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95 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 8/29 – 9/11/16

  1. Good morning! Danny’s #RISE is moving up nicely. I expect that WAFJ will add the song today:

    37 40 HANNAH KERR Undivided 93 100 -7 0.336
    39 41 FINDING FAVOUR Refuge 90 96 -6 2.347
    40 42 I AM THEY Make A Way 86 81 5 0.378
    67 43 HAWK NELSON Live Like You’re Loved 78 28 50 0.128
    46 44 DANNY GOKEY Rise 72 49 23 1.637
    42 45 AUDIO ADRENALINE Sound Of The Saints 65 70 -5 0.405

    Here are the monitored stations playing RISE

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KTIS-FM Minneapolis Christian AC 27 13 14 6 5 6 4 6 0.339
    KLV-FM >K-Love Network Christian AC 19 18 1 5 3 4 4 3 1.287
    X032-FM >SiriusXM Christian AC 16 18 -2 4 2 4 2 4 0
    WAFJ-FM Augusta, GA Christian AC 10 10 4 2 2 2 0.011

  2. I think a lot is in the works, Lurker. The single’s impact date is this Friday. I’ve heard that a number of stations are on board for a strong release. Perhaps the video comes out on Friday, too? It would be a good time to have available for radio stations to add to their websites.

    Album, definitely isn’t coming until January.

    And with Danny’s new side business as a B&B, I could see it being used for some youTube videos — or will Mitch actually pitch a reality series for D&L? He has a good record of getting his artists that kind of gig.

  3. It’s been a REALLY good year!

    October 2015 Christmas Album
    July 2016 Spanish HIFOM
    January 2017 RISE (or whatever they call it?)

    And the number of shows? I can’t imagine Danny doing that many on a continuing basis, but he has the Be One Tour dates, Celebrate Christmas dates and then the Casting Crowns Tour coming up in 2017.

    I hope Danny gets a Dove for one of his nominations. That would definitely make it a VERY special year for him.

  4. Two more questions:
    Will there be a tour for the Spanish album? Which countries will be toured?

  5. And will Danny ever get to the Philippines?

    Is there a country song on the next album? How about a duet?

    Will 2017 be the year Danny returns to Summerfest?

  6. Most of the time it seems that album dates are announced ahead of time. It seems sometimes to be bad timing because of lots of competition or because of someone hugely popular having an album coming out the same date. Depending on what else is out there, an album might do great in one week even though the same numbers would be awful in a different week.

    Why, I wonder, can’t a label have an album ready then release it without prior notice. It would need publicity when released so that people would know to buy it, but perhaps a date could be more easily determined that would have less competition.

  7. Lurker, I want to know WHEN I will be able to get the rest of my Danny album…. but I do know what you mean with getting a high number on a Billboard chart being a hard thing to time. I’d imagine that competition will be much lighter in January than in November, when artists are trying to maximize Christmas sales…. but Danny has his Spanish and Christmas album available and probably needed a bit more time to finish #RISE.

  8. I hadn’t gotten around to looking at the Adds until now and Danny’s #RISE received 2 monitored and 1 unmonitored! Nice movement. I don’t think WLAB had even played it, yet, but they added it today. Fort Wayne seems to <3 Danny 🙂

    Danny Gokey News ‏@dannygokeynewz now
    We <3 @883WAFJ, @Star883 & Spirit KCVO- FM for trailblazing support of @DannyGokey's #RISE! #YouWereMadetoRise #YouWereMadetoShine

  9. Jan,
    I read this incorrectly at first.

    ” for trailblazing support of @DannyGokey”

    I thought someone had tweeted you about your outstanding support of Danny. Someone should. <3

  10. Lurker, you were a little worried how RISE would do on Billboard? Here’s the specifics for the one chart RISE is on:

    Christian National Airplay

    24 23 16 NATALIE GRANT King Of The World CURB 1116 +149 2.858 24

    25 25 3 DANNY GOKEY Rise BMG 702 +77 2.430 25

    26 26 12 LINCOLN BREWSTER Oxygen INTEGRITY 657 -16 1.734 26

    27 33 11 STARS GO DIM Walking Like Giants FERVENT/WORD-CURB 783 +213 1.542 27

    28 27 15 TOBYMAC FEAT. NF Til The Day I Die FOREFRONT 531 +21 1.384 28

  11. Thanks, Jan.

    I hope when the single impacts radio that a banner will also impact itunes. I think both events would have a big impact on making RISE rise. 😉

  12. Day before official song impact, #Rise enters the Top 40 on Mediabase CAC. 8 monitored stations now playing it. Hopefully we’ll see an even bigger splash by the end of the chart on Sunday night 🙂

    Here’s a new way to track it: Spotify

    RISE 83,211 plays
    TYHTBA 3, 445,360
    HIFOM 3,728,346
    MTYIA 1,485,358
    BTG 756,521
    MBDAAM 320,282

  13. There is a five-girl music group that often has pictures posted at MJ’s. I sometimes notice them. Not for their music. I have never listened to it. Not for anything written about them. I’ve never clicked on it.

