Recap: Zuzana at the Positive Hits Tour with Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey Zuzana PHT 2 (450x446)I’m fan of Danny Gokey since “American Idol”. I’m original from the Czech Republic, so please excuse my English. I am still learning English. My Czech is good and it would be much easier to write in my native language .

I know many singers from my old country, but nobody touched my heart like Danny . I think, if Danny start to sing opera I will be listening  and buy his opera recordings! Danny voice and music helps me.

My husband gave me the VIP ticket for my birthday . For the first time in my life, I took a pictures so close with the artists. Danny is very friendly and he is very nice for his fans. I went to concert alone. My husband made a surprise, when Danny began to sing, my husband came to the concert and sat dawn beside me. I had no idea that he would come there!  [Editor’s note: That is such a sweet surprise!]

Danny Gokey Zuzana PHT 6 (450x297)The Positive Hits Tour in Denver was my third concert featuring Danny Gokey. This concert was beautiful. All the artists did a wonderful job. I love hearing new music from Danny!!! I love Danny and his band, they are amazing!!! Best concert ever!

I bought copy of this book ” Hope In Front Of Me ” because  I wanted the demo of his song, “Better Than I Found It” and so I could pre-order the new album. Can’t wait for the album!!! So Excited!!! I also bought his Christmas album, “Christmas Is Here”. This present is for my friend’s daughter. She is big fan of Danny and she lives in the Czech Republic. Hopefully I will see Danny Gokey in concert again, soon.

Thank you , Danny for your music and wonderful work with Sophia’s Heart ! I’m very happy for Danny, Leyicet, Danny and Victoria!

Thank you, DannyGokeyNews for pictures , videos and information about Danny! I want to say Hi Ihearties!!! I’m proud fan!!!

To learn more about Danny’s new music, click on this link:

Enjoy Zuzana’s “Give Me Jesus” video at the following link (P.S. More to come!)

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  1. Reading fellow fan’s recap always makes me happy.Also nice Photo.Thanks for sharing

  2. A wonderful recap, Zuzana. Danny has a way of touching our hearts, doesn’t he?!

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