Danny Gokey is A-MAZE-ing! Is Any “Idol” Ever Featured in Corn???


Seven years after his season of “American Idol” ended, we think this just might be the most unusual promotion…. Danny Gokey‘s face is the inspiration for an 11 acre cornfield maze!  It’s being used to promote an upcoming fundraiser at the Florence Civic Center’s Uptown Ballroom on Thursday, Nov. 17.

The charity event will benefit the House of Hope and Sophia’s Heart Foundation. Organizers report that the idea to use Danny’s face was agreed to by his management in just an hour! (Early consent was essential since mazes have to be planted that way, not cut into the shape!) and that Danny is expected to get a bird’s eye view of the maze by riding a helicopter over the field the day of the show!

The concert is sponsored by BREATHE, Lifetime Hearing, Freeman’s Bakery, and McArthur Farms.


There aren’t too many artists that let you walk all over their face…. but anything for a good cause, right Danny? 🙂

We previously promoted the concert here:


12 thoughts on “Danny Gokey is A-MAZE-ing! Is Any “Idol” Ever Featured in Corn???

  1. Hi, Mr. Bing,
    You have the old picture (of Danny) back, but a new screen name. Did you change browsers? Unplug your computer?
    It may be something else. (?) A couple of others have said their avatars changed also.


  2. Oh right.The other day I tried to give a thumb up to one of your comments.But I cant do it with my usual account.So I log in my Gmail.So that must automatically change my account…..

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