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Conoce a Danny Gokey y por qué acaba de sacar un disco en español.  El músico estadounidense nos dio detalles acerca de su reciente disco, en español y al ritmo de salsa.  Qué es un artista? Una comunión entre la persona y su obra. En Danny Gokey, historia de vida y música son una sola cosa.

El cantante estadounidense, nacido en Milwaukee, Wisconsin, llegó al éxito tras una intensa lucha por conquistar sus sueños. Además, siente una especial conexión con el mundo hispano.

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Por: Grethel Delgado /Barrio


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#MusicWithPurpose: Meet Danny Gokey and why just released an album in Spanish

The American musician gave details about his latest album, in Spanish and salsa.

By: Grethel Delgado

What is an artist? A communion between the person and his work. Gokey Danny, life story and music are one.

The American singer, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, success came after an intense struggle to conquer their dreams. He also feels a special connection to the Hispanic world.

According Gokey announced in networks, you are promoting this Spanish version of his album “Hope in front of me”. The 13 songs on the album are dedicated to life, love and willpower.

Gokey told Barrio his motives in launching this album

“The mother of my wife is Cuban, Pinar del Río. At home we speak Spanish, even though it costs a bit. I want to connect with the Hispanic community, my music is also some Latin mode. ”

Besides his passion for music, Gokey has other projects. Undoubtedly the most interesting is “Sophia’s Heart”, a foundation dedicated to supporting people in need. In this organization musical and artistic events featuring young people who need support for their careers are made.

Sophia’s Heart Foundation, is a musician tribute to his former wife, who urged him to perform at the “American Idol” program. Just weeks before his hearing, his wife died of a congenital heart problem.

Danny remained true to his promise to appear in the contest, and was a finalist, securing a contract with a record label.

Since then, his career has evolved and its humanitarian work in the foundation that bears the name of his ex-wife.

Life is a gift, and one chance. Gokey knows very well, not only by the experiences he has had, but by its deliverability. Danny is a simple man, and interact with it is to feel the good energy projects.

“The organization that I lead is part of my story. I was that person who was trapped in a circle, he needed help. Many people came to give me a hand when I could not see the exit. Without their cooperation, I would not be here now. So I want to somehow give back everything you have given me. ”

Pop to salsa

“I like the Latin rhythms of Latin music. Listen to this music changed my life. I especially like the sauce. It has become part of me. ‘The Hope against mi’ is an adaptation to Latin sounds, but the idea is the same as the original. ”

As the title indicates, it is a call to hope, to overcome obstacles and always seek the light. Danny Gokey is very positive. The blows of life have not allowed him to relent in the pursuit of happiness. What makes you happy? Enjoy your family, helping others, and live music.

His musical references, among others, are …

“Mark Anthony, Victor Manuel, Luis Enrique. I think its rhythms and voices are contagious. I try to explore my music in many ways, and as the Hispanic music has been an influence for me, it is enough to release this album right. ”

“My idea is that this album is heard among Latinos, and then want to schedule a concert. But what I do is to always go forward. I do not like to stand still in the comfort zone. You have to venture out and experience, take on new challenges. ”

New steps

“In January next start writing and recording music in Spanish year. It’s my new challenge and my dream. ”

The album “Hope in front of me” is now available on iTunes, and is expected in the coming months can be a concert. For now, we leave you with the full video of his song. Because hope comes in the rhythm of salsa!

Photo & Interview courtesy of  grethel.delgado@prowell.media for Barrio and

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