Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/12 – 9/25/16


Danny Gokey at SpiritFest

  Photos thanks to Roger Casama of Graiemark Studios
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99 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/12 – 9/25/16

  1. Nice climb for #Rise 🙂

    Anyone going to watch Danny on CNN Español tonight? We, of course, don’t get CNN of any kind 😉



  2. Does anyone know how Dove Award voting works now? I did a search. What I found was not good, but it was not current. Perhaps the voting process has been improved?

    I found one year in which the awards were thrown out as one group was found to have voting done with ballot stuffing. (I’m not sure if that’s the correct term. Also, I don’t know if the group itself was responsible for the cheating or if it was people voting for them.)

    I read another article about a singer who was nominated for five awards. He wrote that even before the awards, he would not win anything. The way it worked at the time he was writing about, people (I think employees of the label (?) ) were instructed to nominate him. Then the label went out of business. (I may not be remembering everything I read the way it was written, so I am just trying to give an idea of the context.) By the time of voting, a letter was sent by a company instructing people how to vote. There was no one left to vote for him.

    I also read something about block-voting. I read too that the largest labels would have the winners because the employees would be told how to vote. There was something about the companies paying a fee for the employees to be able to vote. (That number might have been limited because there was also a mention of employees paying their own fee.)

    Anyway, I just searched for how Dove Awards were voted and found articles like this. As I said, these were not current. I did not, however, find a clear explanation of what is done now.


  3. The block voting of large record companies does put the independents at a decided disadvantage, Lurker…. Hopefully they have limited it. Anyone can buy a membership for as little as $25. I don’t recall if professional memberships cost more? I do know that if you aren’t in the industry the voter is limited to 5 categories to vote on. 🙂


  4. Happy Saturday. I attended a exercise demo in our local park for my regular class this morning and then negated my workout with a pecan waffle and bacon when I went out for breakfast with friends, LOL!!

    Steph, you should be proud, I stayed out of the camera view for the most part…. 😉

    Things are humming along for Danny’s single and he retweeted our corn maze tweet 🙂

    27 25 JESUS CULTURE Fierce 386 384 2 1.91
    28 26 STARS GO DIM Walking Like Giants 323 325 -2 1.19
    33 27 DANNY GOKEY Rise 299 199 100 1.942
    29 28 NEWSBOYS You Hold It All (Every…) 288 281 7 0.847
    30 29 LINCOLN BREWSTER Oxygen 269 269 0 2.709 –


  5. I expect Danny will get at least 3 more radio stations adding RISE on Monday. Maybe 4?

    WBDX Chattanoga
    KVMV Mc Allen
    KBIQ Colorado Springs
    WCSG Grand Rapids – maybe.


  6. Here’s the monitored adds from last Monday:

    DANNY GOKEY – Rise

    KAIM-FM Honolulu
    KBNJ-FM Corpus Christi
    KDUV-FM Visalia-Tulare
    KFSH-FM Los Angeles
    KKFS-FM Sacramento
    WBSN-FM New Orleans
    WJIE-FM Louisville


  7. A tweet from someone somewhere about Danny’s sales going up since yesterday. Well, he had a concert last night, so…

    ” 26m26 minutes ago
    #Music #Sales #Rank Hope in Front of Me ~ Danny Gokey 133% Sales Rank in Music: 170 (was 397 yesterday)”


  8. So, it looks like Danny got home from PA Saturday and headed straight to Bernie’s? And he has to pop over to Georgia for a solo show tonight 🙂 #BusyGuy


  9. And I now have a new wish…. that Danny records with Hillary Scott (of Lady A). This could be a huge duet that would break across genres if they sang “Better Than I Found It” together. And the connection is strong. Bernie Herms is both of their producer 🙂 And Hillary ( The Willis Family) just broke into CCM and got a #1 with her lead song “Thy Will”. I hear it on my local station. Very pretty.

    Yes, I am into wishful thinking 😉


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  10. from MJ’s numbers: 🙂

    Monitored Adds:

    Christian AC:
    Danny Gokey (Rise) – 6
    Lindsey Stirling (Something Wild) – 4
    Calum Scott (Dancing On My Own) – 1
    Nick Fradiani (All On You) – 1


  11. It’s nice to see Danny getting another strong week of monitored adds 🙂

    Here’s the stations:

    KBIQ-FM Colorado Springs
    KFIS-FM Portland
    KLTY-FM Dallas
    KVMV-FM Mc Allen
    WBDX-FM Chattanoga
    WCSG-FM Grand Rapids

    So nice to see some of the bigger ones signing on already 🙂


  12. This REALLY took me a lot longer to assemble than I thought it would. For my life I couldn’t get the media player to embed into the post 😦

    Oh, well, the link works….

