Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 8/15 – 8/28/16

Grace Fershee Danny Gokey PH 11 (480x320) (2)

Danny Gokey On The Positve Hits Tour

  Photos thanks to Grace Fershee Photography
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70 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 8/15 – 8/28/16

  1. Aren’t these photos by Grace amazing? Thanks to her and the others, professional and fan, that contribute to DGNews!!

    I predict there will be at least 1 mediabase add of #RISE, today!

    While the impact day to radio isn’t coming up for another 3 weeks, K-LOVE will have an auto add based on this:

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KLV-FM >K-Love Network Christian AC 19 19 3 3 5 4 4 1.401

    Here’s how RISE is registered for radio play:
    Formats: Christian, Christian CHR, Christian AC, Christian Specialty, Christian Top 40, Christian Hot AC
    Available Date & Time: August 11, 2016 11:01 PM ET
    Impact Date: September 2, 2016

  2. So “Rise” is available to radio stations now, but the impact date isn’t until the beginning of September, correct? What is an “impact date” anyway?

  3. I follow the company that has songs available for radio stations to download, that is where I got the info pasted in.

    “Impact date: when the song is sent to radio.
    Release date: when the song is available as an official release physically and / or digitally outside of being available as an album track.”

    Since klove premiered the song and they have large AI, but don’t count very much at mediabase, they may be only one of a few stations that add RISE before the official impact date. Generally labels like to see a lot of interest in a song all focused on adds around the impact date. Remember how Secondhand Heart got so many initial adds? But the stations only played it a few times, or not at all, and the song went recurrent and Danny was dropped by RCA.

    With CAC radio, they seldom add a song without putting it into rotation. Danny had very few initial adds for HIFOM, but the song gained support very slowly over the next 6 months.

    I think #RISE will have a lot of support as it closes in on the impact date. Danny has a lighter September tour schedule. Doing radio promo, finishing the album or catching up with his personal life?

  4. Thank you Jan for all the information.

    I think Danny deserves a vacation. 🙂

  5. Thank you, Jan. I know why Danny won for “best male performer.” I’ve never seen Danny lay on the stage before. 🙂 I wish he had put “It’s Not Over” out for a single. I know many can relate to that song. They go crazy performing it… I enjoy it.

  6. My favorite part of the video above was when Danny started the Spanish part of TYHTBA and then moved back to English and the audience started singing with him. I wanted to see that segment again, but I did not want to re-watch the entire video. I didn’t know where that was, so I decided to just check places at random. It didn’t take long. The very first place I tried (at about 8 minutes) was exactly where I wanted. I didn’t expect it to be that easy. 🙂

  7. That is pretty cool. Well received, too. And when the crowd sang the chorus so loud with Danny, I think it took him a little by surprise. I’ve heard that a whole crowd singing your song is a very special thing for an artist.

    Well, look what just broke onto Billboard Christian Airplay Chart:

    Biggest Gainer:
    28 ¯ 1 DANNY GOKEY Rise BMG 389 +389 1.374 29

  8. Was Criterion one of the companies Danny could have met with in that recent trip to LA with Mitch?

    Criteria Ent. ‏@Criteriaent 6h6 hours ago Los Angeles, CA View translation
    Todo puede pasar en #thezoo de @LATVNetwork con @dannygokey como invitado especial! #LaEsperanzaFrenteAMi

    quite a photo with the tweet { “anything can happen in #thezoo with Danny Gokey as special invitee” – something like that}

  9. LATV (Spanish pronunciation: [la´teβe]; originally pronounced on-air as from 2007 to 2014 and, since 2014, serving as a backronym for its on-air slogan, “Latino Alternative Television”) is an American bilingual broadcast television network that is owned by LATV Networks, LLC. The network primarily carries a mix of original and imported music, talk and variety series aimed at Hispanic and Latino American teenagers and young adults between the ages of 12 and 34.

    As of January 2015, LATV’s programming is carried on television stations in 37 media markets encompassing 17 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, covering approximately 37% of the United States (or 42,254,000 households with at least one television set). The majority of its stations receive LATV through affiliation agreements with the network; Los Angeles flagship station KJLA serves as the network’s sole owned-and-operated station via its ownership by LATV parent LATV Networks.

    the Zoo
    A fast-paced, high energy hour-long talk show featuring daily celebrity guests, games, trivia, and segments that cover everything from politics to pop culture, and the latest viral trends from the web, nothing is o [sic] limits on The Zoo.


  10. Was Criterion one of the companies Danny could have met with in that recent trip to LA with Mitch?

    Yes, I think so. I started following them when they tweeted about Danny the days he was in LA for the photo shoot. (And obviously meetings?)

