Video: “If You Ain’t In It!” New Song by Danny Gokey

danny-gokey-riseDanny Gokey is treating attendees at his concerts to some new songs from his upcoming album! (Expected January 2017). This video features “If You Ain’t In It”. Danny has reported he wrote it with Brian White and Ben Glover.

What do you think of this new rockin’ song?

Also heard in concert is his next single, “Rise”, “Symptoms” and “Better Than I Found It”. ย That’s four songs from the new album.

Catch videos of the new songs at these posts:


8 thoughts on “Video: “If You Ain’t In It!” New Song by Danny Gokey

  1. great song!! I wish I knew all the words but I get the gist. Love the bridge. “Here’s my confession, I’m a man of imperfections”
    thanks for getting this on video, Jan!!

  2. My pleasure, Lori. I had seen a snippet of it from last week’s concert so I was prepared to hear & record it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And Danny cleared up the writers for me.

  3. Awesome song, but I have not heard a song that I been able to relate to! you crush every song with your own emotion and you can feel that you put your whole heart into the lyrics. that means so much. You are such a positive roll model of someone who has gone thru so much and risen above the pain and depression. in you I see hope, and grace and so much love! God is Blessing us through you!

  4. Hey Mr. Bing, I think the crowd really responded well to it and this is really in Danny’s wheelhouse, isn’t it? I liked his natural dancing to the song. I couldn’t dance along because I was holding my camera over my head trying to record this ๐Ÿ˜‰

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