    What gets my attention is their posture and the camera angles of the photos. It seems the camera is trying too take up-skirt photos. (Although, there are usually no skirts.) Anyway, that is the reason I have noticed the group. I don’t know where they are from, etc. The pictures have only attracted my attention to the poses and to the camera angles–not to their work.

    I do like the current picture of Danny on RISE. Good camera angle. Good pose.

  14. I had noticed that, too, Lurker. And the fact that no matter how many times Danny had a concert scheduled, it was rare for his picture to be featured 😉

    BUT things are MUCH better over there for DG fans 🙂

  15. I recall the lack of excitement that impact day has in the Christian genre compared to Danny’s RCA days. Much more low key. No bragging about 100 stations adding the song, etc…. but in this genre, if a station adds the song, they PLAY the song 🙂

    So, not surprised the banner isn’t there, Lurker. Hopefully once it gets more airplay, the video and it results in more single sales. 🙂

  16. TYHTBA is still doing well on iTunes.I wonder how many copies of it has sold now as a single.

  17. Good Day, Ihearties,

    That was funny, Jan. I agree, Victoria is adorable. Daniel is so handsome. It’s been fun watching them grow up. Very sweet children. 🙂

    It’s hard to believe Autumn will be here in a few weeks. It’s been a very hot summer..

  18. Looks like Danny has been putting on a great show, and I’m sorry I had to miss him on the Positive Hits tour. I even had two different cities to choose from, both a reasonable distance away. But I had way too much on my plate with my sister’s health issues, and I still need to focus on that.

  19. I’m not sure what happened, Ellen.

    Another Christmas date added to our calendar
    Central Baptist Church – College Station, TX
    Friday, Dec 2, 2016 7:00 PM

  20. I think Danny’s label gives him an opportunity that most artists do not get: the chance to record a variety of songs in different styles. Some people perhaps don’t even know that he is given this privilege. It might surprise some (if they expect all CCM songs on an album) to hear Take It To The Limit and Symptoms.

  21. I like this song. I found it because I had read the name Larry Gaitlyn and and got him confused with Lee Greenwood (maybe the initials?). I looked up Larry and found this. I like both the voice and the lyrics.

  22. I have always bought whatever Danny puts out– so it surprises me when someone commented they didn’t know his song “This is What it Means” — but love it now since he opened with it. I do appreciate the variety of styles of music he has been able to include. On his Christmas album, too.

    And I have some smug satisfaction that Danny has been able to carryout his vision on his music that he expressed after Idol. Inspirational music, fun music, with a Latin beat. 🙂

  23. Monday chart update from Mediabase, a move up 9 spots in one week. I like that. 10 monitored stations are spinning RISE. I’ll never forget the glacial climb of HIFOM…. Or the big burst for Second Hand Heart — and the huge dropoff, too. Radio takes a skilled team to navigate. And excellent relationships.

    34 32 THIRD DAY Victorious 180 161 19 0.631
    33 33 SETH & NIRVA Brother (Open Up..) f/GabeReal 155 180 -25 0.384 35 34 CARROLLTON Tell Me 152 136 16 0.8
    44 35 DANNY GOKEY Rise 128 72 56 1.8
    38 36 BRITT NICOLE Through Your Eyes 124 102 22 0.378
    37 37 ALL THINGS NEW Believe 123 123 0 0.468
    51 38 LAUREN DAIGLE Come Alive (Dry Bones) 113 47 66 0.393

  24. I Will Not Say Goodbye moved up really quickly on the chart at first couple weeks.At that time the only single that could keep up with IWNSG was If I Die Young by Band Perry.Unfortunately IWNSG didn’t go all the way to the top like IID did.I still feel sad thinking about it.I thought it would be a huge hit.

  25. Make that three of us, Mr Bing & Lurker! Four if you count Danny 😉

    Danny sang IWNSGB so well. It fit the genre, but radio programmers kept reporting it made their listeners sad and it didn’t fit their drive tI’m shows…

    It still is being used in a lot of tribute videos by people losing a loved one. It has a lot of youTube views and good numbers on Spotify.