    Admin2, I’ll need you to tape that episode of LATV for me 🙂

  11. I saw this headline on Yahoo: “See ‘Octomon’ After 7 Years of Giving Birth.”

    If I had written the headline, I would have changed the position of the word “after.” I would have written: “See ‘Octomon’ 7 Years After Giving Birth.”

    (It was one of those “sponsored” articles. I didn’t click on it.)

  12. Lurker, I guess newspapers have been messing up headlines for a long time, but their editor still should have corrected that one!

    No one can give birth for 7 years…. 😉

    An afternoon was long enough for me!

  13. “So, Danny is tweeting about getting ready for his RISE video shoot, and meanwhile, Leyicet tweets this!”

    I wonder if Danny is also making a video of a Christmas song. A song to be added to a reissue of his Christmas album?

  14. I like that Danny is wearing a very nice jacket in that photo. (But can they smooth out the bags under his eyes? He must be tired/not awake…)

    I was afraid he was going all t-shirts. This photo from Criteria Entertainment shows him in those t-shirts he loves (i.e. baggy…)


  15. Jan,
    Do you think Rise will be down on Billboard next week and then start back up after that? This week it was high, but the song started with the KLove promotion and the initial fan sales when it was first out. Now Rise is down on iTunes, and there is not still the big promotion. So, is the Billboard placement likely to drop because of that and then go back up when the video comes out and when the song goes to radio?
    Also, I hope Rise gets a revolving banner on iTunes. Danny very seldom gets those. 🙂 I think they make a big impact. (I suppose they must be quite expensive.)

  16. Lurker, the Billboard chart that Danny is on should not be significantly impacted by lack of new sales (the Hot Christian chart would be affected!)

    But we will see. He has KTIS of Minneapolis now starting to play it as well as Klove and Sirius Radio. All big AI.

    Yes, Danny gas a very diverse fan base. And band 😉

  17. May have already been posted but small video of new music video on the making. Seems that Danny is definitely singing along live while it’s being filmed.


    A number of photos and videos also of the video by the director’s same Instagram account.

  18. The LA surprised me but I guess with CCM there’s no need for it to be in Nashville or even southeast.

    I wonder when they filmed it. Or is Danny actually in LA now/recently? I thought he was touring.

  19. Was Danny touring in California around August 12-19? Would he have been anywhere close to where he filmed?

    Did the tweets say where the filming was done, or do they mention the location of the video story? (Sometimes, one place substitutes for another.)

  20. Danny had two days in Anaheim, CA (Tuesday & Wednesday) and they had Thursday off from the tour. That was the filming day. Back on the tour near San Jose on Friday night.

    Geez, guys, I go on a camping trip for a couple of days and I still have to fill you in 😉

  21. I hope they used some of the beautiful beach locations in SoCal. Would be breath taking with the song RISE.

    Hope you had a great time camping, Jan.

  22. I’m lost without that “edit” button. My above post should be “breathtaking.” 🙁

  23. Thanks, Jan. I think my mind was going one way for the song RISE, and Danny and Team are going another. Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  24. Last week of the Positive Hits Tour.

    I think #RISE will get 2 more radio station adds, today.

    I am on vacation in FL. If retired people can call it vacation…. 😉

  25. @dannygokeynewz: #RISE by @dannygokey moves up from #29 to #25 on the @Billboard Christian Airplay Chart!

  26. I just submitted my Dove Award nominations.

    I’m a non-professional member of the GMA. So I get to vote in 5 categories 🙂

    Balloting closes on 8/29/16.

    I’m really enjoying my Florida trip. We play/jump in the ocean waves each morning, following by water yoga in the pool, lunch out, sightseeing, siesta in the afternoon and then out tonight for a sunset boat ride 🙂

    But it is HOT down here…

  27. Sounds like fun, Jan. Yes, Florida can get hot and humid. Very pretty, though.

  28. Jan,
    Are these numbers the current ones? There are so many charts that I get confused.

    “28m28 minutes ago
    DANNY GOKEY’s “Rise” debuts at #14 on #Billboard’s Christian Digital Songs chart.”

    “41m41 minutes ago
    DANNY GOKEY’s “Rise” debuts at #28 on #Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs. @dannygokey”

    “42m42 minutes ago
    DANNY GOKEY’s “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” rebounds 10-8 on #Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs.”

  29. Yes, Lurker. I had checked the Hot Christian and I could only access the Top 25, so I didn’t see the new debut at #28. But I REALLY didn’t expect Danny to have RISE on the digital song chart, yet. He has two songs in the top 15 of Christian Digital Songs!

    I’m preparing a post, but I have to wait to confirm the Hot Christian when I can access it tomorrow. Danny re-tweeted our morning announcement on the Christian Airplay chart.