    Danny and Rahny’s time together seems pretty special. I remember when Danny returned to Milwaukee to sing at Rahny’s wedding reception in the late fall of 2012. There were lots of interviews from the Idol days, but they were hard to trackdown. This is when I miss the archives of iheartdannygokey.com



  13. Hi Cindy and Lurker, thanks for the kind words.

    Danny has another new song just added to his BMI list (he’s up to 71 co-writes) this one is with a very prolific/successful writer

    BMI Work # 22576185

    GOKEY DANIEL JAY BMI 600623793
    MIZELL SAMUEL C BMI 343804374

    BMG and Maxx Music Publishing have just signed a joint venture together, and the first writer signed under this JV is Sam Mizell. Mizell’s cuts include “Whiskey” (Jana Kramer), “Peaches and Caroline” (The Band Perry), “Was I The Only One” (Jordin Sparks), “The Motions” and “You Are Everything” (Matthew West), among others.

    Mizell has earned two ASCAP Song of the Year honors, one BMI award, and 11 ASCAP Top 25 Most Played awards.


  14. Danny’s official lyric video has 14,031 views. (It was posted on youtube on September 14.)

    The lyric video below (a fan video) has 35,283 views. (It was posted on youtube on August 16.)


  15. Lurker, on Danny’s Facebook page it says his Rise video has been viewed 270K times (270,000).

    I like this advertisement for Danny’s 10/1 appearance:

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  16. Here are the top reported Spotify plays for Danny (I am only allowed to access 10 songs.)

    Spotify 09 23 16

    IWNSGB was on the list when I first got my free Spotify account. Don’t see it now. I think it was in the 300,000 plays range?

    I just read that Danny (and Natalie)’s show on December 9th in Green Bay is no longer selling tickets online. Only available at the church this Sunday. I assume they want to provide easy acccess for their members for the remaining tickets? Good news for Danny and the promoter. He tells me a new promo video is coming out later today for the Be One Tour in Rock Island, IL. 🙂


  17. Danny is securely at #25 on Mediabase CAC with 28 monitored stations spinning #RISE. I think Lauren’s TrustInYou may finally go recurrent on Mediabase this Sunday night…. It went recurrent on Billboard last week. It has been really interesting to see how long EyeOfTheStorm (11 weeks?) has been on top of the chart. Unlike country music that seldom has a song stay on #1 for more than a week. In CAC, the top songs get SOOOOOO much more spins they sit at the top for a long time. I’m not sure I like that model as well. But Country is too fast. Happy medium, anyone?


  18. “Happy medium, anyone?”

    I cannot think of one. For me, I am pleased when someone I like (such as Danny) is at the top. 🙂 I’m not pleased when the competition is, especially when they sit there and sit there and sit there… 😦 Get out of the way! Give someone else a chance!

    Not the artist’s fault, I know. Just the way it works.

    I also get irritated when someone very successful chooses the same album date as Danny. There are other dates. Pick one of them!!!

    Danny did well (or his label did) in choosing the date for his Christmas album last year. 🙂

    I wonder: Will his Christmas album be reissued with a few added songs? Will it come out as a new album again? If so, maybe that is a good reason for delaying the new (RISE) album–to give time to one and then to give time to the other one.

    Is the new album named RISE or name not known yet?


  19. I have lots of theories, Lurker. Let’s see if any of mine come to pass.

    Initially I think Danny intended to record a couple more Christmas songs and re-release his Christmas album. I’ve heard the market is REALLY packed for Christmas releases this year (including Lauren?) so I bet they put it on hold but will choose one of its songs as a release. They did NOT officially release O Holy Night last year (although it charted well) I wonder if they can officially release it as a single this year? I hope so, I think it would go to number one on the Christmas charts at CAC. Also, he has the song on Chris Tomlin’s album being released in late October. I bet they just wanted to give Danny time to promote the Spanish album and let RISE move up — so they pushed it to January when competition is lighter?


  20. Is the new album named RISE or name not known yet?

    First thought is yes, it is the album name. BUT they are still finishing the album, so they may decide to move in another direction, yet.

    I really don’t think they initially knew how BIG “BetterThanIFoundIt” could be. It was probably sent out on tour as an album freebie (Like Love Will Take You Places) because they didn’t expect to release it as a single. The reactions to Hollyn and Danny performing it have been so strong, I think they are rethinking it.

    I want Danny to re-record it for the album as an extra track with a female artist for a duet. I think Hillary Scott would be very nice. 🙂 But I liked Bekah Shae, Hollyn was good, a country (Trisha Yearwood) or gospel artist (Yolando Adams) would be good.


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