    I think Danny should be me proud of it, but I an more MAD that RCA didn’t push to make it Danny’s first #1.

    He was robbed, IMO.

  26. Make that five. I Will Not Say Goodbye made me cry every time, but it was a beautiful song that had a strong message. ♥

  27. You’re right, Lurker. The comments below are good, too. I never visit that page, but I read something interesting. Lauren Daigle is very popular, but yet she was never on American Idol?

  28. Lauren Daigle did audition for American Idol three times. According to Wiki:

    She tried out for American Idol in 2010 and 2012 after her father encouraged her to compete in the singing competition. She was cut just before the final 24 contestants in 2010, didn’t make it to Hollywood in 2011, made it through the Hollywood round in 2012, but was cut in the first Las Vegas round in 2012.

  29. Something I like a lot about the song I posted above (“I’ve Done Enough Dying Today”) is that the background music is so soft that it seems to fade away, and I notice just the voice with the “falsetto.” (I think that is the term. I am completely musically ignorant. I can’t carry a tune and don’t even know if or when someone else is not carrying one. I know only that some voices and some songs I like; others I don’t.)

    About the song above: With the music fading softly into the background, the voice is very clear. Every word is easy to hear and understand.

  30. Lurker, I too am musically ignorant. But I think falsetto is when a male singer pushes past his normal range. In this case, I think whichever Gatlin Brother was singing lead (Larry?) may be a natural tenor. I think he was singing within his range, even on the high notes.

  31. Thanks for the explanation of falsetto, Ellen. It was very interesting.

    Now I understand what it is, but I still think I probably won’t be able to identify it when I hear it. I have wondered if Danny’s long, up-and-down part of “hearts” in Christmas is Here (“in our hearts”) is falsetto. It is high, but there is nothing that seems forced about it. It is exquisitely beautiful in tone–almost sounds unreal, but it seems easy for Danny to achieve.

  32. Here is one description of falsetto:

    MAY 21 2012 8:04 PM
    Can Women Sing in Falsetto?
    Sure, but why would they?

    By Will Oremus
    Robin Gibb in 1973
    Courtesy AVRO

    Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, a trio of brothers famous for their high-pitched singing on hits such as “Stayin’ Alive” and “Night Fever,” died Sunday at age 62. As falsetto singers, they’re part of a male musical tradition that includes Franki Valli and the Four Seasons, Curtis Mayfield, and Prince. Why don’t women ever sing in a falsetto?

    Will Oremus
    Will Oremus is Slate’s senior technology writer. Email him at will.oremus@slate.com or follow him on Twitter.

    Because they don’t have to. The term falsetto has multiple definitions, but it most commonly refers to a vocal technique that allows men to reach the high registers that women can hit naturally. In anatomical terms, a falsetto voice results from the stretching of the vocal cords so thin that the mucous membranes remain mostly parted, instead of opening and closing fully as they do in one’s natural singing voice. This results in a higher-pitched sound than would otherwise be attainable, though it comes with a loss of power and control.

    According to this description, both men and women can use “falsetto” voices for speaking or singing. A falsetto can be difficult to distinguish audibly from a woman’s natural vocal range, however. That’s because their thinner, more flexible vocal cords give them greater, natural control over their voices as they rise into the highest registers. So while untrained male voices “break” into falsetto as they rise, women’s voices slide into it.

  33. Thanks, Jan,
    You and Ellen are helping to educate me a little. 🙂

    I also looked up “falsetto” and read about someone named Slim Whitman. I listened to a little of his music, but I didn’t like what I found. Maybe I didn’t listen to the right songs?
    I read that he was hugely popular in much of the world (especially England) and that he had an influence on many big-name stars. I’ve already forgotten most of the names I read. One was Elvis.
    Other interesting tidbits I read: Audie Murphy (war hero and actor) had trouble sleeping because of vivid war memories. Listening to Whitman helped him some.
    Whitman was kind to his fans. After concerts, he would often take his guitar to the parking lot and sing to fans who had been unable to get in. Too, he stayed very late signing and talking to fans. What I read about him makes it sound as though he was a kind person.
    I like kind people. (See, you probably thought I was off-topic again. But now I’ve circled right back to Danny. He is kind too.)

  34. And here I was fooled into thinking Danny was on a simple family vacation, LOL:

    Danny Gokey News ‏@dannygokeynewz
    WOW!! What an amazing lineup of artists & sessions for @CMBonline #Momentum2016 #SendVideosPhotos #AmazingDaysAhead


    I must be slipping. I knew about CMB’s annual conference and Danny usually pairs his vacations with a bit of work. They drove to Miami and then Danny will be performing at the Orlando conference with a whole bunch of other artists!

