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El cantautor de Milwaukee, Danny Gokey alcanzó la fama después de obtener el tercer lugar durante la octava temporada del programa “American Idol”.

El programa de televisión cambió su vida por completo. “Siento que [American Idol] me dio una vista más amplia, una perspectiva más clara (…) vi como mi historia traía la esperanza a otros, me dio un propósito”. Su experiencia en el programa fue seguida del lanzamiento de su álbum debut a través de 19 Recordings/RCA Records. Esta producción incluye los temas “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me” (Mis Mejores Días Están Por Venir) y “I Will Not Say Goodbye” (No Diré Adiós).

Gokey lanzó su segundo álbum, “Hope in Front of Me” (Esperanza Frente a Mi), en el que destaca la calidez y el alma detrás de su voz con una colección de canciones que han definido su vida y que se han convertido en la banda sonora de su misión, llegando a sus audiencias con esperanza y entretenimiento.


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A big thank you to anyone that can provide a summary of Danny’s interview in this video! 

The following is an approximate English translation of the article accompanying the video:

The Milwaukee songwriter, Danny Gokey, rose to fame after winning the third place of American Idol. The singer, who participated in the eighth season of “American Idol”, says that music has helped to bring hope.

His life has been a roller coaster of emotions and music has been his faithful companion. It provided a purpose after he facing some very difficult situations, including the death of his first wife Sophia. His passion for music has not been his only ally. Reaching first place in the main radio charts has also led to places you never imagined as the release of his first album in Spanish, “Hope Against Me,” which came out in late July 2016.

The television program changed his life completely. “I feel that [American Idol] gave me a wider view, a clearer perspective (…) I saw my story brought hope to others, gave me a purpose.” His experience in the program was followed by the release of their debut album through 19 Recordings / RCA Records. This production includes the songs “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me” (My Best Days Are Yet to Come) and “I Will Not Say Goodbye” (not say Goodbye). The album debuted at number 4 on the Billboard charts, giving Gokey best sales of an album in its first week out for a debut male artist in 18 years.

By 2014, Gokey released his second album, “Hope in Front of Me” (Hope Against Mi), which highlights the warmth and soul behind his voice with a collection of songs that have defined his life and they have become the soundtrack of his mission, reaching its audience with hope and entertainment.

The songs on this album were translated from the original English versions. Although Gokey admits to not having done translations, he says he plans to write his own songs in Spanish, in the future. The main theme “Hope Against Me” was written on the death of his first wife and the lack of hope that came with the situation.

“Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” achieved the # 1 on Christian radio and won ‘Breakout Single’ in the  2016 K-LOVE Listeners Awards. The song is inspiring and tells a true story about a doctor performing surgery on a heart that won’t restart beating. “Better Than Gold” tells the story of meeting his second wife. “I wanted to give up,” Danny said.

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