Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 8/15 – 8/28/16

Grace Fershee Danny Gokey PH 11 (480x320) (2)

Danny Gokey On The Positve Hits Tour

  Photos thanks to Grace Fershee Photography
Follow her at Instagram: @gracefershee &  Twitter: @fershee2000

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70 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 8/15 – 8/28/16

  1. True, Lurker. But I like a woman that has enough spunk as to do something when she doesn’t fit the program 😉

    Although does that random guy belong to another? I haven’t seen too many single guys go to Danny concerts… but I guess there are a few?


  2. haven’t seen too many single guys go to Danny concerts

    Probably in church groups, or family outings at very minimum. have seen lots of brothers / sons in concert pics got these tours, no?


  3. TYHTBA video at #3.

    I wonder why it is up again. ??? (I follow Danny’s lead for punctuation. His multiples are usually ! though. He does have a lot going on to be !!! about–including many comebacks from the itunes video trash bin to the top five list. 🙂 )


  4. ” 23m23 minutes ago North Region, Singapore
    @dannygokey’s HIFOM was one of the worship songs used at the Hope For The Broken talk at the #KerygmaGrandFeastAsia2016 yesterday. So moved”


  5. Good morning!

    The busy touring time for Danny is done for a little while, now. I do wonder what he is up to in Dallas? Will he and Leyicet be appearing on one of the Christian programs based out of that area? Or???

    My sense is that Leyicet didn’t travel to Dallas just to take in the final show. Something else is coming up.


  6. I was thinking of this program that had Danny on before:


    With the new single, I could see Danny making a new appearance and with the story behind it and Leyicet’s part in helping him get back up during his 2013 depression, I would think it could be compelling programming for DayStar.

    PS. Personally, this is not my preferred programming, but it seems to have a large impact/inspiration for many of Danny’s fans. My husband doesn’t think I have a full appreciation of the depths depression can take a person…. probably very true.


  7. I jumped the gun on a new post for the next week 🙂


    BTW, I’m listening to Danny’s #BetterThanIFoundIt. I think it could be his biggest hit, yet. It should get pushed to mainstream music and/or used for a anti-violence campaign. Or a campaign to get people involved with improving their community? Beautifully sang. VERY recognizable as Danny. It fits his voice perfectly.


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