Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/12 – 9/25/16


Danny Gokey at SpiritFest

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99 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/12 – 9/25/16

  1. Danny’s official lyric video has 14,031 views. (It was posted on youtube on September 14.)

    The lyric video below (a fan video) has 35,283 views. (It was posted on youtube on August 16.)

  2. Sorry, I forgot how to make my red heart Lurker showed me. I tested it above. And here. 🙂 <3 <3

  3. Here’s a spotify update:

    Rise is just under 200,000 plays
    TYHTBA 3.186 million plays has just passed HIFOM.

  4. Here are the top reported Spotify plays for Danny (I am only allowed to access 10 songs.)

    Spotify 09 23 16

    IWNSGB was on the list when I first got my free Spotify account. Don’t see it now. I think it was in the 300,000 plays range?

    I just read that Danny (and Natalie)’s show on December 9th in Green Bay is no longer selling tickets online. Only available at the church this Sunday. I assume they want to provide easy acccess for their members for the remaining tickets? Good news for Danny and the promoter. He tells me a new promo video is coming out later today for the Be One Tour in Rock Island, IL. 🙂

  5. Danny is securely at #25 on Mediabase CAC with 28 monitored stations spinning #RISE. I think Lauren’s TrustInYou may finally go recurrent on Mediabase this Sunday night…. It went recurrent on Billboard last week. It has been really interesting to see how long EyeOfTheStorm (11 weeks?) has been on top of the chart. Unlike country music that seldom has a song stay on #1 for more than a week. In CAC, the top songs get SOOOOOO much more spins they sit at the top for a long time. I’m not sure I like that model as well. But Country is too fast. Happy medium, anyone?

  6. “Happy medium, anyone?”

    I cannot think of one. For me, I am pleased when someone I like (such as Danny) is at the top. 🙂 I’m not pleased when the competition is, especially when they sit there and sit there and sit there… 🙁 Get out of the way! Give someone else a chance!

    Not the artist’s fault, I know. Just the way it works.

    I also get irritated when someone very successful chooses the same album date as Danny. There are other dates. Pick one of them!!!

    Danny did well (or his label did) in choosing the date for his Christmas album last year. 🙂

    I wonder: Will his Christmas album be reissued with a few added songs? Will it come out as a new album again? If so, maybe that is a good reason for delaying the new (RISE) album–to give time to one and then to give time to the other one.

    Is the new album named RISE or name not known yet?

  7. I have lots of theories, Lurker. Let’s see if any of mine come to pass.

    Initially I think Danny intended to record a couple more Christmas songs and re-release his Christmas album. I’ve heard the market is REALLY packed for Christmas releases this year (including Lauren?) so I bet they put it on hold but will choose one of its songs as a release. They did NOT officially release O Holy Night last year (although it charted well) I wonder if they can officially release it as a single this year? I hope so, I think it would go to number one on the Christmas charts at CAC. Also, he has the song on Chris Tomlin’s album being released in late October. I bet they just wanted to give Danny time to promote the Spanish album and let RISE move up — so they pushed it to January when competition is lighter?

  8. Is the new album named RISE or name not known yet?

    First thought is yes, it is the album name. BUT they are still finishing the album, so they may decide to move in another direction, yet.

    I really don’t think they initially knew how BIG “BetterThanIFoundIt” could be. It was probably sent out on tour as an album freebie (Like Love Will Take You Places) because they didn’t expect to release it as a single. The reactions to Hollyn and Danny performing it have been so strong, I think they are rethinking it.

    I want Danny to re-record it for the album as an extra track with a female artist for a duet. I think Hillary Scott would be very nice. 🙂 But I liked Bekah Shae, Hollyn was good, a country (Trisha Yearwood) or gospel artist (Yolando Adams) would be good.

  9. “Too bad we could never have that whole K-LOVE performance of HIFOM with all those drummers.”

    I agree. 🙁

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