Lyrics: Danny Gokey’s “RISE”!

Lyrics Sunrise (480x325)
There’s a brokenness inside of you
there’s a wound that still reminds you
of the fear, shame and rejection
you have seen it, you have seen it

You know it’s time to get up
but your heart’s paralyzed, you’re so stuck
you’re past the point of trying again
you’re defeated, you’re defeated

But something inside you can’t deny
you hear the call of your Creator
I made you for more, unlocked the door
I wanna restore your Glory
So Rise
Breaking the dark, piercing the night
you’re made to shine
an army of hope, bringing the world a radiant light, a radiant light
you were made to Rise

lift your head and look around you
see the dreams you lost, they’ve found you
and the heart that once was beating
coming back to life, coming back to life

(back to chorus)

shut the door on yesterday
leave what happened in the grave
you were made to rise
you were made to shine
Creation’s longing for the day
for kings and queens to take their place
you were made to rise
you were made to shine

Breaking the dark, piercing the night
Made to shine
Bring the world a radiant light
breaking the dark, piercing the night
you’re made to shine
an army of hope, bringing the world a radiant light
a radiant light
you were made to rise, Rise (repeat line to fade)

Our thanks to Lori and Penny for providing these lyrics for us!


13 thoughts on “Lyrics: Danny Gokey’s “RISE”!

  1. Danny,
    Your music and lyrics are simply amazing! Rise is another example of your talent and ability to inspire. As each day begins, I do my own worship service, watching the dawn break, reading inspirational or insightful articles, writing my thoughts and prayers, and listening to positive uplifting music. I so enjoy beginning my day with your beautiful voice and touching words! Thank you so much.
    You have a beautiful family and a light in your eyes that is truly God-given. Bless you for all you do to help others praise God and for helping me get my day off to a wonderful start.

    Vicki Hudson

  2. Hi Vicky. Thanks for sharing the impact of Danny’s music on you. Your description of your morning devotions sounds like a beautiful way to start a day! Jsn

  3. I would love to be able to get the Chords to the song. I can’t find any place to buy them or any thing.

    I worship best by just getting to play my guitar and just sing my heart out to Jesus.

  4. Hi Seth, we haven’t seen the chords for RISE, yet. But I will definitely bring them here when they pop up.

    Thanks for dropping by. Since I have approved your first comment, all future ones will show immediately.

  5. Related? (Some suggestions in comments under video. Don’t know if they will help.)

  6. Hi Ollie,

    We are glad to have you join us at DGNews! We are inspired by Danny’s music, too.

    From now on your comments will post immediately 🙂

  7. I love your music and can’t wait to see you at the pit in December I’m taking my son to see you for his birthday his name is Christopher Ortega

  8. Danny I know your time has come now to bring light.. I am a warrior of God and I have been going through a hurendous battle but God has used your music to lift me up it is your time that your music should come forward I know this. I am also a musician and I have many songs thanksbut this is been a war in your music is help me to fight thank you you are right in the middle of the will of god …I sense this in the spirit… you have gone through a darkness to help others who are fighting to come out and to rise I am one of them thank you thank you

  9. Brian,

    We are very grateful that Danny’s music is helping you through a difficult time. Thanks for sharing the impact it is having.


  10. Yes – thank you for the lyrics. Me and the local DJ hear “radiator light, radiator light”. We know a satellite is what cowboys use when riding at nights but were confused about a radiator light. God bless – continue to remain and abide with Christ so the lyrics keep flowing thru you by God’s Spirit – so you remain a “radiant light”.

  11. Hey, Larry! Glad we could help you out by deciphering Danny’s less than clear enunciation on that lyric.

    We had help 😉

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