Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion 8/1- 8/14/16

 Danny Gokey at Kingsfest  thanks to Philip David Harvey
 follow him on Instagram @philipdavid.fb

   Have you checked out Danny’s new Spanish album?  We LOVE it!

La Esperanza Frente a Mi

102 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion 8/1- 8/14/16

  1. Great photos!

    Thank you for all the work on this site for our rising star Mr. Danny Gokey and Band. They look like they put on amazing

    August already. At the end of next month Autumn. Looking forward
    to the cooler temperatures.

    Have a great week everyone.. 🙂

  2. New discussion post after a busy “new music” weekend!

    I love having a hard time deciding which photogragher’s work to feature in the new discussion post! Much thanks to Philip David.

    More photos will be coming from Annette, Grace and Brittenay! And I am hoping Stacey treats us to her roadtrip story 🙂

    I’m hoping Danny releases the new single to iTunes and to radio — my soon. He said August. I’m ready!

  3. Hoping I finally have some free time today Jan to sit and type that up & upload my pics from my “big camera” I brought with, I got some amazing shots 🙂
    What a great weekend it was!!! 🌟

  4. So Danny’s new album is called Rise. Katy Perry is releasing her new video called Rise. 😕

  5. If you go on iTunes, there’s about 8 songs called “Rise”. All very different. I don’t think there will be much confusion 😉

    I wonder how long until they push a first single out and to radio?

  6. That’s what my husband did, Jan. No, I don’t think there will be any confusion, either. 🙂

  7. That would make a lot of sense, Steph. Maybe that is another reason they are pushing #Rise to 2017? Do you think he’d record Feliz Navidad? We know he likes it. He sang it with Sophia’s father playing the Spanish guitar and it sounded great. (Stripped down would be best IMO)

    Danny shared my new music post this morning 🙂

  8. Do you think he’d record Feliz Navidad?

    seems to me that would be a natural. I vaguely had the impression they might have recorded or at least considered it for last year’s Christmas Is Here project.

    Bonus track this time?

  9. I watched the first periscope when Danny was singing “It’s Not Over.” I’m glad that he’s still singing this song. One of my favorite, and I’m sure gets the crowd going. Did anyone else watch it? Danny was dancing all over. It looked very hot. Not sure, but he might have gotten a little mixed up. Either way, it looks like he’s giving it his all. He truly get a work out. 🙂

  10. Besides some spelling errors, one of my sentences sounds off. Not that Danny isn’t hot, but I was meaning that the weather looked hot. 😕

  11. Looks like the Dove Award info is coming out next Wednesday:

    Mr. Talkbox
    18 hrs ·
    Wed. 8/10/16 at 10AM (CT) I will be taking over the @gospelmusicassoc ‘s InstaGram/Snap for the ‪#‎GMADoveAwards‬ Press Conference! Follow @gospelmusicassoc & be sure to Tune In! 😊

  12. Danny’s Tell Your Heart to Beat Again will be on this new compilation album:

    Straight from the radio to you…WOW Hits 2017 brings you the biggest Christian artists & songs! With songs about God’s love for us, trusting God to carry us through the difficult times, and being a light to the world. WOW Hits 2017 captures 30 songs on 2 CD’s impacting our world.

    The Biggest Artists: Francesca Battistelli, Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, for KING & COUNTRY, Third Day, Chris Tomlin & more!

    This is a pre-order item and is expected to ship on the album street date 9/23.


    Disc 1

    Flawless – Mercy Me
    Just Be Held – Casting Crowns
    Good Good Father – Chris Tomlin
    If We’re Honest – Francesca Battistelli
    Grace Wins – Matthew West
    My Story – Big Daddy Weave
    Same Power – Jeremy Camp
    Breathe – Jonny Diaz
    Remember – Passion
    Tell Your Heart To Beat Again – Danny Gokey
    Slow Down – Nichole Nordeman
    Deliverer – Matt Maher
    Prodigal – Sidewalk Prophets
    One True God – Steven Curtis Chapman
    Guilty – Newsboys
    Disc 2