    Here’s what they say about the conference:

    Momentum is the only place where Christian music broadcasters from around the world converge under one roof to be encouraged, engaged and equipped. This premiere event in September is four days packed with speakers who will challenge you and performances that will inspire you. It’s the best time to connect with peers and meet new friends, all who want to see Christian radio thrive.
    How can your station navigate a world that seems to be changing at an increasingly rapid pace everywhere we look? The theme of Momentum 2016 is one that encourages us to embrace changes in technology and culture, and prepare us for the next generation. When we do that, we get to share the Gospel in new and creative ways. It’s exciting! So we approach what’s on the horizon (and what’s already here) not with fear or dread, but with an enthusiastic expectancy of how God will use us to break through the noise with a message of hope…Hello Future!

  35. I found this on their website. I like having the definition of the different charts:
    Published Christian AC Chart – This chart consists of the weekly total spins on selected monitored stations in the Christian AC format. The data is compiled from a 7-Day cycle beginning Sunday and ending Saturday. Published weekly in USA Today.

    Published Audience Chart – This chart consists of the weekly total audience numbers, provided by Nielsen data,
    on selected monitored stations including all Christian formats. The data is compiled from a 7-Day cycle beginning Sunday and ending Saturday.

    Activator Charts – These format-specific charts consist of the total weekly spins on both monitored and non-monitored (reported airplay) stations. Activator charts are available in the Christian AC, Christian Hot AC, Christian Rock, and Christian Soft AC formats. The data is compiled from a 7-Day cycle beginning Sunday and ending Saturday.

  36. And one more comment…

    Danny’s #RISE received 2 monitored and 3 unmonitored adds:

    DANNY GOKEY – Rise

  37. I don’t know much about falsetto but at one point I got into an online exchange with the person who ran the Idol Ranges site that tried to show the range of various singers on AI. Danny was one of the highest overall, although of course Adam Lambert and even Chris Daughtry were at the top if I remember. I don’t recall Carrie as being one of the top females. Forget who was – Kelly? (Chris D came out very high because he had hit a very low note.)

    The person who ran the site said that you could have someone whose regular voice could hit as high as their falsetto, and that the singer might choose one or the other for effect to fit the song. In her regular stats she did not count falsetto in the range statistics, though seemed she kept track of it as a variation.

    Good to see Rise doing well on the charts.
    I hadn’t seen those chart descriptions Jan. So Activator is both monitored and non-monitored? I’d always assumed it was only the latter. And I’d assumed the Published charts were monitored. But it may be only “selected” monitored stations? I wonder if that is a standing sub-panel, or how that works.

  38. Someone on the AI forums site made a chart of various Ai singers and their supposed ranges. Not sure how accurate but interesting. It seems counter to the commentary below that females would not use their head/falsetto voice. Both Katharine and Kelly show with a lot of their range from that.


    Danny is listed as one of the males with more of a falsetto range used than others, along with Ruben who I would not have thought of, and Taylor Hicks. Adam isn’t listed as any falsetto range, maybe that was the case where it was stated he could use falsetto or not to hit particular notes at the top of his range.

  39. I’m correcting a headline on an article I saw:

    Model’s Dress Shows Off Too Much In Fashion Mishap

    “Mishap” was not the correct word to use. The word should have been “choice.”

    Corrected headline: Model’s Dress Shows Off Too Much In Fashion Choice

    Also from the written part below the headline: “…dress with a massive slit, but it unfortunately caused an embarrassing situation for her.”

    That should have been written: “…dress with a massive slit, which fortunately (as planned) made her the center of attention.”

  40. Hi, Jan,
    I check by frequently. You and Admin 2 (as well as others) usually have interesting items to report.
    I like, too, that I can ask questions here when I’m wondering about something. I appreciate Ellen’s and Admin2’s kindness, as well as yours, in explaining to me about falsetto. I like reading the comments everyone makes. This is a friendly site to visit.

    The comments here are positive and have nothing in common with comments left on articles I read. Comments sections on articles are often ugly.

    It’s pleasant to see familiar names show up and fun when new people come in. (I noticed that Mr. Bing’s, Ellen’s, and Admin2’s avatars have changed. Maybe others?)

  41. Hello, Everyone.

    I had nothing to add to the previous posts. All of you explained “falsetto” much better than I could have. ?)

    Now, if you want to know how to care for a four month old infant. 🙂 After all these years I’m learning all over again. This will date me, and my children.. but, I use to use diaper pins. What a difference now. 🙂

    Picked the last of our vegetables the other day. Our days have been warm, but the nights are pretty chilly.

