Danny Gokey’s Reunion with Rahny Taylor on Milwaukee 97.3FM NOW



Back during Danny Gokey’s run on “American Idol”, he had a ton of support in his hometown of Milwaukee including the local radio station, KISS-FM and their DJs Wes, Rahny & Alley.

Popular radio station 97-3 NOW announced that a familiar voice has returned to Milwaukee’s airwaves: Rahny Taylor! The former host of the “Wes, Rahny and Alley” morning show on KISS-FM returns to his native Milwaukee to host his own morning show.  He leaves his three-year stint at contemporary Christian music station K-LOVE & Air 1.

What were you doing out in California?

Rahny: I left KISS, and I went to work for K-LOVE, which is a Christian network. I went from Justin Timberlake to Christian music, and I think Justin Timberlake is still doing his thing. It’s funny because when I first got to K-LOVE they were telling me that there was this new artist who just got into Christian radio, and his name was Danny Gokey. I was like, “Yeah, I’m pretty familiar with that guy.”

To read the Milwaukee paper Shepherd Express‘ article click HERE.

97.3 FM NOW’s Surprise Guest For Rahny’s Reconnect Week is Milwaukee’s own Danny Gokey!

Listen to Danny and Rahny catch up on the radio broadcast recording:


Stream Danny Gokey Free | 97-3 NOW

For a flashback to Danny’s return for his Top 3 Homecoming on Season 8 of “American Idol”, here is one of the interviews posted from Rahny’s original show in Milwaukee.  Video courtesy of John McD

To learn more about Rahny Taylor and his story, I’ve included this link from his video for Air-1

Our thanks to Rahny Taylor’s Instagram account for the R &D photo

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