanks for your help.

8 thoughts on “Video: Jack in Action to “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” – Featured Fan

  1. Jack, your video made my cry. I hope you raise the funds you need for the exoskeleton. How can insurers not see the long-term benefits? More independence means less care needed and better overall physical and mental health. Go for it!

    (P.S.) Love that Danny’s music is finding its way to different people. #inspiring

  2. Ellen, we were moved by it, too! We hope a way is found so that Jack can get regular use of the Exoskeleton. I will tweet out a link to his Go Fund Me page. It is still active.

  3. Danny liked this tweet, so perhaps he saw the video.

    “In reply to Danny Gokey News
    2h2 hours ago
    @dannygokeynewz @dannygokey fantastic story Danny. God bless YOU

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  4. Danny actually retweeted my tweet last night.

    I just put up the Facebook post this morning. I sent a DM to Team Danny, but I am pretty sure they are swamped and are not likely to see it.

    Sometimes I wonder if my timing is just bad on some of my posts, but I guess we will see.

    I had a little time to create the picture and write the post while I watched the DNC, and I wull be out of town this weekend…. so it seems like a good time to put it out!

  5. The story and video touched my heart ! Jack you are amazing !!!!
    The video reminded me that my favorite cousin had car accident a few years ago . She is on wheelchair . She is strong ! She still hope to be walking again !
    I pray for both . God Bless Jack and my cousin .

  6. Thank you for sharing this moving story. Danny’s beautiful song matches the video of Jack’s hopeful journey perfectly. What a wonderful piece of equipment the exoskeleton is!

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