Video: This is What It Means – Danny Gokey

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Was the best one left on the album?

RISE, the first single of Danny Gokey’s next album is already climbing the chart, which means no more songs will be released from “Hope In Front of Me”. We feel bad for the beautiful song, “This is What it Means”.  Some of us think it may be the best song on the HIFOM album. Time will tell if it does get used in a project.  We remain hopeful!

We are thrilled to see Danny Gokey using TIWIM in the opening of his set for his recent tour.  This beautiful song combined with the photo montage is emotionally powerful!

We wish we had the whole song; let us know if you video-taped the whole opening!

Our thanks to Borel Photography and Gary Ehrhardt for his video from the Positive Hits Tour.

5 thoughts on “Video: This is What It Means – Danny Gokey

  1. This song is my favorite , I love the song and video ! Thank you very much for sharing ! <3

  2. This is my favorite song on this cd and I was hoping it would a single as well. I felt the same way about “Crazy Not To” on Danny’s previous cd, but that’s ok. . . I can still listen to them whenever I want!

  3. Yes, we can, Peggy!

    I suspect that Danny liked it too, considering he retweeted this post 😉

  4. Hi guys. I agree. I love all the songs in HIFOM Album but “This Is What It Means” is special. Such a powerful song and it reflects life in deep level, being alive. Anyways, when I was in the Pihilippines and play the album, my cousin sings along with this song also. Love to you all Danny Gokey Fans. ❤

  5. Hey Declan, glad to see you!

    Did I miss your move? You aren’t living in the Phillipines?

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