Featured Fan: Danny Gokey Helps Virginia’s “Keep Positive” Plan

Virgina Positive Hits Danny Gokey (480x282)Editior’s Note:  We love when we can share the stories of  how Danny Gokey’s music has impacted lives.  Our thanks to Virginia for sharing her story with us!

“I really enjoyed meeting Danny and getting a picture with him at the Creation Festival in Kennewick, WA with my service dog. This was my second concert ever and I was very excited to attend. This was part of a recovery plan that was to help me stay positive during my first six months since I was recently medically retired from the military after 32 yrs of service.

My plan to “Keep Positive Plan” started the week before when I attended my first Wounded Warrior Care Event in Tacoma, WA. The day after the Care Event ended I was in Kennewick, WA to see Danny. I then got to spend the week with my oldest son, his wife and my first grandchild. They live in Pasco, WA. I left there headed back home to southern Oregon and on the way stopped to see Danny one more time in Eugene, OR.

I was blown away by this third concert and all the artists, but especially by seeing Danny at the Capstone of this event! The Positive Hits line up was way beyond anything I expected! Hollyn, Passion, Capitol King, and DANNY!! Truly was an awesome way to cap my Positive Plan for retirement. Seeing Danny in concert was the first thing I added to my plan because his song, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” was so important to my still being here and finding hope that could get me past this darker time in my life and move forward toward a life that God must still have in His Plan for me or why would I still be here?

Thank you Danny for moving forward with God’s Plan for your life so that your songs could reach so many more like me!!”

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8 thoughts on “Featured Fan: Danny Gokey Helps Virginia’s “Keep Positive” Plan

  1. I couldn’t have made it to any of these events without my Service Dog, Finnegan. He has made a huge difference for my ability to get out and do these Positive things. I’m truly blessed that the PAWS Assisting Veterans (PAVE) organization were able to rescue such a beautiful Belgian Shepherd and train him for a year for me. But even after all that training and waiting and two weeks of me being trained on his commands, Finnegan had to make the choice and he chose me! Our connection is strong and he knows what I need, even before I do. He is an amazing answer to my prayers!

  2. Awww!! Finnigan sounds like an awesome companion! So glad you have each other. Thanks, Giginsite!

  3. Virginia, I am impressed with the traveling you and Finnagan have already accomplished! So glad you were able to see Danny twice AND spend time with your first grandchild, son &DIL.

    I am also a new-ish grand parent and it is such a gift to have a second opportunity to cherish (and spoil!!) a child in my family!

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