Video, Photos, Recap: Danny Gokey Returns to Milwaukee!


Danny Gokey comes back to Wisconsin as the headliner!

While I already had the Danny’s December Christmas show dates in Green Bay and Eau Claire, this announcement was months earlier and in the same town as some of our family! I bought 6 VIP/Artist Circle tickets even before I knew who could go.

These details ALWAYS work out for Danny concerts. <3

The day of the show we had a great lunch at our Pewaukee family’s house and we had plenty of time to visit and get to the venue.melissa-albrecht-danny-gokey-mark-487x540

Photo by Melissa Albrecht

Question & Answer “VIP” Session

We were able to get 2nd and 3rd row seats together and enjoyed the Q & A with Mark Schultz and Danny Gokey.  Mark did instigate a “hug fest” which resulted in not much time for questions, but among the chaos Danny did answer a couple of questions—including mine! Well, it didn’t hurt to hear a few longtime fans say to Danny, “Jan’s got a question”, LOL!

I asked Danny how the upcoming song with Chris Tomlin came about.  Danny seemed a little surprised we knew about their song “Impossible Things”.  (Silly guy.)  He did a little plug for Danny Gokey News on Facebook and Twitter.  He forgot the website, Instagram and YouTube, but, hey, I’m not complaining. 😉

He said he got a call from Chris Tomlin asking him if Danny would sing on his upcoming album.  He had to have Danny and nobody else.  Danny was very honored—but how would he fit it in while he was doing the 24 Positive Hits Tour dates (in < 35 days) while trying to finish his own album?? He was sent the tracks and then he went into a recording studio in Salt Lake City while on tour to cut his portion of the song!!  (Danny was in SLC on August 5th according to our calendar.)  Danny said he didn’t know when it was coming out.  I told him it thought it was being released October 21st.  He laughed and said, “ really does know things before I do.  I’m not kidding!”.  More information on the song is available ->

Opening Acts

The Sophia’s Heart Kids Choir opened the show with a few songs, and then returned to back Danny for two songs. We loved seeing their youthful energy!  (My granddaughter was particularly impressed!)

Mark Schultz has a great sense of humor and voice.  But I have to admit, I was having too much fun with my  almost 2 year old granddaughter to give him my full attention. He sang a few of his songs, I particularly liked his song “Before You Call Me Home“, and talked about his work with “Remember Me Mission that helps children in Africa.

  Time for the Danny Gokey Band!

20160930_203013 Danny came on, all dressed in black, with a nice leather jacket – that he quickly shed it.  But not before he sang, “This is What it Means” with that beautiful photo montage on the stage screens.

I really enjoyed the SH Choir backing Danny on this new song. (You can get it on CD with a pre-order at his shows– and “soon” per a recent message from Danny.)

Danny also sang: Tell Your Heart to Beat Again,  Hope in Front of Me, More Than You Think I Am, Symptoms, How Great is Our God, Give Me Jesus (with the SH Kids) and a NEW song, “If You Ain’t In It”!

He left the stage, but the Milwaukee area fans weren’t having that.  In Danny’s encore  he went old school by singing “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me” – joined by a special guest, Danielito Gokey!the-dannys-0916

A note about the crowd:  The venue was FULL. They added as many chairs to the aisles as they could. Spring Creek Church lists the seating as 1850, but I’m thinking they crowded in ~2,000? And that is not counting Danny’s 20 family members attending the show! The crowd was VERY enthusiastic!

After Show Festivities

A huge signing line formed to meet, have a signature or a picture with Danny.  We did wait in line to see Danny.  I had a question about the new song and Ed needed a Danny hug.  Ok, I wanted one, too. 😉

I had seen a short snippet of “If You Ain’t In It” on Instagram and had found BMI registered song of that name by Nate Chapman (Steven Chapman’s son & also Taylor Swift’s first producer!) It seemed possible that it was the song Danny recorded.  When I asked Danny, he told me he wrote it and the one I found must be just a song with the same title.  Later he sent me the names of the co-wroters, Brian White and Ben Glover.

It was a great night with family, Danny and his band were awesome, and it is always a treat to get back together with longtime fans when Danny comes home!  A special shout out to Kathleen, Nicole, Joyce, Brad, Jean, Cori, Dave, Jenny, Wendy & Cookie!


Jan, Ed, Barbara & THREE Dannys

12 thoughts on “Video, Photos, Recap: Danny Gokey Returns to Milwaukee!

  1. So many good things are happening for Danny, he has come so far since American Idol. I am so excited to see what is going to happen in his future. He is so loved and respected. Especially by me. I keep going back and watching the videos. Helps me stay positive and moving forward. When is his new CD and book going to be available? Many prayers going up for Danny & His Family.

  2. Ann, Danny’s management is currently saying January 2017 for the next album (initially it was to be November…..)

    We have not heard of a publish date for a second book…. or that Danny has had time to start writing it?

  3. I don’t know who invented recaps, Jan, but aren’t they lovely? They take time and energy to write, but one can go back and re-read them, after the details of the events have faded from our minds. And it is wonderful to share recaps and allow other fans far and wide to feel like they were there. Thank you, Jan!

  4. Ahahahaha “soon” 😂😂
    I’m sorry, Jan, I had to laugh at that “recent message from Danny” in the recap. That word will never get old. 😂😂
    Thanks for the recap and videos. Glad you finally got a hometown show. Hopefully Danny won’t stay away so long again. 😀

  5. Hey Ann, if you look to the top right side of this website you will see a tiny book icon along with other DG music. If you click on it, it will take you to the item on Amazon. (Sometimes iTunes). Anyone that uses our links to buy things at Amazon or iTunes supports this site.

  6. Yes, Lori, we will never forget the pain of “soon”. Danny knows that he scarred us with his use of that word 😉

    Thanks, Ellen. I do like that I have my recaps as a record of my Danny shows. I printed out the ones from before the site was taken down. It also serves as proof to my daughter that I am crazy…. :mrgreen:

  7. Ordered his book this morning, thank you so much. Hopefully I won’t have anymore losses for awhile. I will always hold on to Jesus for strength! I love his song ” give me Jesus” that brings me to my knees every time I hear it. I will be in Alabama from 10/27 to 11/1. is he doing anything close to there???

  8. Hmmmm… looks like you miss Danny by a month. The Christmas Tour starts in Montgomery AL in December 1st?

    We keep this calendar the most up to date:

    Ann ate accessing us by phone or by computer? By phone the calendar is neat the bottom of our page. By computer it is on the middle right.

  9. I just keep missing Him, breaking my heart. I so want to see Him in person. Thank you, I will just keep waiting maybe some day. Least I still can see the videos. God Bless

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