Video: “La Esperanza Frente A Mi” de Danny Gokey

Billboard:  Danny Gokey Premieres New Spanish Song

“La Esperanza Frente A Mi”
(Hope in Front of Me)

Danny Gokey didn’t pass any of his Spanish classes in school but when it comes to singing in español, he passes with high honors. The former American Idol premieres his second single, “La esperanza frente a mí,” exclusively on Billboard. The song is from his first all-Spanish album to be released this Friday.”

 You can read Billboard‘s full article HERE.



6 thoughts on “Video: “La Esperanza Frente A Mi” de Danny Gokey

  1. Very nice that they got Billboard to release the video as an exclusive! Very good promo!

    I’m pretty impressed on how fluently Danny sings in Spanish (Not that I could tell errors, but it just flows so well!) On my phone I wasn’t so sure about a salsa HIFOM, but on a big screen, it looks and sounds good! I can also get better screen shots, but this one will do for now……

    So Danny never passed a Spanish class in high school? He certainly is doing much better now…. with built in tutors at his house 😉

  2. It’s Awesome, we need more Spanish singing Christian songs from all genres. I have been following Danny Gokey since he won on American Idol and it’s amazing how he has revolved. Can’t wait to hear more of his and others Spanish versions.

  3. Hi Areli! We are glad you stopped by to view Danny’s video. From now on your comments will show immediately!


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