    Feel It – TobyMac
    It’s Not Over Yet (The Encore) – for KING & COUNTRY
    The River – Jordan Feliz
    Trust In You – Lauren Daigle
    Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains) – Crowder
    Diamonds – Hawk Nelson
    Happiness – Needtobreathe
    Your Words – Third Day (feat Harvest)
    Say The Word – Hillsong United
    You Are Loved – Stars Go Dim
    Fierce – Jesus Culture
    Real Love – Hillsong Young & Free
    Exhale – Plumb
    What You Want – Tenth Avenue North
    The God I Know – Love & The Outcome

  13. That’s a good compilation! Already bought some of those songs as singles — TobyMac’s “Feel It,” Mercy Me’s “Flawless,” Casting Crown’s :Just Be Held,” and Jordan Feliz’s “The River.”

  14. Can I say.. Danny and Leyicet’s children, Daniel and Victoria are so adorable. I’ve loved watching them grow up. The videos of them show loving, and sweet children. That comes from wonderful parents. 🙂

  15. That’s great about the compilation album. I’ll see if we can add it for anyone wanting to check out the songs that are included.

  16. Hi everybody.Just finished listening/watching the three new songs and absolutely love them.

  17. A good video of TIWIM was tweeted.

    “11h11 hours ago
    @dannygokey This is what it means to be alive! #slc ‘

  18. I’m looking for the tweet, but here is one of Symptoms.


    Plus, we have got some goodies coming thanks to Zuzana attending a show!!

    Mr. Bing, I really like the songs, too. So glad the are sharing them already!

    I’ve had a little news filter it’s way to me. New single should be coming out next week! (Friday? Not sure if it will be available for purchase, yet, or if it is just going to be available for download by radio? Sometimes I don’t get to ask ALL my questions.)

    The album is due in January. And the single “Better Than I Found It” is not a duet on the album…… I get the feeling they may be rethinking that? Finally, the SHF Gala in Milwaukee is set for Wednesday, October 19th.

  19. That beginning is so beautiful. Danny is REALLY coming into his own on this concert. While this tour didn’t come near me, I hope he carries some of this over to his individual shows — like the one in Pewaukee, WI!!

  20. What a beautiful video. Looking forward to Danny’s new CD, but his last CD will always be a favorite. 🙂

  21. I’m a little worried about whether it’s too early for Danny to headline a tour. I hope the Positive Hits tour will be a success, because I like when Danny headlines. Plus, the show appears to have special effects, like the photos in the background. Under other circumstances, I would have attended the show that is relatively near me. But I am juggling so much right now, there is just no way.

  22. Ellen, I haven’t heard that the shows are selling out, but the photos I have seen show a really good crowd. I especially like the phones waving in the air for #BetterThanIFound. I know the lighting has been very challenging for photograghers… but it looks like a great experience.

    If the show hasn’t sold out, maybe you could still pick up a last minute ticket and see the sights from way up I’m a balcony…. it looks like they could be awesome visuals and the audio is usually really good off the floor 🙂

    They really didn’t advertise Danny as the headliner for this tour, but it seems he has last performer spot each night.

  23. No I can’t, Jan. Even though Danny will have two dates within a reasonable driving distance, I just have two much going on between work and trying to get my sister adequate healthcare, etc. I can’t cope right now. Not even with the logistics of attending a concert.

  24. Life getting in the way of fun, Ellen? I hate when that happens….

    Best wishes for you & your sister ♡

  25. I liked the movie “Nine Lives.” I thought it was funny.

    After I saw it, I looked on twitter to see what comments were being made about it and discovered critics had trashed it. Well, I still like it and still think it was funny.

    It is a PG movie–not PG-13, just PG. It’s not a cartoon; it has people in it. It is not a loud, boom, loud, boom-boom, loud CGI yelling video-game type comic book movie. (Can you tell I am not fond of some comic book movies?)

  26. I did like the first Iron Man movie. In the first one, RDJ seemed to be playing a person. After the first one, he seemed more a machine–less acting, increased noise and CGI.

