Video: Danny Gokey on “The Zoo” – LaTV Network!

the-zoo-danny-gokey-480x283A really fun interview of Danny Gokey as he talks about his love of the Latin culture, his wife’s family, his Spanish album, “La Esperanza Frente a Mi” (Yes, that’s the title, Danny….), musical influences and personal life — even “American Idol” on “The Zoo” on the LaTV Network.


9 thoughts on “Video: Danny Gokey on “The Zoo” – LaTV Network!

  1. I loved the interview! Cute how Danny forgot the name of the album at first. It must still be somewhat hard for him to transition between the two languages quickly. I think he does really well though. I’m sure his comfort level will increase as these opportunities open up.

  2. Hi Carianne! I thought it was really cute, too. Danny looked very comfortable talking. But why wouldn’t he dance with the hosts at the beginning? Surprising, but it looks like his confidence was low?

  3. “why wouldn’t he dance with the hosts at the beginning? ”

    Danny explained about the dancing. He said he had to feel right about it. He was okay dancing with his band, but the cameras (TV I think) made him freeze.

    I think Simon’s comments undermined Danny’s confidence. Then Danny made mistakes on the last AI show. I think he had little confidence left after that. His mistakes were noticed and pointed out and joked about. He was a good sport about it, I think, but to me it is not surprising that he is now nervous about dancing. It might be worse for him now to feel that he is not going to dance well because I believe (when he first was on AI) that he thought he was a good dancer.

    Even when he went back for the last AI show, he might still have had some confidence left. Maybe he wanted to prove Simon wrong and show that he could dance. Then to mess up that last time might have been humiliating for him–even though he put on a good front and laughed at his mistake.

  4. was so impressed by the interview, learning more about you and your story. I can relate, with the loss and the after effects. I have been there. I am so touched by your songs.” tell you heart to beat again”, started me on my forward move from the loss of my husband last year that became my song!” Rise” has given me hope and shown me there is still a future for me. Jesus has blessed you and your family. I love seeing all the photos and videos. you have opened my heart and touched my soul. I pray for you and your family everyday. through you I feel closer to my precious Jesus. thank you. PLEASE come back to Sacramento…… much Love and Respect

  5. Hi Ann, so nice to see you posting again! So sorry for the loss of your husband…. but glad you are able to move forward with some help.

    We love Danny, here. So glad you can come and let us know how his music touches your soul. <3

    I don't know when Danny is headed back to your area. He finally came back to his hometown tonight and I got to see him, again. It's been too long since he returned to Milwaukee. (Huge crowd, they really packed it in!)

  6. He is such amazing Man, Husband and Father! I love seeing the video’s of Him with Leyicet and little Danny and Victoria. He is so transparent about his life and feelings, that is why he connects with so many. you know I lost my husband Jack last August to ALS, today I got word my Mom passed away, but I am going to survive because of my Savior Jesus Christ, and the songs of Danny Gokey! praise God for Him!

  7. Ann, I agree with you in that Danny is very open with his life– the trials and triumphs. So we can relate to the troubles and celebrate when a good guy has good things happening for him! And it doesn’t hurt that his family is simply adorable!

    I’m really sorry that you have had to deal with another loss so soon….. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    We are glad you’ve come to DGNews to share your thoughts, sorrow and hope.

  8. Thank you for your words! means a lot. I am glad you have this forum to follow Danny, right now His songs and life are bringing me closer to Christ, and keeping me focused on moving forward! I know he is helping so many.

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