Recap: The Positive Hits Tour with Danny Gokey, by Stacey

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Road Trip Recap with Stacey!

I met Laura in the autograph line at a DG show I saw last year, we started talking and took pics for each other and instantly hit it off, so we FB friend-ed each other and met up again at the KLOVE Christmas tour and helped break down Danny’s merch table! So needless-to-say we are DIE HARD DG fans and when he wasn’t coming to Illinois anytime this year – we joked about going to see him.

Stacey FF (550x387)Well, that joke turned serious after Danny re-tweeted one of Laura’s tweets and responded “YES” when she asked him if we should road-trip to see him. We took that as a sign and we joked for a few days about it and then said WHY NOT? It wasn’t THAT far…. so we bought VIP tickets and booked a hotel.

I drove and hour to her house to meet up with her and then we hopped in her car and were on our way for another 3 plus hours or so to Indianapolis. We Blasted the “Hope is Front of Me” album the entire way and some songs from the Spanish album too, Laura knew what he was saying, me not so much so it’s good I have most songs memorized. 🙂

Once we arrived at our hotel we had a little bit of time to get ready and then we were off for the VIP meet and greet at 5pm. We had no idea how they planned on doing it so once we parked and checked in we got in a long line and tried to see what was going on. They came around and told us the meet and greet was for a quick picture and meeting and any signing would be done after the show. SO now we waited…. the line moved fairly quick and we talked with others in line while we waited. It was finally my turn 🙂

Stacey 5 (450x450)I just looked at Danny and smiled, He greeted me warmly with a big hug & said “Hey Stacey, so good to see you. Thanks for coming out!” I said,”I don’t get it; you remember my name… ” He said, “of course”.  That still amazes me because I don’t remember what I ate yesterday none-the-less names, especially since I have’t even seen him since last December!!!!!! We chit-chatted for a few seconds and he repeatedly thanked me for making the drive and he’s like your in Illinois right? AGAIN with the memory! Seriously – blown away, lol. He asked how long of a drive it was and I told him around 4 hours and he was very grateful and soooo sweet and humble as usual – seemed like 5 seconds and then security was rushing me along – UGH I could have chatted all night – so Laura had her quick time with Danny too and we were on our way to go and find our seats.

We were 3rd row right after the “bar line” they put up in front so we had an AMAZING view. I was SOOOO happy and excited, I brought my “real camera” and was excited to get some pictures – this was the closest I had been since the 1st Danny show I saw almost a year prior on 7/25/15 in a parking lot of a church with my lawn chair!!

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Danny was the last act to go on….I was SOOOOOO READY! The smoke started and he walked in and started singing “This is What it Means” – a video collage started behind him with pictures of “American Idol”, him and Sophia, Sophia’s Heart, Leyicet and their kids. It was beautiful and brought so much emotion to the song, I was brought to tears. I was a great start.

He went on to sing all my favs: “Hope in Front of me”, “More Than You Think I am” Better Than Gold” (Which had pics of married couples on the screens behind him) and of course, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”.  This song had me crying about halfway through, as a person that with a heart condition my whole life. I am a cardiac arrest survivor, meaning my heart has literally stopped beating, this song is MY ANTHEM! <3

In the middle of the all the songs we love – we heard new music “Symptoms” – “Better Than I Found It” (which he sang with Hollyn and it was INCREDIBLE! I’m wondering if they will sing on the album together. And “Alive” which is the new album name as well – the new music was better than I could even imagine. I love all the new songs.

Stacey 2 (450x300)I was frantically trying to take iPhone pics, pics with my big camera, do FB live videos and text my friend to tell her I was going live with “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” (she lost her entire home in an EF4 tornado last year and that song has really helped her this last year.) I still managed to dance and sing and just about lose my voice. He finished off of course with “It’s Not Over”. We were all jamming out, it was an incredible set!

Stacey 1 (450x325)We quickly tried to hurry out and get in line for autographs – we had bought our new merchandise before the concert so we were ready. I got a new T-shirt and the new single “Better Than I Found It” which came with a copy of Danny’s book, which I already have, but can gift this copy 😉 The line wasn’t too crazy by the time we got in it – and didn’t wait that long – all the artists were sitting at a table, so we went down the line getting autographs. When we got to Danny, I asked him about his “look” on the single and he said “It’s from my new photo shoot” 😉 I told him he looked younger and not like himself without the glasses! LOL. He signed away while I took selfies of us, until the security guard yelled at Laura and I and told us, “I said NO pics!!!” Danny was gracious and smiled along in the pics and thanked us again for driving all that way to come and see him! I told him that a lot has changed in a year and last summer I walked up to a free concert with my lawn chair in a church parking lot and this year you are on a huge tour and security is all around!! That is when I said to him….”I want to personally congratulate you on Male Artist of the Year” and I am sooooooo happy for you” He thanked me… and then we walked off!

Stacey Danny Gokey (440x550)We left that night on cloud 9. Got in the car and instantly put in Laura’s “Better Than I found it” CD and jammed all the way back to the hotel. It was an EPIC night and the drive was SO VERY worth it …. Danny if you don’t come to Illinois – we are coming to you – that’s what mega fans do!!!! <3

ALSO:  Stacey was the source of most of our new music info in this post.  Thanks much, Stacey!

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  1. Thank you so much, Stacey! Loved the photo of you and Danny. Your story touched my heart. Glad you had a great time! Was fun to read. 🙂

  2. What a great recap! Cute picture you captured in line with Danny, Stacey! Thanks for sharing.

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