    I also liked RDJ in “The Judge.” Again, he was playing a person. It was a people movie–with people in the movie playing people.

  27. More random thoughts…

    Sometimes I have a part of a song running through my thoughts, over and over. I might not hear the words clearly at first. Then, when (if) I do, I perhaps don’t recognize the source. I keep wondering, “Where did that come from?” Recently, I had the line “You’ll always be here in my heart” in my head. I kept thinking it was part of a love song and that it was pretty. Finally, I realized it was a rewording of a line from Danny’s “Christmas is Here.”

  28. Nice to have your random thoughts back, Lurker 🙂

    I was hoping Danny’s Spanish album would make the top 25, but hey, he broke onto a new chart!!!

    Danny Gokey News ‏@dannygokeynewz now
    Congratulations, @DannyGokey!! You’ve broken into a new @BIllboard chart!! #27 on the Top Latin Album for #LaEsperanzaFrenteAMi 082016

  29. Hey, I see we just hit 200 posts created for DGNews. 200 in less than a year? No wonder it seems like I’m running to keep up with Danny….

  30. Different…
    The post names (in red) under Latest News are all listed again under Join the Conversations.

    My computer? Something else?

  31. Whatever it is, it appears to be correcting itself. The post names are scrolling off as a comment is made.

  32. Hmm. The Pittsburgh gig might get me close enough to meet up with Danip. And I love Casting Crowns. But March is too far away to plan right now. So bye-bye to any good tickets. Although my concert experiences have proved it doesn’t matter how close you are to the front if everyone stands anyway . . . *thecurseofbeingshort*

  33. Congrats to Danny on the Dove Award nominations. He has stiff competition, but the nominations alone are a step in the right direction.

  34. I heard the song ” RISE ” first time at concert Positive Hits Tour 🙂 another beautiful song !
    Congratulations Danny and Team Danny on the Dove Award nominations !!! Go Danny Go !!!!!! <3

  35. I’ve heard that a different station broke ranks and already played Danny’s “Rise” today. I wonder what K-LOVE would think of that? 😉

    So Danny (probably Team Danny) replied to our tweet that the release of the Cover Art and snippet are all part of the roll out plan. More is coming on Friday. I am guessing that is when the song becomes available. 🙂

  36. I can’t understand what the words are (except for “rise” and “shine”), so I hope there is also a lyric video coming out Friday. 🙂

  37. This is very rough, but here’s what I have based on a video:

    You’re past the point of trying again
    You’re defeated , You’re defeated
    But something inside you can’t deny
    You hear the call of your creator
    I made you for more,
    Unlock the door
    I want to restore your glory
    So Rise,
    Breaking the dark into the light
    You’re made to shine
    We all need hope
    The world needs
    We need light, we need light
    You were made to shine
    If —– Around you
    Seen your dreams are lost,and found you
    The heart that was once beating
    is coming back alive, coming back alive
    But something inside you can’t deny
    You hear the call of your creator
    I made you for more!
    Unlock the door!
    I want to restore your glory
    So Rise
    Bringing dark into the light
    You were made to Rise
    I’ll be the hope
    Bringing the world
    Bringing love
    Bringing light
    You were made to rise!
    Shut the door on Yesterday
    ____________ way

    You were made to rise,
    You were made to shine
    Creation is only for today
    ——-Tender place
    You were made to rise
    You were made to shine
    Rise, breaking the dark, __ the night
    You were made to shine
    All we all need hope,
    You were made to Rise
    I’ll be the hope
    For this world
    You were made to rise

  38. Sounds like an awesome tour (Casting Crowns). Maybe I’ll be in a position to see Danny then . . .

  39. Matt on twitter: 🙂 Funny and sweet.

    “Matt Giraud ‏@ImMattGiraud · 5h5 hours ago
    I’m huge in the Philippines. Philippines Idol. Top 300. Pretty famous. 👍🏽”

    ️ “@swiftxhood who are you and why are you verified…twitter.com/ImMattGiraud”

    ” rianelle ALBA ‏@riaALBA · 5h5 hours ago
    @ImMattGiraud hahaha :)) but yeah, you got fans here.”

