CAA Party Features Danny Gokey, LeAnn Rimes, Three Dog Night, Brandy Clark – IEBA

ieba-conf-2016-480x139IEBA’s 46th Annual Conference will take place at the Omni Nashville – October 9-11, 2016

IEBA’s Annual Conference stands alone in the entertainment industry. The conference schedule includes live music from the most current artists, providing diverse entertainment options for buyers. Providing unparalleled networking opportunities, IEBA’s Agents Alley is a two-part affair that includes a tailgate party and 50 booths where Buyers have the opportunity to meet with hundreds of Agents – Agents who represent virtually every Artist touring nationally in the upcoming season. IEBA’s Agents Alley is a concentrated marketplace for entertainment professionals who buy, book, and sell talent.”

Of special interest to us is Danny Gokey’s booking agency, CAA, that is hosting:

IEBA:  International Entertainment Buyers Association

7 thoughts on “CAA Party Features Danny Gokey, LeAnn Rimes, Three Dog Night, Brandy Clark – IEBA

  1. Interesting group of artists performing for IEBA. Brandy Clark and Leann Rimes are country artists, Danny is a Christian artist, and Three Dog Night is old-fashioned Rock’nRoll.

  2. LeAnn has a lot of pop appeal. I love Danny’s version of “I Need You”. I had no idea it was a Christian song:
    From wikipedia:
    In 2000, Rimes would make her full crossover into pop music. On March 8, 2000, Rimes contributed to the soundtrack from the 1999 TV movie Jesus,[12] called Jesus: Music From & Inspired by the Epic Mini Series.[28] The song, “I Need You”, would be released as a single from the soundtrack on July 18, 2000.[29] “I Need You” was characterized by Allmusic as having similarities to that of Adult Contemporary and Pop music.[30] The song became a Top 10 country hit and also a major pop hit, reaching number eleven on the Hot 100.

    Rimes would make a cameo in the 2000 film Coyote Ugly. She would also contribute four songs for the film’s soundtrack on August 1, 2000.[31] Two singles were released from the Coyote Ugly soundtrack. “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” was released as a single for the soundtrack on August 22, 2000 with the second single from the soundtrack, “But I Do Love You”, as the B-side track.[32] By February 2002 “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” became a crossover Pop hit, reaching number 11 in United States and becoming the highest selling single of 2001 in Australia. “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” won Rimes a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for “Favorite Song from a Movie.”[27]

  3. “LeAnn has a lot of pop appeal.”

    Maybe “had” instead of “has.”
    She still has a great voice. I think, though, that her career has gone down a lot. The cheating scandal hurt her, but I believe that would have faded. What continues to hurt her now, I think, is her obsession with posting bikini selfies, etc. The focus is not still on her voice.

    I am hopeful we never have to see Danny in a string bikini. 😉

  4. I love her voice and did do a scan of her instagram. Only 1 bikini shot in 50 😉

    She is touring internationally. I wonder if Danny really has time to do international tours? From what we see, his tour doesn’t start until March. I wonder if he could go to some place warm for February? But he also has to promote the new album, so IDK…

    It is a good promo opportunity to be at IEBA.

    And I am pretty sure a bikini pic of Danny is not happening 😉 Even when he posts pics of his time at the beach he doesn’t post bare chest photos. Leyicet has posted one of him with Little Danny, I think?

  5. Well, Leann released a song to country radio as late as 2011, but it didn’t go anywhere. I found it on one of those country rate-the-music surveys. I ended up buying the song. The video is worth watching, and the song worth listening to. It features homeless teens (and fits pretty well with Danny’s mission re Sophia’s Heart). Here’s the video:

  6. On a totally different note, Brandy Clark released a very sassy country single in 2016 called “The Girl Next Door.” It also went nowhere. (There are a lot of talented female country singers being ignored by country radio, sad to say.) Brandy’s song is very different that the one of Leann’s that I posted above. But she too (IMHO) has a good voice. Here’s the video:–4Y4

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