  30. Preview:
    TYHTBA is jealous of the newcomer RISE. “Tell” sees RISE doing well and decides to fight back. RISE moves to #1 (everywhere). Tell fights harder and makes a comeback. It become #1. Then RISE rebounds. They keep changing places.
    Eventually, Danny releases another single. RISE and Tell both love it. They put aside their competition and embrace the new member of the family.

  31. I like your song story, Lurker, but the real battle will likely be with Lauren’s new single 🙁

    47 44 BRITT NICOLE Through Your Eyes 58 44 14 0.228
    166 45 LAUREN DAIGLE Come Alive (Dry Bones) 56 6 50 0.395
    60 46 DANNY GOKEY Rise 55 30 25 1.388

    Lauren’s beat Danny on spins this week, but he has the higher AI. For now…..

    Hopefully this time Danny will clearly get the Billboard and Mediabase #1 for #RISE.

  32. Someone else pretending songs have feelings. 🙂

    ” 22m22 minutes ago
    Sorry “hope in front of me”,I like rise now,I was made to RISE!!! #RISE #on repeat @dannygokey “

  33. Lookin’ good:

    28 15 NATALIE GRANT King Of The World 967 +238 .433 23

    23 8 CROWDER My Victory 894 +54 2.178 24

    29 25 DANNY GOKEY Rise BMG 625 +236 2.154 25

  34. Some album sales news

    Artist/this week/total

    I think touring really helps Danny’s sales:

    VARIOUS ARTISTS 1,905 219,631

    CROWDER  1,690 217,481

    CASTING CROWNS 1,253 544,063

    DANNY GOKEY 1,167 119,780

    JORDAN FELIZ 1,156 33,787

    JEREMY CAMP 1,151 186,183


  35. Go Rise, Go!

    Looking good on the Mediabase chart, too:

    41 41 I AM THEY Make A Way 85 81 4 0.35
    46 42 PASSION/KRISTIAN STANFILL In Christ Alone 82 54 28 0.418
    47 43 BRITT NICOLE Through Your Eyes 78 52 26 0.202
    49 44 DANNY GOKEY Rise 68 45 23 1.598
    42 45 AUDIO ADRENALINE Sound Of The Saints 68 70 -2 0.457
    133 46 MICAH TYLER Never Been A Moment 66 10 56 0.345
    45 47 AUSTIN & LINDSEY ADAMEC Walk On Waves 61 55 6 0.133
    74 48 HAWK NELSON Live Like You’re Loved 59 25 34 0.091
    56 49 PASSION Radio 54 36 18 1.333
    65 50 LAUREN DAIGLE Come Alive (Dry Bones) 52 28 24 0.303

    KLOVE and KTIS’ big AI is really helping Danny’ song on Billboard.

  36. ” 2m2 minutes ago
    Pretended to have a boyfriend ( random person I made take a pic) just so I could make the big screen at @dannygokey ”

    Doesn’t seem to be what Danny planned. 🙁

  37. True, Lurker. But I like a woman that has enough spunk as to do something when she doesn’t fit the program 😉

    Although does that random guy belong to another? I haven’t seen too many single guys go to Danny concerts… but I guess there are a few?

  38. haven’t seen too many single guys go to Danny concerts

    Probably in church groups, or family outings at very minimum. have seen lots of brothers / sons in concert pics got these tours, no?

  39. TYHTBA video at #3.

    I wonder why it is up again. ??? (I follow Danny’s lead for punctuation. His multiples are usually ! though. He does have a lot going on to be !!! about–including many comebacks from the itunes video trash bin to the top five list. 🙂 )

  40. ” 23m23 minutes ago North Region, Singapore
    @dannygokey’s HIFOM was one of the worship songs used at the Hope For The Broken talk at the #KerygmaGrandFeastAsia2016 yesterday. So moved”

  41. Good morning!

    The busy touring time for Danny is done for a little while, now. I do wonder what he is up to in Dallas? Will he and Leyicet be appearing on one of the Christian programs based out of that area? Or???

    My sense is that Leyicet didn’t travel to Dallas just to take in the final show. Something else is coming up.

  42. I was thinking of this program that had Danny on before:


    With the new single, I could see Danny making a new appearance and with the story behind it and Leyicet’s part in helping him get back up during his 2013 depression, I would think it could be compelling programming for DayStar.

    PS. Personally, this is not my preferred programming, but it seems to have a large impact/inspiration for many of Danny’s fans. My husband doesn’t think I have a full appreciation of the depths depression can take a person…. probably very true.

  43. I jumped the gun on a new post for the next week 🙂


    BTW, I’m listening to Danny’s #BetterThanIFoundIt. I think it could be his biggest hit, yet. It should get pushed to mainstream music and/or used for a anti-violence campaign. Or a campaign to get people involved with improving their community? Beautifully sang. VERY recognizable as Danny. It fits his voice perfectly.

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