Video: “Give Me Jesus” by Danny Gokey – Positive Hits Tour

We fell in love with “Give Me Jesus” when Danny Gokey added the song to his Christmas album, “Christmas is Here“.  Danny has taken it to an even higher level by the simple staging and his beautiful closing.

Our thanks to Zuzana for sharing her video and Grace Fershee Photography for the gorgeous photo!

from the K-LOVE/ Air-1 Positive Hits Tour.

Grace Fershee Danny Gokey Air 1

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10 thoughts on “Video: “Give Me Jesus” by Danny Gokey – Positive Hits Tour

  1. Very.

    I really liked the different ending. It seems to go on a little too long on the album. This was a nice ad lib by Danny.

  2. Beautiful, Zuzana. Thank you.

    Thank you for the nice photo, Grace.

    Does Danny have back up singers? Does he sing along with a recorded version?

  3. Cindy, I’m no sound expert, but I have gathered that they have the tracks from Danny’s album for each song on the computer near Maestro. They mute various parts for who is available. (That must be one of the sound guy’s job?) So, the drums, guitar, bass, keys and Danny’s lead are muted. When Eric, the bass player, got left with a cancelled flight and missed a show, a few weeks back, they unmuted the bass!

    Since Danny has no background singers, they use those tracks at his shows.

  4. Thank you very much Jan for sharing my video . This song “Give Me Jesus ” is my favorite from album ” Christmas Is Here “

  5. Loved this song when I heard it on Danny’s Christmas album and now I play it a lot before going to sleep. It gives me such a peaceful feeling. Loved the ending! Also loved the photo by Grace.

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