Video: The Story Behind Danny Gokey’s song, “RISE”

Danny shares a deeply personal story of his battle with depression and how he battled it by saying “God, I know you got me”, even when he didn’t feel it.

“My hope is that it will inspire you and give you strength to RISE above the things that are pulling you down and trying to stop you from being all that God has for you. YOU were made to be a radiant light of hope to those around you!”  — Danny Gokey



17 thoughts on “Video: The Story Behind Danny Gokey’s song, “RISE”

  1. First time I heard it I felt something rising up within me.I know that GOD Wants me to be that light,but I keep ignoring his calling for my life.Thanks for that song my friend,it touched at home

  2. Hi Michael.

    We are glad you came by to share how #Rise is helping you.

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  3. My daughter shared your video this morning. I have been through a deep depression and anxiety. Almost two years ago I was at point that I felt suicide was my only way out. With the help of God and my daughter and a mental health facility. Thank you for testimony.

  4. Welcome to Danny Gokey News, Sherry.

    We are so glad you are finding hope and a way out of the depression that surrounded you.

    A big ol’ cyber hug to you! ♡

  5. Thankyou Danny so much for the song Rise, I woke up with that song today and it’s encouraging and a blessing too.

  6. When I first heard the song Rise, I really liked it. I didn’t really know the meaning behind it but thought the message was positive and encouraging.

    I had a bought of deep depression last year and did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior January of this year. I started to feel better right away.

    I was led to read Isaiah 60 today. My eyes became wide open and tears of joy streamed down my face. This message was for me! He told me get up and arise! The days of being mentally/emotionally exhausted, powerless, and hopeless are over!

    Then the song Rise came to mind. I thought, hmmm is this about the same thing? Could it be that it was inspired by Isaiah 60? Low and behold it is! I feel my life has been made anew! This song now holds a personal meaning for me!

    Thank you Danny for sharing your story!

    God Bless! Maria

  7. Hi Maria. Welcome to DannyGokeyNews and to Danny’s inspiring songs. We are glad you are feeling lifted from a dark time in your life.

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  8. I am going through a very tough time right now. I was at your concert in Richmond, Kentucky on Saturday, November 4. It was wonderful to hear someone talk about their depression, (Sorry, I don’t mean that in a bad way). I have suffered depression for about 15 years. The last three years have been the toughest, I am a 61 year old woman that works full time and I have been a caregiver for my 85 year old mother for the last three years. Saturday night was the first time I had been out of the house to do something for at least a year. I have no help from my family. On my way home Saturday Night (it was a hour and half drive for me, I prayed to God to please help me get through what I am going through. I am on medication, have been for years, the doctor recently added a new medication recently, I go back to him the end of this month. I raise my hands to God all the time, and ask him to please forgive me and to please help me. Sometimes I don’t know what to do. Yes, I am broken, my heart hurts and I don’t know how to fix it. I see my mother going down hill every day, she depends on me for everything, I am so tired. I was so depressed this morning, and I have just taken off of work in the past when I wake up, and tell myself that I just can’t do this today. But, this morning I told myself that I was not giving in to the depression today and I was going to get up and go to work. Just as I pulled out of my driveway I was listening to K-Love and the song Rise was playing. What a blessing!!!! I thanked God for giving me the strength that he gave me this morning to overcome the depression and not give in and stay home. I know there is a lot of people out there that battle depression and don’t talk about it. I do have a wonderful family doctor, and he truly listens to me and how I am feeling. About six months ago, I was so bad one day, dealing with everything I took my fist and hit myself in the head. My mother did not know what was going on. She has never dealt with depression and she does not understand. Please ask all of your crew to pray for me and give me the strength that I need to keep on going. May God Bless You all and keep you safe on the roads as you all travel.

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  10. Hi Shiela,

    I have been fortunate to not be subject to severe depression, but many of my friends and family suffer from it.

    I am so glad you have a great doctor and find some hope in Danny’s music. And tbat you did something for yourself by going to the concert!

    I also understand the difficilty of being a caregiver of an elderly parent and feelimg powerless as they decline… I am my mom’s health advocate. She ia 89.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. ♡

  11. Thank you so much for your prayers. Also, my last name still appears on the second post, can you please remove my last night for personal reasons. Thanks again.

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