    “Matt Giraud ‏@ImMattGiraud · 5h5 hours ago
    @riaALBA I’ve heard that!! I need to put a big idol show together over there. Who do you want on the roster? Who’s popular there! 🙂 ”

    “rianelle ALBA ‏@riaALBA · 4h4 hours ago
    @ImMattGiraud oh i would love that!! Add @elliottyamin and @dannygokey with you please.”

    “Matt Giraud Vrified account 
    @riaALBA @elliottyamin @dannygokey Couple of my FAVORITES. My dudes 🙂 Let’s go to the Philippines my brothers! #YAS”

  40. Hi Jan!

    I transcribed the lyrics!!

    (stanza 1)
    There’s a brokenness inside of you
    there’s a wound that still reminds you
    of a fear and shame and rejection
    you have seen, you have seen

    (stanza 2)
    you know it’s time to get up
    but your heart’s paralyzed, you’re so stuck
    you’re past the point of trying again
    you’re defeated, you’re defeated

    but something inside you can’t deny
    you hear the call of your Creator
    I made you for more, unlock the door
    I wanna restore your Glory
    So Rise
    Breaking the dark, piercing the night
    you’re made to shine
    an army of hope, bringing the world a ray of light, a ray of light
    you were made to Rise

    (stanza 3)
    Lift your head and look around you
    see the dreams you lost, they have found you
    and the heart that once was beating
    coming back to life, coming back to life

    (back to chorus)

    shut the door on yesterday
    leave what happened in the grave
    you were made to rise
    you were made to shine
    Creation’s longing for the day
    for kings and queens to take their place
    you were made to rise
    you were made to shine

    Breaking the dark, piercing the night
    Made to shine
    Bring the world a ray of light
    breaking the dark, piercing the night
    you’re made to shine
    an army of hope, bringing the world a ray of light
    a ray of light
    you were made to rise, Rise (repeat line to fade)

    I am loving this song already. it’s a great anthem and I can almost see of an army of fans holding signs with Rise written on to hold up during the chorus. This is a song that begs for a live video recording just for that. I can’t wait to hear it live in a couple of weeks.

  41. Thanks, Lori! It is a lot easier with the actual song recording, isn’t it. I see a couple of little words I’d change, but this is a BIG help!!

    I think #BetterThanIFoundIt has to be a live recording of the song with ALL those people on their feet, swaying and holding the lights of their phones in the air…

    I think Danny needs to go down tha live recording route!!

  42. Does it look like Danny is getting better billing than Unspoken?

    Yes. Bigger close-up photo, bigger font, better placement.

    Not that we notice those things of course 😉

    And they don’t see all that far apart CCM-wise, although I’d expect Danny with his AI and country exposure has much more name recognition fwiw.

    Unspoken is an American Christian pop rock band.[1] The band is composed of Mike Gomez, Jon Lowry, Chad Mattson and Ariel Munoz.[1][2] The band released their debut single “Who You Are” on the record label Centricity Music. Released on June 12, 2012,[3] the song has charted on numerous Christian song charts, and was the only song from the band’s debut EP Get to Me to be featured on their first full length album. The self-titled debut LP Unspoken was released April 1, 2014. A five-song preview EP, The World Is Waking, was released July 24, 2013.They have had four straight Top 5 AC singles in their career including “Who You Are,” “Lift My Life Up,” “Start A Fire,” and “Good Fight,” with “Start A Fire” reaching No. 1; the song “Life My Life Up” was also included on the 2015 WOW Hits Release.[4] With successful tours alongside artists such as Big Daddy Weave and Sanctus Real, Unspoken has built steady momentum with their last two EP’s.[5] Their album features diverse recording, befitting a diverse band from all over the country including Maine, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.[6]

  43. iTunes:

    TYHTBA: #9 (single)
    Rise: #23 (single)

    Video: #1 (TYHTBA)

    HIFOM: #21 (album)

    Spanish album: #44

  44. Maybe the reason the TYHTBA video zoomed back to #1 is because of the Dove video nomination?

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