Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/26 – 10/9/16


Danny Gokey Band at Uprise Festival 


Courtesy of  Brittenay Johnson Photography

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Our thanks to Brittenay Johnson for the use of her awesome photos!

81 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/26 – 10/9/16

  1. I was looking for something else, but I ran across this Billboard Article about Danny #ThrowbackThursday:

    ‘Idol’ Finalist Danny Gokey Signs Record Deal
    9/2/2009 by Monica Herrera

    It took him a bit longer than his fellow contestants, but “American Idol” finalist Danny Gokey has landed a record deal. The 29-year-old Wisconsin native — who finished third on the show behind Kris Allen and Adam Lambert — has inked a recording contract with 19 Recordings and RCA Nashville, his label announced today (Sept. 2). Gokey’s debut album is slated for release next year, and his first single is expected to premiere later this fall.

    The deal signals a somewhat unexpected move towards country for the singer, who expressed a stronger affinity for sweeping, adult contemporary and R&B-leaning ballads during his “Idol” tenure.”

    “I didn’t realize the ‘Idol’ experience would give me a musical direction, but it did,” said Gokey in a statement. “There were country songs that I performed on the show, and it was the message and the feeling in those kinds of songs that helped me realize that country is where I belong.”

    Gokey performed well-received versions of Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Takes the Wheel” and Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts the Most” on “American Idol,” and the singer became an early favorite thanks to his raspy vocals, extensive eyewear collection, and compelling backstory. His wife, Sophia, died of heart failure four weeks before his Kansas City audition.

    While Allen, Lambert and fourth-place finisher Allison Iraheta locked in record deals in June, Gokey’s signing took longer to finalize. He reportedly began meeting with Sony Music Nashville the following month, sparking rumors that he might take on the country genre.

    “I grew up in a family where I was exposed to music from artists like Alan Jackson and Wynonna and Brooks & Dunn, and when Randy Travis was on the show and asked me if I’d ever considered country music, it was one more sign of where I knew I needed to be,” said Gokey.

    “We absolutely love Danny,” Sony Music Nashville chairman Joe Galante told USA Today of the label group’s newest artist. “We haven’t had anybody like that since Ronnie Milsap or T. Graham Brown.”

    Gokey’s deal means that for the first time, all four top contestants on one season of “American Idol” have signed with 19 Recordings.


  2. You never know where life will take you. I’m very happy for Danny’s success. It’s well deserved. Danny has the talent to sing any song, and I’ve enjoyed them all. 🙂

    Thinking of everyone who are in hurricane Matthew’s path. ♥


  3. I’ve lost track of things a little with some distractions at home. Do we know if Danny has a role in the Dove Awards coming up?


  4. Hey Admin. Danny will not be a presenter or performer this year at the doves. Hopefully he will be a winner….. 😉

    Natalie is performing for Maximum Artists.

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  5. Very off-topic:
    Random pop-up thought:

    I started thinking about a word. (Maybe it is two words or one word with two parts.) I found this word about 15 years ago.

    “Jamais vu” is the opposite of “deja vu.” It means staring at familiar words or objects and having no recollection of them.

    I see or hear the word “deja vu” often. I think I have encountered “jamais vu” only once. I looked up the word and found the definition, but I have not seen it used in anything again.

    When I was young and learning many new words, I found it interesting that after I learned a word, I would start seeing it a lot. Before I met the word, it seemed not to exist. After I knew it, it seemed to be everywhere. (I read a lot and came across new words frequently. I determined meanings by context or looked them up when I had a dictionary. I love words.)

    I believe “jamais vu” might be the only word I have come across just once (that I remember).

    Pop-up thoughts are also interesting to me. I wonder If they have a name (other than the one I have given them). Where do they come from? Why today would I have a thought about this word?

    Maybe the reason I don’t see the word often is because the origin is possibly French. Perhaps the other word “deja vu” made a transition to the English language but “jamais vu” didn’t.


  6. Lurker, I liked your little essay on deja vu and jamais vu, but I can never successfully “like” a post. (Among other things, I don’t remember my WordPress password.) It sounds like jamais vu (at least with respect to words) could be used to describe a type of aphasia.


  7. Thank you, Ellen,
    I never do the “like” on comments either. I am too lazy. It looks like work–too much effort required. A smiley face or heart or short comment seems easier to me.


  8. Hmmm… Ellen, if you can post a comment, can’t you just click on the blue star under other people’s comments to “like” them? It doesn’t appear for you without a wordpress password? No problem if you don’t use that feature. Just confused why you don’t see them.

    As far as the comment about Jamais vu. I didn’t learn that phrase in my French classes… I did learn deja vu. Jamais means never. So never seen?

    We didn’t use it in French class, so it must not be that popular of phrase. Unlike dejay vu!


  9. Well, they just added Danny as a presenter at the Dove Awards:

    The Gospel Music Association (GMA) announces more performers and presenters for the 47th Annual GMA Dove Awards. Matthew West, Big Daddy Weave, Greater Vision, Jonathan McReynolds, Joseph Habedank, Karen Peck & New River, Kingdom Heirs and The Isaacs will perform.

    Lecrae, Danny Gokey, Donald Lawrence, Hillary Scott, Jason Ingram, Jonathan Butler, LeAndria Johnson, Matt Maher, Michael Jr., Chris Cleveland (of Stars Go Dim) and Veritas will present along with hosts for KING & COUNTRY and Tye Tribbett. The sold-out awards show will take place on Tuesday, October 11 at Lipscomb University’s Allen Arena in Nashville at 6:30 p.m. CST. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) will exclusively air the awards show on Sunday, October 16.

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  10. “if you can post a comment, can’t you just click on the blue star under other people’s comments to “like” them? It doesn’t appear for you without a wordpress password?”

    When I click to like, I get a wordpass screen to fill in, so I do the other things I listed. I’m okay with that.


  11. Hi Ann, I will be keeping everyone informed on how Danny does, here.

    The recorded show will be broadcast a few days later:

    Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) will exclusively air the awards show on Sunday, October 16.


  12. I found when it will be on, set my DVR, I will be watching. thank you for your help on the station and correct date. I will be watching. I have been reading his book. I had no idea I could be more impressed with who he is and how far he has come. with everything, his attitude and integrity and his compassion for other people. He truly knows the Heart of God and shows it. God will Bless Him!

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  13. I’m not sure what it means, but I just click on the blue star and that’s it.

    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. 🙂


  14. Can’t wait, the more I know of Danny I just can’t get enough of what is going on with Him, and His family! I pray for God to keep blessing Him, because he blesses us so much, not only His talent, but his life, struggles the way He has overcome with so much Grace. He and His Family deserve so much. He is so Special.


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