    Have a good day!

  42. Hi, Cindy,
    I notice when you are here. Sometimes when you don’t even write a comment, I can tell you’ve been here because I see your “likes” on comments.
    I don’t know how to make a face with a question mark, but I have learned how to make a heart. <3 I feel so smart. 😉 (I did a search about how to make a keyboard heart.) 🙂

  43. Hi, Lurker. The question mark was suppose to make a “I don’t know” face. Well, I thought it was. I can make a keyboard heart ♥ but, mine isn’t your pretty red. 🙁

  44. Meant to say I heard Danny’s “Rise” on the radio on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. on 97.9 FM, which is one of the K-Love stations (not sure about the call letters).

  45. Cindy3,
    When I searched making a heart, I found to do this < 3 (with no space between). I didn't expect it to work and didn't know it would be red.

    I'm pleased it's starting to be heard. (It seems slow on itunes.)

  46. Did you get Danny’s email blast?

    Hey guys!
    I’ve been enjoying a few days of down time while I’m finishing up the last few songs on my new album! I can’t wait to be able to share some of these songs with you, so I wanted to let you know where I’ll be the next few months!
    If you haven’t heard already, the Be One Tour is just around the corner, and I’m so excited to be performing alongside my friend, Natalie Grant and our special guest Tauren Wells. Check out this little video!
    Be One Tour coming soon!
    You can find tour dates & tickets at http://www.beonetour.net!
    But before the Be One Tour gets started, me & the band will be out playing a few solo shows, including my hometown, that are listed below. I would love to see you there!
    September 16 – Shippensburg, PA
    September 18 – Williamson, GA
    September 30 – Pewaukee, WI
    October 1 – Batavia, IL
    October 2 – Zeeland, MI

  47. AND I heard “Rise” on 107.1 FM today during the prime time drive/commute period, around 5:25 p.m.

    When did the song go for adds?

  48. That’s great, Ellen. My station hasn’t added it, yet.

    The impact day was Friday, September 2nd.

    But impact dates don’t seem to really be as big a deal in CAC than it was in Country Radio. However, in less than a week from impact day, Danny has 15 monitored stations (out of 52) spinning #RISE already! Here’s the top stations:

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KTIS-FM Minneapolis Christian AC 26 30 -4 6 5 6 3 6 0.319
    WBFJ-FM Greensboro Christian AC 21 9 12 6 3 6 1 5 0.008
    KLV-FM >K-Love Network Christian AC 20 19 1 6 2 5 4 3 1.317
    X032-FM >SiriusXM Christian AC 19 16 3 5 4 3 3 4 0
    WAFJ-FM Augusta, GA Christian AC 15 15 3 7 2 3 0.023
    WLAB-FM Ft. Wayne, IN Christian AC 13 13 7 1 5 0.005
    WDJC-FM Birmingham Christian AC 12 6 6 1 2 4 2 3 0.059
    WJIE-FM Louisville Christian AC 8 8 1 2 3 2 0.016
    WBSN-FM New Orleans Christian AC 8 8 3 1 2 2 0.005 – See more at:

  49. Lurker was worried that the high rotation when RISE premiered on Air 1 and K-LOVE would cause a slump. Well those stations have backed off, and the total spins did go down on Billboard Christian Airplay, but it still went up a spot to #24 🙂

    Currently #33 on Mediabase.

    BTW, anyone else remember the #13 contestant on S8 of American Idol, Jasmine Murray? She’s at CMB working the radio crowd.

    Jasmine Murray
    Follower of Christ| Christian Recording Artist| Miss Mississippi 2014| Top 10 Miss America 2015| American Idol Season 8: Top 13 Finalist jasminemurrayofficial.com

  50. Jan, I noticed Jasmine Murray’s picture when you posted about the CMB event. Season 8 was one year of Idol when the three contestants who were in the top 13 but didn’t make the top 10 were still memorable. I also remember Alexis Grace and Jorge Nunez (especially Alexis). Season 10 was another (for me). And in other seasons, I still remember some folks who didn’t break into the top 13.

  51. So I looked up the call letters. I’ve heard “Rise” on KLVP 97.9 in Aloha, OR (near Portland) and KLVU 107.1 in Sweet Home, OR (near Eugene). Have no clue whether either of those stations is monitored (and therefore the spins “count” for purposes of chart placement), but even if they do not, the song is getting heard.

  52. Saw this mashup by Two Story Road of Little Big Town’s “Boondocks,” along with Two Story Road’s original song “Light of the Moon.” The two songs are interwoven pretty seamlessly. Here’s the video:


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